Tiger Moth Travel Trailer by Taxa

Hi welcome to B&B RV. We’re in Denver at
80101 East 40th Avenue phone number here is 303-322-6013. Today we’re
going to take a look at Taxa Tiger Moth we’re the largest dealer for Taxa in the
nation and so we’ll want to show you some of their products this is a really
tough little basically fits into that teardrop category but the nice thing
about this with the shape is that you can actually sit up in it
and we’ll show you how it opens up and the features of it as we go around it’s
all a very tough aluminum you can have a tule rack on top so any of the thule
accessories will go onto that you have another rack here in the front to put
things on and another storage rack area here behind a toolbox so you have a lot
of external storage for carrying things you’ll see inside and out this is just
full of little parries places for carabiners and and bungee cords and such
to customize it the way you want to use it so the way we get all of our units in
here for the Rocky Mountain Editions are gonna come with your spare tire it’s
gonna have the off-road package so you have good clearance with this it is
lightweight so you can tow behind most vehicles get out where you want to go
everything about the tiger moth is built tough it’s gonna last it’s gonna be
quality anything you see like a step it’s actually a step everything solid on
it it’s all riveted together gentlemen named Garrett started this company he’s
an engineer for NASA so you can see that everything in here is kind of that
airplane aircraft kind of build very strong so on the back of the unit
we’ve got a water can with this bout here there’s an awning that comes out
that awning can also be a full room this has a kitchen that pulls out and this is
all customizable storage so you’ve got compartments that can be changed into
however you want to use those whether this be a kitchen storage ammunition
whatever it is you can use it for because it is a lockable lockable drawer
cutting board more storage under this side and this has a very tough very
strong stable slide mechanism for going in and out the door opens gives you a
lot of access you also have a side door that opens up and you have three windows in this unit
so you can get a lot of inhalation even if you do have it closed all of these
windows you know slide into different stops along the way every one of these
windows has a screen that pulls up and a shade that pulls down they’re all a dual
pane aerospace plastic window inside we have a feature that oh this this sofa
seat which you can sit up in unlike a lot of the teardrops this pulls out to
be one large bed with some storage underneath this comes with a fire
extinguisher you’ve got a battery disconnect you’ve got out what’s up
there USB 12-volt got your breakers and your fuses you’ve got an overhead vent
this comes with a Primus little portable propane stove has a cord so that you can
be plugged into electricity most of the people to buy this from us aren’t going
to campgrounds it also has an outlet for a solar panel solar charger so you can
plug that and you can park under the trees where it’s nice and cool put your
solar panel out under the Sun to keep the battery charged up you’ve got some
LED lights inside got an LED light here in the back at your kitchen area under
your awning just a really tough little unit as you can see I’m 6 foot tall
gonna have plenty of room sitting in here so a lot of the teardrops you know
you’re climbing in your not being able to sit up so it really separates itself
that way very open even with all of the doors closed again you have three
windows a lot of ventilation plus the vent in the roof now so this is the
Tiger Moth Mike taxa here a BMB RV come in check us out

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