Things to Do in Maui, Hawaii – Kapalua Ziplines

Today I’m at Kapalua Zipline on the West side
of Maui where I’m about to embark on an all day zip-lining adventure. A rugged ride through
miles of pineapple fields takes you to the top of the course where seven zip lines and
a suspension bridge with a 180 ft. drop await. When you think zip-lining you may envision
jungle and rainforest. Not here. Kapalua Zipline is synonymous with sweeping Maui views and
some serious speed. We go relatively fast, upwards of 55 – 60 miles per hour. It’s go
time! Why are you checking my pulse? I just wanna make sure you’re not going to pass out
halfway down. A little adrenaline pumping, but it’s all good. Hey, that’s part of the
game. Kick back, relax and enjoy the ride. One, two three..go for it. Two of the lines
are over 2,000 feet long. It’s like you’re flying. On to the next! Bombs away! Wohooo!
A dream? Yes. But for the team at Kapalua it’s just another day at the office. Not too
bad huh? Now the only way to get to our next launching point is by crossing this, the longest
pedestrian suspension bridge in the country. Zip away line five enjoy the ride! Wahoo!
If you keep your eyes peeled, whales can sometimes be spotted off in the distance. That last
zip line was crazy, almost a half mile from the top to the bottom. To book your Hawaii
vacation go to

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  1. Says to wear tennis shoes and/or lace up boots……..and this chick is in flip-flops…………..what gives?

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