(music) A: Bye. J: Bye bye (sound of tuk tuk) (Music) A: Oo, almost left you behind, come on then! A: Hey. J: Good morning everyone. So as you can see we just left the hostel. J: What we want to do today is show you
what TripAdvisor says that the best two J: things to do in Trincomalee so we’re
going to show you number two first which J: is the, I can’t say it right, it’s the Koneswaram temple J: Quickly, J: We’re not in yet, but look at this, look at this (sound of people talking) J: How mad is that? J: We start here J: and then we’re gonna go up there and round into the temple J: You’re not allowed to film in the temple J: but I’m gonna try, alright? Just stay there and look at this view real quick J: look at this view, look at this view! J: Not bad. I’ll see you in a minute. A: See you in a bit. (sounds of people talking) J: Not allowed my hat, look at this hair! J: So once you come out the temple
I had to take my hat off, crazy. Once you come J: out of there, you come over here through this doorway J: and you walk down (sounds of people talking) J: Hey everyone. So after we showed you that number one, temple number two, the view J: number three and then that little shrine
back there was number four the fifth and J: final thing kind of really to do up here
is called Lovers Leap J: so uh, I’ll just quickly show you it J: Anyways, this is called lovers leap because … A: So back in the olden days there was a king A: or God, and he had a knife and he got very angry, I mean a sword, and he got very A: angry and he split the rocks in two. J: We’re not sure why he got angry or J: why he split the rock in two, but
apparently that’s the legend behind that. A: if I can find the information online
I’ll put it on with the picture that A: I’m gonna put on Instagram. J: Oh yeah, maybe it’s already been uploaded but J: yeah, if you watching this video now just head to our Instagram and look at the J: information and facts about this place. Anyways, see you back at the tuk tuk. Bye J: You’ve caught us having a quick little pit stop, our second place is actually across the road J: from here but we’ll show that after,
we’ll show you these King coconut drinks J: and how they’re made, so, watch this, very refreshing, watch this. (music and sounds of drinks being made) (sound of traffic) J: So, after that King coconut, across the
road is, as you just see, is the war cemetry J: for um … A: all the soldiers that died in the World War two J: Yeah. So there. I don’t know how many graves … A: Quite a few. J: Maybe 100 or so it looks like, but we J: feel a little bit weird vlogging here, I’m
just gonna do like a quick spin around J: and that will probably be it. I don’t wanna do nothing else here, so, we’re just gonna stay here J: and pay our respects, cos, obviously it
was like five minute drive from the J: hostel, yeah? A: Yeah, J: so then we’ll see you back at the hostel where we’ll will show you J: that and we’ll show you what we’re gonna do for the rest of the day. A: Which is gonna be chillin’, J: Chillin’ on the beach. All right man? J: See you soon. A: See you soon J/A: Bye (Sounds of birds and traffic) A: Hey guys I’ve got ready to go to the
beach. We’ve just got back from the A: cemetery, we’ve just got back from the
cemetery, so we’ll show you where we’re A: staying ‘That’s Why Cam ‘… J: (laughs) yeah, ‘That’s Why Cam Bah’ A: Cabanas, sorry it’s not a word I’m used to saying. So we’ll show you the room A: quick. J: Yeah, not a lot, just big fan, big double bed, bag J: mosquito net and er … A: But it goes onto the beach (sound of waves and sea gull) J: Cool, A: right so we’re gonna put this away and I’ll meet you down the beach with our A: GoPro – bye J: All right, you ready to go in? A: (faintly) yeah? J: Cool, Go on then, run, go. A: You’re coming with me, J: Yeah, I will, come on. A: No, you are coming with me now J: OK. Come on then, we’re both running in now J: Better take the glasses off J: How far we goin’ in? A: All the way out there. J: All the way? J: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! A: (Laughing) J: A A A (sound of waves) J: That’s it, quick, quick, go forward, go forward. go forward, go forward J: That’s it, we missed the wave, we missed the big wave. Anyway guys, we’re just gonna muck around here for a bit J: and then we’ll catch up with you in the evening, alright? A: See you later. J: Bye J: Oh hey, this is me now. Alice’s gone so I’m gonna try and do a little bit of surfing without a surfboard J: I’ve seen everyone else do it over there, ‘n it looks cool, but I’m scared J: so, hopefully I can do it so you can … (sounds of bubbles underwater) J: Yeah, that didn’t work out so well (Music) (Singing: I see you standing there, I stood in atmosphere, try out your aftershave, sweet blossom in the grave.) (Singing: You flip around your hair, as if you’re unaware, but you … ) J/A: Whoa, J: What happened there? We were in the sea, A: And now we’re here J: And now we’re in a bathroom, and we don’t even know where we are. J: Anyway, a quick one, J: So, we actually in Minneriya right now, our J: next destination. But last night, we didn’t really do much, we quickly had dinner. We’re gonna throw some … J: Not slow-mo, we’re gonna throw like, some nice cool shots in right now. Basically we had J: dinner then we left there, to come here cos, A: (excitedly) we’re gonna see loads of elephants! J: Tomorrow, we wake up (aside) we actually did it today but we’re filming this late (Alice laughing) J: but we need to tell a story, so tomorrow we’re gonna wake up, see loads of elephants, so in the J: next vlog you’ll see us seeing about 150 elephants in Kaudulla National Park J: because of the elephant migration so, so if you haven’t already, click the subscribe J: button down there, like this video, put
the bell on so you know when we are J: making a new video and I hope you enjoyed this one and I catch you in the next one. A: Catch you in the next one. J: See ya. A: Bye (Music)


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