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So this is our first official little video
here in Helsinki and we’re just about to have a simple picnic lunch. We got some smoked
salmon. Oooh la lah! That looks tasty. We go ourselves a nice baguette sandwich to enjoy
in the park. A lovely pasta salad with feta cheese and some fizzy drinks to go along.
So we’re just going to enjoy the view and savor our dinner.
Mmmmmm! The smoked salmon is easily my favorite part of this little picnic. It’s a wonderful
cheap meal. We were able to get all of this food for just roughly 10 Euro. So instead
of going out for dining tonight we just decided to hit up a local grocery store, pick out
some things that look good and it’s turned into a fantastic little feast here on the
park bench. Hello bird!
Music playing More music playing
Our first impression of Finland. One of the things we’ve noticed the most is just how
cool the temperature is. I’m loving it. I can walk outside and I’m not sweating profusely.
This city is definitely a lot quieter than where we come from. We’ve been living in Thailand
for a few months and we’re used to tuk-tuk’s, motorbikes, honking, swirving and everything
just…..yeah and meanwhile you can hear sirens and motorbikes in the background. This totally
disproves my point…hahaha Music playing
We’ve also noticed there is a really big biking and fitness culture here.
Everyone seems to be riding around on their bikes, in-line skating and in this kind of
weather who can blame them. Music playing
So this is a bit of a cool supermarket we found right here. If you are too busy to go
get your groceries all you need is your little smart phone. You can the bar codes for milk,
for meatballs, ravioli, whatever, and they just deliver it to your place just like that.
Wow! Music playing
So we just across a bridge with love locks and that kind of reminded me of our love lock
video that we made back in Korea. So it is eight forty five PM right now but as you can
see it is still daylight out and that’s because we are in the land of the midnight sun.
So that’s just a quick little intro into Helsinki we’re both really tired so we’re going to
go get caught up some sleep and we’ll make some more videos this week. Background music playing. Okay, we are with Raakel my Finnish Canadian
friend who is showing us around and we’re going to an Island called Suomenlinna. Does
that mean anything? It’s like Finland. It’s kind of like a castle. Background music playing. So we’ve arrived here finally and we honestly
have no idea what we’re going to be doing. There is no tourist information. We’re just
going to wander around. Looks like a village. A cute village. I think this looks like Anne of Green Gable
in Finland. The cute little wooden houses, right? Background music playing. We’ve just witnessed a lovely Finnish wedding
on an island. Background music playing. And what are we doing? Enjoying some ice cream.
Perfect way to cool down after a little walk around the island. What flavors do you have?
Pistachio. And I have raspberry sherbet. And what is that in Finnish? Finnish answer. And I’m having the one unique to Finland.
Black licorice ice cream and it is delicious. What is this called in Finnish? Speaking bad
Finnish. Lemon and black licorice. Wow, this is really really good. I don’t believe it. Background music playing. Alright, tonight we’ve got a special Finnish
treat to share you. This here is called Salmiakki and it is black extremely salty licorice.
So my sister Ashley has a been to Finland before and she specifically told me to stay
away from this nasty candy. She says it is the worst tasting thing ever out there and
that I will spit it out within seconds. So I’m not really looking forward to eating a
piece of it but Sam here is quite adamant about it. So this Salmiakki here, this black licorice
has sometimes been referred to foreigners as a kind of fear factor food that. The television
show the Fear Factor where people are dared to eat something that seems disgusting and
really strange. What gives this the salty taste is ammonia chloride and this is very
popular in Nordic countries – especially in Finland. That doesn’t sound edible.
Alright, so here is a piece of the Salmiakki. The black licorice. And I have to say that
I’ve grown up eating licorice in Canada and it is probably quite a bit sweeter than this
one and I’m a big licorice fan, so I’m hopeful that I am going to like this even thought
it apparently exceptionally salty. So here we go. Eating noises and chewing
Woah! Yeah! There is an explosion of flavors going on and that is just…WoW! That is very
salty but I like it. Here’s another piece. MMMMM! I have a bar of milk chocolate handy over
here because I know I’m probably going to need to wash away the flavor of this nasty
looking thing. I’m just taking a small bite okay. Eating noises Yummy? Arrrrggggggh!!! Spitting noise! Hahahahaha Did you just spit it out? I don’t like licorice. I’ve never liked licorice
and that’s just foul. Okay, where is your chocolate piece now? Better? Good, because that means I get more
(of the Salmiakki). MMMMMMM Two more pieces in my mouth here. Eating noises…MMMM I’m glad you don’t like it because that means
I get to eat the whole bag. Okay, so today we’re going to go Sea Kayaking
and we’re visiting some of the islands around the Archipelago here in Kimito Island and
I’m all suited up to go out in the water. Hahaha! You sure are.
Hello, I’m Benjamin. I work as a Sea Kayak guide in the Archipelago sea. It’s a natural
park. We have a lot of people from abroad who are coming here knowing about the Archipelago
sea and want to see what it is like here. And Sea kayaking is really a good way to experience
the wilderness. Background music playing.
Meh! haha! Bababha!
Background music playing. So how is the kayaking going so far? It’s
going great. We’re just taking a short little break and came across some sheep who are just
grazing by the sea. I guess by the sea. And my legs fell asleep so I had to get out for
a while. But other than that it is going awesome. No capsizing so far. No.
Background music playing. Very graceful. Hahaha! I got the video.
You’re still alive? Hello, I arrived. Still dry.
Background music playing. Soaked little puppy. I am. I managed to make
it the entire sea kayaking journey without capsizing. At the very end I flipped the boat
over when I was getting out. So this was an awesome experience. We went
sea kayaking and we were just paddling through wilderness and these small little islands
where we saw different kinds of wildlife. All kinds of different birds. It was just
awesome and it was a real workout too. We did this for a few hours. I’m exhausted now
but Ioved every minute of it. Okay, so I was told that usually one in ten
people capsize the kayak. I survived the whole four hour journey. I am still dry so I think
I did pretty good. Background music playing. Today we’re in the little town of Kasnas and
we are waiting to catch a ferry that is going to take us to a very remote island, which
apparently is home to one of the largest lighthouses in the area. Background music playing. We are now visiting Rosala which is an island
which is home to a Viking Center. So we enjoyed a really hearty Viking feast that was a thick
soup with potatoes and white fish and we also had some black rye bread with butter and after
that meal we’ve just been enjoying the island. There is lots of games and activities for
kids. You can try archery. You can try walking on stilts. They have a maze. Rabbits that
you can feed. So it’s a nice place to spend a sunny day. Laughing. Background music playing. We’ve arrived at the lighthouse and it’s just
on a big rock out in the sea. So to get here we had to take a boat. We’ve
been traveling for about forty five minutes and as we were approaching the island it started
to get really choppy. The waves are pretty high. So yeah, we’re out here in the middle
of the ocean. There is no land. It is just a pile of rocks. I don’t know what is worse. Air turbulence
or choppy waters. Background music playing. So right now we’re making our way up the two
hundred and fifty two steps that we have to climb all the way up to get to the top of
the lighthouse. And apparently there is a couple of ladders too. And here in the lighthouse they also have
a very small chapel where people can get married. Background music playing. Live rock music. So we are trying three different Finnish beers.
We have lager, red ale and I have forgotten the name of this one. Verdict? That’s nice. A nice light beer. Okay,
next red ale. I like the flavor of this one a little more. What does it taste like? It’s
just got more of a bite to it. This is a lighter beer for sure. And the last one? My favorite.
Really? It’s all about the flavor. Alright, your turn. I’m going to start off
with the light one. Lager. It tastes like a light beer. I don’t know much about beer.
Red ale. It has a nice aroma to it and it is
a bit stronger than the other one. I agree.
This I’m not so sure I will like it just based on the color. It looks really strong. Okay,
what is your favorite of the three? I’m going to go with the light girly beer. Surprise,
surprise. Rock music playing live. Background music playing. We’re going to be eating Rudolph the Reindeer
today! I’m a little sad about it but I’m in Finland so I have to try reindeer. Reindeer? Is it tasty or what? It really is.
It has a very rich taste. It’s must different from the meatballs we had before the other
day. This definitely has a real much stronger taste to it. Wow. if I had to compare it to something that tastes
like a really strong seasoned roast beef. I’m going to think of it as salami. Okay,
it tastes like salami. There we go. I’m eating Reindeer. It’s a little sour. Right? Yeah.
It’s a little sour and salty. Okay. Do you like it? Yeah. It’s growing on you? Well,
not growing on me but it’s okay. Live rock music playing. So Sam has been talking about the reindeer
ever since we landed in Finland, so I’m glad he finally got to try it. It was a bit of
a pricey appetizer I have to admit. It was sixteen Euro. A bit steep but it was a good
experience. I’d say it was worth it. The reindeer cold cuts definitely had a distinct
taste. Quite sour and it was certainly a lot better than meatballs we had tried the other
day. So this is day two in Helsinki. It is chilly
as ever and we are going to do some sightseeing maybe visit a few churches and markets. And if we can we want to have reindeer meat
at some point in the day. Oh, you are eating Santa’s Helper! I’m going to be taking a bite
out of Rudolph. background music playing. We found a little dog park. Let’s see how
friendly these pups are. Ruff. Bark. Bark. Let’s go. Background music playing. And here we are introducing Uspenski Cathedral.
This is one of the best known churches in Helsinki and it is an Eastern Orthodox church. Background music playing. This particular vantage point on the walk
is one of the most popular areas in the city for people to have picnics. While we were
walking here yesterday we saw about four or five different groups over here just having
their own little picnic and just watching the city as things go by. Background music playing. Hello. What am I? I didn’t see her body. Music playing by street musicians. Background music playing. We are here in Harbor Market. It seems to
be one of the bigger markets in Helsinki and what we’ve found to eat. We’ve found reindeer
meatballs. So we’re going to go try those right now. Reindeer meatballs here we go. Hi, could we
please try the reindeer meatballs? Yes, sure. Those are big meatballs. I think those are
potatoes. Would you like some vegetables as well? Oh,
sure, yeah. How about garlic sauce? Um, sure, yeah, please. Background music playing. Oh no, I’m not ready but geez I don’t have
much of a choice. I’m filming. That seems like a big enough chunk, right? It is! And
what are you having? Reindeer meatballs. First bite. Is it good? It tastes like a regular
meatball. Okay. Yeah, it doesn’t have a very strong reindeer flavor. It’s more garlic-y
from all of the sauce we put over top. And these have to be the biggest meatballs
I have ever seen in my whole life. Okay. Let’s see what you think of it. Yeah,
they don’t have as distinct of a flavor as I thought they may. But what I really like
here is this garlic sauce that has been put over top. Background music playing. We’re back here at the market. This time we’ve
got a salmon dish. Same price. About 10 Euros. This is smothered in garlic sauce. I already
know I’m going to like it. Oh, wow. that just melts in your mouth. While we’ve been exploring the archipelago
region for the past week we’ve actually been staying in this town. It has two names – the
Swedish name is Dalsbruk and then the Finnish name is Taalintehdas. Most of the residents in this small community
are Swedish native speakers and they also speak Finnish fluently. Some of the oldest ruins in town and they
were used during the coal industry. That is our abbreviated tour of Dalsbruk – a
place many come to vacation in nice cottages to go fishing, to go sailing – it is a very
scenic place. We’re going to miss it. We’re going to give you a little tour of a
Finnish supermarket and we’ll see what strange food items we can find.
So smoked salmon is very popular food over here. You eat it with Rye bread. That’s something
we had almost everyday. Background music playing.
We’re also buying some Salmiakki, which is black
salty licorice. I detested the taste of it but Sam really like it and apparently so does
his Dad, so this is for him. This is a present for my Dad. For George.
Background music playing. So in Finland there are many different kinds
of alcoholic beers and beverages to choose from that you even have licorice flavored
Salmiakki beer. So chocolate is extremely popular in Finland
and there is no brand more famous than Karl Fazer.
Background music playing. Black rye bread is always a really popular.
We’ve been eating this daily with butter and cheese and smoked salmon on top.
Canada represent. We’ve got some Maple Syrup. And of course the lumberjack.

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