Top 5 Places You Have To See On Cebu Island | Philippines | Travel Guide

This is our top five of Cebu Island, Philippines. Five, Osmenja Peak. You can reach Osmenja Peak by what the locals call a Habal Habal. A motorcycle that fits up to four people. After paying a very low entrance fee it took us a thirty minutes hike to get to the top. Suddenly we didn’t feel like we were in a tropical country anymore, but rather somewhere in the Alps. We were greeted by flourishing green nature and a spectacular view. You truly feel on top of the world. Four, Kawasan Falls. Kawasan Falls is easily the most beautiful waterfall I have ever been to. The water has an amazing turquoise blue colour and we enjoyed a refreshing jump in the chilling water after a long day in the sun. There can be quiet a few tourists at times, but that’s nothing the beauty of Kawasan Falls cannot make up for. Three, Moalboal. Moalboal is well-known for it’s marvelous diving spots and huge sardine swarms. And indeed, as soon as we entered the crystal clear water at Panaksama Beach we were greeted by thousands of sardines. We even found a gentle turtle and enjoyed swimming along it. A friendly local woman surprised us by offering us a bucket full of sea urchins. Local woman: “Hey, I ate sea urchins in the Philippines” They were not too bad actually, especially if you combine it with vinegar, that’s what I was told at least. Besides sardines, we saw a variety of other fish, including some curious clown fish and of course beautiful coral formations. If you want to see coral reefs, turtles and thousands of fish, Moalboal is the place to go! With hostel prices as low as 4 US$ a night and cheap transportation it is also very affordable. Two, Siquijor. Actually Siquijor isn’t part of Cebu. But since the island is located only a short ferry ride out of the southernmost tip of Cebu, it had to make the cut for this top five. Siquijor, which is most commonly known for the myths of healers and witchcraft surrounding the island was indeed a magical place. Not because of anything paranormal but rather it’s amazing beauty. You can rent motorbikes as low as a few dollars per night to explore the island on your own. It only takes approximately three hours to get around the whole island. Our first stop was at Salagdoong Beach which is known for its breathtaking shore and to top it of there is a jumping spot where you can jump of a staggering 10 meter cliff straight into paradise. Siquijor offers some great beaches, snorkelling spots and a natural food spa in front of the so called “century old tree” Since Siquijor is still relatively remote and unknown to most tourists you can find some high class accommodation for a low price. Our hotel for example only costs 12 bucks per night and offered an infinity pool and also included breakfast. One, Oslob. Oslob, is a small fishing village, which gained a lot of attention for its huge whale sharks. Swimming with those gentle giants can be intimidating at first, but soon you will find out that it’s quiet the opposite. Rather than you being threatened it’s the whale sharks, who are endangered and must be treated with great care. There’s a huge controversy about swimming with the sharks, since they are being fed. So everyone has to decide for themselves, if they want to do this activity. However, in my experience the boats and guides were very careful and government officials we observing if the rules were obeyed. All in all, swimming with those giants was a once in a lifetime experience, which I will never forget. You really feel small next to those huge creatures. While foreigners have to pay 20$ for 40 minutes of swimming, this activity isn’t particularly low-budget considering other prices in the Philippines, but in my opinion definitely worth it. If our list was helpful, we’d appreciate it if you could smash the like button and SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more lists and videos featuring our travels. Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

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