Things To Do in Jakarta Indonesia – Jakarta Travel Guide

Good morning! And welcome to the busy
bustling streets of Jakarta Indonesia oh well I have arrived in Jakarta the capital of Indonesia now it has a reputation for being a bit of a busy
traffic clogged city and I must admit there’s a lot of traffic but while I’m
here why do I have a look around and see what it has to offer
so I’ve got a grab taxi I’m gonna start at the Monas monument in Merdeka Park
and show you a few of the highlights of this beautiful vibrant city.
And busy city. Whooa it’s hot! Well I arrived at Monas from my grab taxi I got out, a lot of police around, then went to the entrance but
it’s Monday. Apparently a lot of things in Jakarta are closed on Monday
including the Monas, the Merdeka Park and the museum
So ha, scuppered have to go there tomorrow and show you that as for today I’m still
carrying on my walk through the city parts through the central part heading
to the mosque now and the cathedral hoping that they’re not closed on a
Monday and that I’ll be able to get in and show you those. Welcome to the largest mosque in
Southeast Asia Now this is D let me get out this correctly the Istiqlal mosque
which is the Arabic word for independence and it was a built in, ooh
1978 after seventeen years of construction. Now the idea behind
building it was to promote a multi-faith cultural society in independent
Indonesia and it is enormous you can fit two hundred thousand people in here.
Two hundred thousand people that is a lot of people. Now because it was built to
celebrate the independence which was in 1945 or the proclamation of independence
should I say the dome which I’ll show you in a second is 45 square meters
representing 1945 there’s also seven entrances into the mosque representing
the seven heavens believed of in the Muslim faith. Anyway enough of that let
me show you this beautiful beautiful mosque. The mosque is beautiful
you can enter it’s free to enter but obviously you’ve got to be respectful.
Ladies cover shoulders everybody wear leg covering and no shorts, cover your
legs, and obviously take your shoes off and there is wash places to wash your
hands and feet before you come into the mosque. Now if you’re not a Muslim you’re
not allowed on the bottom floor on the big red carpet that is for worshipers
only, but you are allowed to go around the outside and there is a balcony where
I’m sitting at the moment overlooking the floor where you’re allowed to go. You are allowed currently to take photographs and pictures but obviously
be respectful and don’t disturb anybody who is worshiping here. Now as you exit the Istiqlal mosque
right opposite on the other side of the road is Jakarta’s neo-gothic
roman catholic cathedral the Church of Our Lady of Assumption Now it’s no coincidence that the mosque was built opposite this church, the idea of the
first president of independent Indonesia was to symbolize a nation’s philosophy
of unity in diversity where all religions could coexist in peace and
harmony. So the current building is as it was restored in 1901 the original
building was actually built in 1829 but built, er fell, well collapsed during an
earthquake in 1890 so let’s go and take a look around Good evening, and welcome to one of
Jakarta’s oldest shopping streets and now this is called Pasar Baru and
it’s right in the heart of Jakarta it’s near some of the busiest business places
you will find in the city and it is famous for its cheap clothes it was
nicknamed Little India because a lot of Indians came and settled here and set up
textile businesses here hence the production of lots and lots of nice
cheap clothing and materials so, and it’s not tourist market, in fact
I can’t see another tourist inside it’s really a local, where the locals go shopping so
you can pick up some really good bargains here
as long as you don’t get run over by a bike on the way. So let’s go and have a
look around do some shopping And of course if you want shopping
Jakarta has malls. If you don’t want to shop on the streets but you want a supermarket with brand names and mall food, oh you can find it. But what you have do, is pick which floor. And of course no day in Jakarta would be
complete without mentioning street food. It doesn’t matter which part of the city
you are in in the evenings it bursts into life
everywhere and you’ll find lots of places like this with eateries,
different kinds, cooking the food fresh places to sit and enjoy your food they’re sort of
communal mats you just sit on a corner eat your food you take your shoes off
before sitting on, and just enjoy delicious home-cooked food and a bit of
the friendly company even if you can’t speak the same language you can sign you
can say hi you can show each other good food. Well they can show you the food you
can eat it and see what you think anyway.

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  1. Earlier this year I thought it was about time I got to see a bit more of Indonesia so I flew to Jakarta to spend a few weeks exploring the island of Java.
    From the busy, modern city of Jakarta to the ancient temples of Prambanan and Borobudur and even older volcanoes I can't wait to start sharing my experience with you.

    Here is the first of my Java Indonesia vlog series starting in the busy city of Jakarta. I hope you enjoy it, please give me thumbs up if you enjoy it, or leave a comment to let me know what you think.

  2. Great video once again Simon, sorry you didn't get to see the Monas National Monument but I will be tuning in to the next Jakarta video to see it next time!

  3. What an amazing mosque, Istiqlal mosque is huge and so it seems are the shopping malls of Jakarta! Looking forward to the next video from Java.

  4. Good morning…beautiful hehe finally you're off from islands and on to the city now. Love your good vibes, always makes me feel happy. And love your accent

  5. saya suka tourist yang seperti anda, penuh senyum, berbicara penuh semangat, semoga sukses dalam kunjungan ke indonesia dan selamat berkarya.

  6. Any Indonesians here? I'm a Filipino who will be traveling to Jakarta next year any suggestions? I'm on a budget since I'm just young hehe thanks!!

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