Top Executive Shares Travel Franchise Insights

Before joining Cruise Planners, I worked at Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for more than 20 years. I managed the largest host, franchise and home-based travel agencies in the country. I got to see what goes on behind the scenes at all of the competitors. And I couldn’t see myself working
for just any travel franchise. One of the reasons I chose Cruise Planners was the fact that I always loved working with them. It felt like family. Where everyone cared, so much,
about the agent’s success. And now that I’m a part of the executive team. I see first hand, how much more we provide our agents than the other franchise companies. The technology is amazing and continues to evolve. At this point, we’re the only host franchise company that has an app. A CRM, which is virtually a marketing machine, and Amazon Alexa. I haven’t seen another company that constantly invests in their agents like we do. It’s mind-boggling. How could you not catch the Cruisitude!? I took on the responsibility of sales, marketing and support. And I knew that by taking this position
I needed to bring my A-game. Cruise Planners expects nothing but the best. But I was up for it. So if you’re looking for the best, take it from me, you have found it! I wouldn’t have left Royal Caribbean
for any other company. Cruise Planners wins, hands down.

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