Tour the 2018 Tiffin Wayfarer with Lazydays RV at the Tampa SuperShow

Good morning everyone! My name is Mark McLaughlin with Tiffin Motor Homes coming to you live from the Lazydays display here at the Tampa Super Show! Love to have you come on out look at the products today. We’re gonna be showcasing the all-new Tiffin Wayfarer 24fw F stands for “Full-wall slide,” which is on the other side of this coach. We have two of them out here for you to look at. We also have the 24 BW and the 24 T W right over here. So we’ve got a great selection of Class C Mercedes-Benz Sprinter products on the Tiffin Wayfarer. With that, I’d like to start off with– There’s a huge amount of standard features you’re going to get on this Tiffin Wayfarer that the competition just hasn’t caught up with, yet. So with that, I’m going to start off with the Mercedes-Benz Chassis. You’re going to see a lot of coaches built on that Mercedes-Benz Chassis, but what they don’t give you is all the standard or optional features that Mercedes-Benz puts on that Chassis. So with that, I’d like to start off with their lane-keeping assist that comes from right from Mercedes-Benz, the collision avoidance, also right from Mercedes-Benz. We have auto high-beam dimmers right from Mercedes-Benz, and we also have, by Xeon, headlamps with a washing system. So if you get out on those gravel roads, you get some mud on those headlights, you just push a button, a little washer pops out of the front end, and washes off those headlights. Those are all standard features from Mercedes-Benz that come on the Tiffin Wayfarer. With that, I’m going to switch up to the roof of this coach and hopefully you’re not getting too much of a shine off top of my head. But this roof on this this, thick form-fitted fiberglass roof, is made just like they make boat hulls. So if you know anything about boats, and how they mold that fiberglass in there, this is done the same way. It’s kind of unique in the industry, there’s not many companies that do it. In fact, most of them only do it on the high-end products, like the Zephyr. In fact, Tiffin does all of their roofs on all of their products the same way. So with that, that is a standard feature on this coach. The other thing I’d like to talk about on this coach is the exceptional storage jet you’re going to get on this. Before I get to the storage, I’m going to tell you about the famous Tiffin aluminum box-fitted doors. You can see they’re very robust. You got slam-latch doors-on handles on them. You also have powered struts on all of the doors; and just check this out: so you’ve got storage there. You can see there’s quite a bit of stuff in that one already, and then you got a ton of storage here. These are galvanized steel liners in here, or compartment beds in there, they also use a protective coating over the top of that which is actually called Gator-hide. And it’s basically like a line X material that you’d find in the back of a pickup truck to give you extra protection and sound-dead bait. So tons of storage there as you can see, and then one other neat feature I want to show you here is standard on this coach you’re going to get: the Cumminss Onan quiet-diesel 3200 diesel generator. Standard feature on a lot of competitors coaches. That’s a five to six thousand dollar option for your folks. So don’t waste your money come here and buy the Tiffin Wayfarer. With that said, we have an optional TV here. I’m going to go ahead and shut this door, and you can hear the robust sound of those latches. We have a optional exterior TV. Some manufacturers don’t think this is very important, so they don’t even offer it as an option for you. With that said, we also give you the Fury-on sound bar. So if you’re out here tailgating, or just want to keep up and watch the game on the weekend, don’t want to miss football game, baseball game, whatever’s going on the time you’re camping, you’ve got it right here. We do have an armless awning system on here. It is a motion-detector Dhading. So it’s going to automatically come in if the wind gets up too high, you’re down at the beach enjoying yourself. Wind blows in, storm blows in, you don’t have to worry about that awning coming off. It’s gonna automatically retract for you. So with that said, that kind of wraps up this side of the coach. We do have one other feature on here. Our coaches do have the Take us hot water system for them, and, of course, what that is, is basically endless hot water. It’s going to give you a quicker reheating time of that water, so you’re gonna get hot water faster at that faucet, or at the shower, wherever you need it at. With that said, that pretty much wraps up. Oh! I just about forgot one of the most important things, again, a standard feature: full body paint. That’s like a six thousand dollar option in anybody else’s product– Autumn or Sadie’s Sprinter. So standard, full-body paint on the Tiffin Wayfarer. With that– Back with you again, we’re still on the Tiffin Wayfarer 24 FW and we’ve got to show you a really new, unique feature here from Tiffin Motor Homes, and that is their patented, seamless, slide-out room system. So this is a one-piece fiberglass seamless slide-out. Unheard of in the industry. You usually find that on the high-end models like the Zephyr and above, but they’ve even put it on all of their Wayfarer products. So with that said, basically if you would take a look on the side over here, you can see the thickness of this wall. It’s a bad–I’m not a carpenter, but I’m gonna guess it’s about a quarter to a half an inch thick here the entire sides, the bottom, the top, and this piece are all molded together.
Again, just like they do in the boat-building industry, with a molded fiberglass room. So with that– unique in the industry, patented by Tiffin Motor Homes: seamless slide-outs. With that, you can look around here. We still have some more storage here. If you look in this one, you’ve got some storage in there, but you can also see the holding tanks, and they use the mirror cell detectors that detect from the outside of the tank. So you never have to worry about them probes getting clogged up anymore. And the neat thing about that, it’s right from the Spider Company that manufactures their multiplex wiring for the high-end coaches under high-end diesel products. They use the same wireless multiplex system, and they use mirror cell detectors on their kind of the business end here. You can see the sewer compartment in here–a lot of neat features in there. So you’ve got an exterior shower system, you’ve got a Santa flush system in there. You’ve got your hot and cold water shut-off valves in there. Your water pump is in there. You also have a water filtration system and the famous Tiffin swivel-sewer dump valve on there. So a lot of stuff going on in there, but easy access to it. It’s much easier to access when the room is in. So that’s one of the last things you do after the room goes in. And then up here, we’ve got tons more storage, again, just like the other side, two of the most important compartments in a motor home are the one right behind the driver seat and the one behind the passenger’s front door over there, in the exterior door. And those are the key areas for storing your valuables and stuff that you get at quite often when you’re out there and join the RV lifestyle. And with that, there’s only one other thing I forgot to mention: up here on the front end, Tiffin also offers you the optional privacy shades that are built into the cab windows on both the passenger and driver side, and also on the windshield. So instead of just having a curtain going across from about here, you actually get to use– these cab seats will swivel around– and you can use them in the back of the coach as lounge chairs for ya. So with that, again, let’s move on into the inside. Welcome back! Well now we’re on the inside of the Tiffin Wayfarer 24 FW. I’d like to start out at the front end here, give you a couple of quick standard features that we have in the Tiffin Wayfarer. One is the overhead bunk comes as a standard feature. You do get the skylight up here. It does have an electric shade on it. The little switch over here runs that up and down. As you can see right here, we have easy access to the front cab seats when you’re not using the front bunk. Another standard feature that comes with the Tiffin Wayfarer are these seat bolsters, and you probably wonder why we put those on there, but you know?
Check this out: That’s not a too bad a seating, comfortable seating, here. Compared to what it would be without the seat bolsters, and again standard features, you don’t pay anything extra for ’em. With that, we’ll move on over here to the theater seating. This is actually an option for you. You can get this or you can get the booth in here. With that said, this is pretty darn comfortable. I tried this out the other day, just a quick pull, the lever this pops up, you can actually lean it back. TVs right there. As you can see, I’ve got that on, and it’s coming in loud and clear bright as can be. HDTV just over-the-air antenna Crystal clear. There’s probably twenty-some channels on there, so very comfortable theater seating here. You can watch the ballgame again, or Dancing with the Stars, whatever you prefer. With that said, a couple other features here I want to talk to you about is the humongous storage that we have inside the Tiffin Wayfarer, and I’m just going to start with all the storage cabinets over here. You’ve got storage back over here on the galley-side–wide open. Nothing in there. And then here’s the neatest thing about it is– check this out: slow-closed hinges on a classy product. I don’t know you’re gonna find another product out there that has that with that. We have more storage right here, tons of storage in the wardrobe. They also come up with an ingenious idea to put a little trapdoor in here. So for some of you that like to have a little place to hide some of your valuables, whatever, or maybe you just need to put in your extra pantry items, they’re all gonna fit in here. It’s cavernous in here. So with that, we’ve got tons of storage: full pullout drawers here, also you got some storage underneath here. From the sink area, you get a couple more drawers down below Here, you’ve got your microwave convection oven. Full pullout drawers, again, as you can see: nice, finished drawers all the way around. And you got yourself a nice two-way RV refrigerator right here. With that said, that’s about it on the front end; and then, if you’d like, I’d like to show you the back end of this coach, and you can see the wide-openness of this coach when you’re driving down, or when you got it opened up for RV lifestyle. Just tons of room on the inside of this coach for a small, classy 24 footer. So now we’re on the back end of that Wayfarer 24 FW. First thing I want to point out is a 24-inch Samsung TV back here.
Or excuse me, 40-inch Samsung TV. I think it’s the largest in the industry. Don’t find another one out there. It’s got a 40-inch TV and a classy Sprinter Chassis, and then the unique innovative feature that they made here with like a Murphy-bed Doubled as a workstation. So first off, I’m going to show you, before we get to that, there’s some hidden storage down here that includes your tables and your poles for up front there, if you just want to have a quick meal there at the theater seating area, or in between the front bucket seats. You can do that. The other thing I’d like to show you here is the table system on this. Easily comes down. Actually, let me pop these two down, get those out of the way. So, one and two into there, that one fits in there nicely. You got yourself a nice workstation there. And you say the first thing is, “Well, that’s great, but where do I sit?” Well, they got to figure it out for you Tiffin’s got all the angles covered: built-in chairs, right here a couple nice folding chairs for you, set yourself down right there. Whether you want to get your laptop out do a little computer work, tax season is coming up, you get your taxes done, or if you into the crafts, and things like that, you can lay them out right here. Ypu get full space to do that. So with that, I’m gonna put this back up. Put that latch down quickly. Flip that over. We’ll see if that’ll stay for me, and simply pull the lever here, and your bed comes down. And before you get it all the way down, just take a, quick flip this over, pop this down, and there’s your bed for you, right there. Great! 64 by 70, I believe is the diameter, or the dimensions of this. Again, I’m not quite 6-foot, but I got plenty of room to sleep on here. And of course, easy access to the bathroom. With that great sleeping area, easy to convert. And the other thing I wanted to talk about was a multiplex wiring system by Spider. Again, I don’t know of another Class C out there that has multiplex wiring, and it’s by the same company that makes it for the Allegro buses and the Phaeton. And lastly, on the Tiffin Wayfarer, is the huge-sized bathroom area. Here, as you can see, inside here, I’ve got a tremendous-sized shower here. Plenty of space in there for you to get around: a nice seating area for the toilet. You got a nice basin and faucet area here, and then, if we move over to the other side, again, we talked about storage, and how huge it is. I’m just going to open this up so the camera can get in there and take a quick peek and just tons of storage in there. And you got a full-wood sliding door right here. So how’s that for privacy? With that, I’d like to thank you for joining us today. Hope you come out here to the Tampa Super Show at Lazydays’s display. Take a look at the new Tiffin Wayfarer product we have on display. Thanks again! Glad talking to you.

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