Tour of 2018 Outdoors RV 21RBS Travel Trailer | TRUE 4 season, Off Road

Diana: This is our new Outdoors RV travel
trailer model number 21 RBS with Mountain Serious finish inside. Let’s walk
around and see what kind of features does it have. Matt: Okay so we’ll start our
tour of the RV at the front here. First of all you can see we have a solar charging
port. That’s for an external panel you can have kind of mount on the floor.
It comes pre-prepared with a 10 watt panel which is basically just a trickle
charger to keep the battery on the front topped up. But there’s connectivity up
there to add more if you want it and wiring inside for a solar charge controller. Next up we have the storage bay. These are locking storage bays
uniquely keyed. This one here is a pass-through that goes all the way through. You can see all the way through the
other side there. Really good size storage space and also inside here we’ve
got the battery disconnect switch. And we had an aftermarket tank heater added on
as well. These are slam doors. You just let them go and they lock as well. Underneath you can see one of the four scissor jacks. These are a
manual, we’ve got the adaptor to go on to the electric drill and that makes the
process much easier. Otherwise there’s a hand crank just inside there. Moving on
we have the awning. This is an electric awning. You can see it fully extended at
the moment. It also comes with an LED strip along there, which is wired in and runs
off the 12-volt. Actually it puts up a lot of light when it’s dark outside. Here’s
the window, this one goes into the bedroom. the bed is at the front in this
model. This bottom section slides up and down and it has a mesh screen in there
for insect protection. And then these windows are thermal pane so they are
higher rated for keeping you warm inside. This is a four season RV so that makes a
big difference. Moving along here, you can see access
panels here and the furnace vent here. This is the exhaust fan for that and it
also comes with two outdoor power outlets as well. Super useful if we need
that for anything outdoors. This is the water heater. There is a master switch as
we found this morning in there. That is what we used you turn on the electric
water heater. Gotta make sure the hot water tank is full before you turn that on. Inside here you’ve got the fresh water fill Inlet. You can see down here this one came with
the off-road pack, the x4 off-road. That beefs up the suspension, adds some
slightly bigger tires and makes it a little bit more durable. This particular RV model
does have really good ground clearance. You can see it’s really quite high off
the floor. Has this aluminum skirting the bottom and also a wheel well to provide
a bit more protection on the tires. You can see we’ve got it leveled on the
Anderson leveling chocks right now. The top you can see the outdoor speakers.
There’s two of these: one the front, one on the back.
These are wired up inside with stereo. And we’ve got the outdoor vent fan here
for the stove top. This here is the kitchen window. This has a slide on it as
well. Again with the mesh reproduction screen inside. Moving to the back corner
of the RV, here is the main entrance way with three steps. These are pretty solid
steps. They work pretty well. They well they fold up nicely. Very easily for transportation. The handle here folds back, also folds forward. So if you want it to stop
the door coming open whilst you’re driving, this is good extra
safety feature also useful to have. Moving around the back here. We have our sewer hose tucked away inside the rear
bumper. And then we have a ladder here for access to the roof. In here we have the external shower, hot and
cold running water. Good for cleaning off bikes as much as anything else. One of the things to note about this RV
is that because the ground clearance is so high, we found that actually our
scissor jacks in the back didn’t reach the floor when we arrived. So we’re going
to have to get some more leveling blocks but we used a few pieces of wood in the
meantime. It comes with a pre-attached hitch on the back. So good for a bike
rack or a cargo carrier, if you want it. Moving around again. This back corner is
where all the main connections are. You’ve got your gray and black drain
underneath. Then we have a 30 amp hookup. We have satellite and cable TV. We have
the city water and we have the sani-flush. You can see we’ve got it hooked up
here we use a 90 degree elbow to reduce a strain on this connection here. That
goes into our cartridge water filter and then through a variable pressure
regulator just to protect the system inside. It also has a light under here so
when you’re doing the connections, if you need more light. Next up is the slide. As
you can see it’s a single slide unit this one. It has a window on each of the
three sides of the slide. These all slide open as well. That’s a lot of light
inside. You’ll see when we go inside but the layout in here is the dinette. That
gives a good seating area for lots of space. Moving around to the front. You can
see another window, this time a horizontal window for access to the
bedroom. And the other side of the storage bay
comes out here. Again, slam lock onto there. Finally round to the hitch at the front
we have two 30-pound propane bottles and a single 12-volt battery on the front here.
There is also space for second battery if you want it and you could probably
get more on there if you adapted it to do so. We have it connected to the
truck using the equalizer hitch. We got the 12K-rated hitch, which is
probably more than ot needs but we wanted to play it safe. This has been super stable so far.
We’ve been really pleased with that. The tongue jack on here is electric, it also
does have a light on it as well at the front. This tongue jack, again with the
same as the scissor jack at the back, we did find them struggling to reach the
floor with the plate that came provided. So we swapped that out and added this support
on here as well. That’s working really well for us so far. And then finally this
model came with a toy lock on here. This is a simple lock that you can use to secure
any toys, so bikes or anything else. We may well end up using it to secure the
hitch when we are not using trailer. That’s it on the outside of the trailer. Why don’t we head indoors and
see what we can see in there. Diana: Here by the entrance we have a hanging closet and a pantry with shelves. There are drawers on the bottom, two of them. And then another shelf down here. Here we have a control panel. There is a button for extending and retracting the awning, the button for slide out. And then we have buttons for lights and then water pump, water heater,
gas heater and the tank measurement. And we have another button for the solar,
turning on solar on and off. Next, this is a kitchen. Pretty good
counterspace. The cover for the sink is completely flush with the rest of the
countertop, so that makes it easy to cook on it.
Nice faucet: extendable faucet. We have radio here that connects with the
TV. You can play sound, also including from Bluetooth devices. There’s a big
cupboard here. Lights for the kitchen. Then here is a spice rack, another cupboard
under the sink, two drawers here. Next up we have a three burner stove. The cover flips up. In the back there are holes for knives. This is also
flush with the rest of the countertop. Then there is am oven, which is a pretty
okay size. Then we have a microwave. Let’s move on next to the fridge. This is two
part fridge. The freezer is separate from the fridge. It is on auto mode now. It can switch
between gas and electric. This is the fridge, fairly decent-size. Below the fridge is the fuse access box. This RV has full queen-size bed. It’s the
residential size, not the RV bed, which does make it so much better
because the feed don’t dangle off the bed anymore. Then there are big closets on
each of the sides, and we have some shelves above the bed. And then, right by the bed, there are two
sockets and two USB plugs on each side. There is a reading light above the bed.
This bedding is ours, it didn’t come with this particular bedding. Then we have a
curtain that you can roll across and separate the bed from rest of the area. And then under the bed there’s a
storage space when lifting the bed. And also there are drawers underneath that
space on on each side. So this RV has a single slide. It has a dinette on it,
that is actually really really good size. I think it’s larger than we have seen in other models. Windows in the back, a big window
on the side, and a another window on that side. This converts into a bed. Under the
cushion there is a drawer that’s fairly big. And actually there’s another storage
space on this side of the dinette underneath the cushions. Here we have a TV. It comes out. There’s also a thermostat. The space between the wall and the slide-out is quite short, but probably you could still put some stuff
in here. Next let’s go to the bathroom. Here we have a sink, it has a space to put stuff on top
with a mirror. And there’s some more storage space underneath, underneath the sink. And then we have a shower here, the
shower has a button to turn off the flow at the head level. And a porcelain toilet with a foot
flash. We have some hooks on the wall for the towels and pretty deep space
here. There is a fan in the bathroom and we have a skylight above the shower. Let’s look at other things on the roof in this RV. We have an AC on the roof
that comes out here with ducts vented throughout the RV. Here, and another one
here. On the ceiling there is also two speakers for the speaker system. We have another skylight above the dinette which adds a
lot of light in this RV. Besides the AC it also has a furnace and as for the furnace vents: there are some in the bathroom, there is one right down here by the bathroom
door, and there is another one by the bed. The ducting for the furnace runs under
the floor and it keeps the water tanks from freezing in cold weather. This concludes the tour of our brand new Outdoors RV 21
RBS. 21 is the length of it inside the box and the total length from bumper to
the front hitch is 24 feet 11 inches.

20 Replies to “Tour of 2018 Outdoors RV 21RBS Travel Trailer | TRUE 4 season, Off Road

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Many good times and safe travels in your new rig. Outdoorsrv is at the top of my list for the off road package and 4 seasons package! Ciao Bella!

  2. Very nice choice of trailer. This is the brand I am seriously looking at. Me and my girlfriend are looking to retire in a few years and go full timing. I am looking at their toy hauler models since we want a SXS and kayaks, and mountain bikes. So many of the brands are made like junk! I looked at a big toy hauler travel trailer the other day, and it had 5 ply tires on it. The Outdoors RV toy haulers have 10 ply or 14 ply depending on the size. And their cabinets are not stapled together junk. I hope you enjoy it, and hope it holds up well for you.

  3. Good looking trailer… Question – With the slide IN, can you still get thru it to the bed, and bathroom? Just wondered, in case you pulled over for the night somewhere, and didn't want to put the slide out.

  4. Hello. Good video! I have been looking at the Outdoors RV trailers and noticed the 18RBS and 21RBS have very small showers. What do you guys think of the shower size now that you have had the trailer a few months?

  5. Great tour! I’d be curious to see the tour after you’ve lived in it for a while, see how you’ve managed with the space.

  6. I'm a little surprised not to see the 4 golf-cart-size battery option on it. Given that you want to boondock out and away for longer periods of time, I think you might miss that option down the road. It's especially valuable if you are going to depend on expanded solar on the roof rather than the noise of a generator regularly disturbing the peace wherever you are.

  7. We’ve owned an Outdoors RV for several years now. Outside of maybe airstream they are the best built travel trailers on the market.

  8. Just bought my 23 DBS, just haven't had time to escape yet!!!! Can't wait until I do!!! Thanks for making this!! Maybe I should make one on my mine. Good camping!!!

  9. What system do you use to charge your RV battery from your truck? Saw your interview about favorite gadgets with You, Me and the RV and am quite curious.

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