THIS IS NAXOS – A Cinematic Travel Film by Jodie Dewberry

the Greek islands a sprinkle of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea white walls with shuttered windows buildings draped in vivid pink accents of blue sun sand sea stunning scenery but there’s so much more to Greece unlike the other Greek islands Naxos relies more on agriculture than tourism so we’re going to go out into the mountains we can see back there we’re going to go explore and of course there’s only one way to explore the Greek Islands we were driving around just seeing what’s out here in the mountains and we saw this church up on a hill so we drove up we hiked the last bit and it’s absolutely awesome there’s nobody else around the views are absolutely incredible and I think it’s gonna be a great spot to watch the sunset I’ve been to some incredible places this year I’ve jumped off mountains I’ve swum in the clearest oceans I’ve come closer to nature than I ever have before but traveling the Greek islands has taught me a valuable lesson that epic doesn’t have to be extreme Adventure is what you make it

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