The World’s Most Unique McDonald’s – TOP10 –

restaurants eating out it’s one of our favorite past times when
we travel they can be slow in luxurious four fast and if it’s passed there’s one restaurant chain we all know it’s the one that changed how we eat
around the world restaurant macdonnell’s remember this ha if you’d be cation in one of the more
than one hundred countries around the globe that has a mcdonald’s you’ll
probably hear that too and c_b_s_ space ho today over forty six million people sit
down and shout down is one of over thirty thousand mcdonald’s to get their
break and why you might think every mcdonald’s
at the same anywhere you travel we found mcdonald’s restaurants unlike
any you probably have ever seen get ready-to-use size your travel adventure because the
most unique mcdonald’s in the world hard next burgers fries shakes what we know today is fast food all
started with these two brothers he again maurice mcdonald exam bernie dino california in nineteen forty eight they decided to
open a restaurant that serves mass-produced hot food quickly for the masses some of you might even recognize their
logo from those days speedy little did dick and mac no they were
creating a whole new way of heating for the entire whirl grandiosity is the franchise owner of
one of the very first mcdonalds ever built which if your order we had our products
ready to go and you’re out the window and it was in the car cop it wasn’t sit
down and it was the first of its content we enlisted the help of a mcdonald’s for
next when we went looking for the ten best and peter holden told us everything we needed to know
about what makes a mcdonald’s different for good reason he claims to have been to nearly twelve thousand of them a as over the last trip that i just came
back problem idea third eleven thousand nine hundred and when the deferment calls in north
america i’m not sure exactly alike peter collects mcdonald’s dining
experiences like some people collect baseball cards his first criteria well i will look at
the menu but for anything illustrator special of
traveling try to find something different i possibly can peter took us to our first t_v_ donald find as we travel to downey california just east of los angeles before there were big macs or mcnuggets
two-digit honey mustard sauce there was this from a historical standpoint my favorite
mcdonald’s perhaps of all time isn’t the only telephone built in nineteen fifty three would you
believe that this golden arches restaurant is so
important it’s listed on the national register of
historic places so why would a fast-food restaurant
beyond the same list as the ones house there are thirty thousand dollars
restaurants around the world we are the all the stuff for anyone they all came after us this mcdonald’s is the granddaddy of an
american institution that’s why it’s a world’s oldest
operating mcdonald’s but how did the golden arches become the gold standard for all fast
food milkshakes here so good in fact they needed to order
eight new milkshake mixers the multi mixer is the chief really into
macdonell’s or even when required greasy the order for a peaceful places couldn’t
believe it delivery needed to be part of this
distorted began to spread the trials across the
country break rock the multi mixer salesman
immediately license the mcdonald’s name and speedy service and empire was started that’s truly the american success story brake rod
comes up with an idea franchises one restaurant that leads to
thousands and thousands of restaurants throughout the world the very first arches were built a hold
of the roof not to advertise the restaurant lurk macdonell’s logo actually started
from the architecture developed at this restaurant if you look back from an angle you can see mcdonnell’s logo building on the side of the building today that mcdonald’s logo’s easily the most
recognizable like on the world step in here if you love big macs figure walking on
seriously sacred territory it’s been a donaldson museum you can check out the cash register from
the very first restaurant but disinvited be the most important
item in the museum the milkshake mixer that started the mc
donald’s empire if you want to run one just sign up for
hamburger university because that’s where they train you to
run and all the franchise the oldest operating mc donald’s like
the one thing before our next most unique mcdonald’s we found one that will really surprised got a passion for supersized fries or a true talent for eating for turf
counters with cheese don’t worry take a trip here studio and you’ll be living your dream in no
time because with almost six hundred
mcdonald’s to choose from you’re not going to have to look very
long to find arnett sick we headed to the heart of manhattan to one of the most famous corners on her times square forty second street and broadway it’s here that maybe hit musicals like
phantom of the opera and the producers wow audiences from around the world every year the bright lights of this
famous intersection drop people with big dreams and big appetites no ronald mcdonald snot starring in his
one-man show it does look like a theater starting with this an authentic broadway
marquis first time we walked by of all the
lights were on a visit summer without hot and what’s going on some more one is that a lot of broadway
shows this spring clothes that were awesome
when you go down forty second street can you take a look at the mcdonalds
side kent’s help but after a while look at that mcdonald’s restaurant with seventy five hundred glittering
bulbs this shows stopping signs soaks up a lot of lots everyday stamp demands more attention than a
broadway star we actually have to go out in general boom truck and one of our people on staff is
actually out there changing gold everyday if you think this place looks like a
theater on the outside wait till we take you backstage when you walk in you know something is
very different look around this mcdonald’s and you wonder if you were here for a
big mac for casting call we’re naming this center stage fast-food
start the world’s most entertaining mcdonald’s when we had the opportunity to develop
the location and come up with the theme for the story
was a natural for us with our four levels think about doing something that
related to the backstage the ethical phillipa the backstage atmosphere is just the
setting for so much more you one entertainment you got it sixty video and plasma screens stream
movie trailer mcdonald’s trivia and even info on times square it’s all designed to make you feel like
you’re auditioning for the may camille of a lifetime to get a lot of actors and people
theater industry could work in the area that stop by and
really enjoyed this mcdonalds they feel that it’s really very funky and and it makes them feel like they’re
really in an environment that relates very much to the backstage theatrical
setting that we try to achieve where does all this movie atmosphere in the smell of the grease
paint feel come from the spotlight spinning logo’s throughout
the restaurant are real theatrical lights all the lights in here are straight off
the great white way we chose altman with the number one car manufacturers
and distributors of theatrical stage lighting something else that stands out here everything is oversized it has the biggest mcdonald’s kitchen in
the world eighteen feet of sizzling grill steaks anasazi here for control five thousand customers had feared if you’re a broadway star stopping in
for your flail fish just don’t mistake a happy meal toy for
your tony bright lights broadway just outside the
door and stars all around the idiots broadway might be a great place to find
ronald mcdonald but we found another unique mcdonald’s
where this famous cloned is the main attraction remember the first time ronald appeared
on t_v_ recoiled all medical your kids we will provoke it
was nineteen sixty three pretty indiscriminate show what were you on
t_v_ we’ll have a lot for bond the an sometimes already in ny at the first molotov woodstock some years ago and uh… lawyers autograph endless excited at the time just for the
sake of meeting some eating a character that i revere gets a character that many
many children that states and canada russia world have grown up with file mcdonald represents the food the
folks in the fire now if you’re a kid wanting beef patties
special sauce letters keys onions on a sesame seed on panda party
with ronald this is the location you want to visit dallas texas mcdonald’s has always been filled with
kids could come here get happy on a grand scale to literally to have the mailbox out of a
restaurant i gave it to my architect and said i
want to design a plan and it looks exactly like this did bailey owns and
operates this over the top fast food stuff this store outsells average restaurant two-to-one and happy meal sales the reason is obvious when you see the outside of this
restaurant this like a magnet step through these doors and you’re
going to really find out why this golden arches makes our list as the world’s happiest macdonnell’s this is my pleasure ronald is the other reason this is the
happiest mcdonald’s we found he’s one of the most famous clouds in
the world kenneth starr this dallas platelets if you look carefully you might even see
a few other familiar faces too you can’t have ronald inter-party
without the hamburger berg reminisce one of their more memorable slogans is
we’d love to see you smile and that probably is just what job do at
the world’s heaviest mcdonald’s coming up one he’d like royalty on up fast food
budget lives in one of the world’s greatest
cities we’ll show you how to find the first our guys peter golden takes us
to a mcdonalds and it looks more like a mention than a mcdonald’s it’s all
coming up next here’s me and cover the most unique mc donald’s on earth we’re back and we’re traveling to the
top ten best mcdonald’s in the world and with more than thirty thousand restaurants to choose
from choosing is a real challenge helping us peter hold it believe it or not he plans his vacations by going to
mcdonald’s all over the globe peters bindu nearly twelve thousands so far and we’re told that’s the world’s records the fact that it’s a pop culture i’ve
found a lot of people is because they grew up in the fifties sixties seventies
and into the next century eating the food travel interstate
highway that sense of finding comfort food while
you’re traveling is what brought us to our number seven
worlds best mcdonald’s we found it in lafayette indiana hoosier country this vintage commercial would fit right
in here it garb green once the etc is small town u_s_a_ but don’t expect this mcdonald’s to
serve food it looks sort of familiar arches of gold the mcdonald’s sign but go inside and you’re greeted with this would you like and taylor it’s a hostess and she’s about to see to
you at a mcdonald’s and those are real menus because this
mcdonald’s has a diner inside peter holden spend their integrated as
one of his most unusual mcdonald’s experiences daily lives got here turned diner inside concept it’s great because at least a hundred
new food items on their that i can partake you forget not only are meeting in
denver regular two thousand thousands of them
inside the feud over one hundred twenty two new menu items that are not offered
an anemic cosmo belgian waffles with strawberries and
whipped cream he ever wish you could have thanksgiving in july welcomed in
order turkey dinner with gravy it isn’t only what you order that makes
this mcdonald’s different it’s also how you order it things hasselbeck anti placed water pick
up the phone and there’s a voice on the other end it’s katie the face behind the phone donovan and inside the volcano anupam day when we write five or ten minutes later your shopping
on a cheeseburger and its brought to you by await ur pat the chicken fried steak interact fast food restaurants and here’s the best part everything on
the menu costs under ten bucks even the state if you’re traveling on a budget there’s one more important detail partisan a monument to known standard with consistent and everywhere after a long behaved riding with the kids need to stand on your feet to order here what more could you want from the
mcdonald’s diners inside now if you think sitting down to give
you order a mcdonald’s is new and different how about taking a season but this time in the lap of total luxury you’ve seen pictures of the old south
huge houses extravagant decor serious wealth heads of the vacation play landed
asheville north carolina you’ll get a taste of it in our next
most unique mcdonald’s restaurants this might look like ritzy newport beach
or mentions on long island but it’s actually build more village a little towns started at the end of the
nineteenth century by railroad empire error yours inventor belts was magnet built the largest house in
the u_s_ the biltmore estate today it’s a top tourist attraction
where you get to wander through its two hundred and fifty room and most come with their own bathroom think it’s the last place you’d see a
mcdonald’s well live close because you’re about to
see a mcdonald’s unlike any other are mcdonald’s fanatics even flew his parents here a rumor that all specific
because it’s across the street from the biltmore estate element donald’s mirza it’s not a castle but the way is laid out finances
offsetting subbing asheville very upscale resort shirley blues the director of operations
at this mcdonald’s mention look-alike no detail here and abroad village suite a certificate of appropriateness
kamisetti in asheville and they live their lives historical
resources even the materials used in the
construction were millionaire quality feminine details that really is on the
inside out monday a material savvy stabilized a you’ll find radhika through the interior
losses see copper and you’ll see runtime five runtime and the dining room that’s why we’re calling this the
world’s classiest mcdonald’s everything that we have here at the
store despite in with the worst forceful it for the uniforms everything that we do yes that’s how the federal government at
my house this classy fast food restaurant even as an indoor fireplace the bill i say there are sixty five fireplaces house itself so weak that it was appropriate to
include fireplace and that with its rockefeller tastes and live
music this mcdonald’s is a destination for
couples all over asheville teenagers britney robertson buck balk
and live like broil t on a high school budget flip-flop where else can you give our date with
dinner for two for under ten dollars it’s a great place nineteen romantic
date because we have a great man yet great atmosphere great dining
experience buddies going on your first detoured golden arches really the way to get a second he’s really mean on eric’s file right helen and i experimented on like their big macs and fries with a
side of total luxury it’s what makes the golden arches at the
biltmore estate in asheville north carolina a five-star experience on a one star budget when you think of fast food you have to think of mcdonald’s and this
commercial from the nineteen eighties makes us all feel good about mc donald’s invented fast-food and you
can’t travel anywhere in the world without finding one which is why you set out to find the
best and with over thirty thousand to choose
from we have to enlist some help peter hold it is a mcdonald’s fanatics from twenty some years ago in dallas texas and whenever someone
does and raising money on the list also apply could not have set up he travels the globe on vacation just to
try and teach them all count so far thoughtless excuse to go somewhere and that became the reason to collect
mcdonald’s resolve issues to go to places nobody else would ever go
sightseeing traveling shopping or whatever and iraq so we found one big your hesitancy maybe the location has something to do
with it the days are about four hours some way this time of the year and it’s about minus fifteen degree
celcius today we’re traveling to the arctic circle for
our next most unique mcdonald’s where the ice isn’t justin you’re so
that at half the fun is getting there where in northern sweden in the village
of kia about an eight hour car ride from stockholm if you want to get your all beef patties
special sauce slightest cheese pickles onions on a sesame seeds onion teac well you have to do something different the only place you can drive the
snowmobile any same time if you’re having a big mac attack in
this cold climate you grandma viewers no mobile will also leave so why don’t meet them with winter temperatures going down to fifteen degrees below zero celsius this arctic circle golden arches is the
world’s holders mcdonald’s look around this arctic indirect you’ll see the this in a field recognize the sign it’s on a snowmobile trail viva also knows when they came out there i saw that they
have undoing minidv cinema bangs file until
they can all stand why they didn’t allow me to mcdonald’s police and that they needed each day so devote build this and icy exit with sign first snow mobile urs who demand that
flurries shakes with their snowflakes when you finally do pull into the
parking lot of this mcdonald’s you can sit down with the regular
customers if you want or you can stay outside and do with the real insiders do you gospel you were looking at the only one of its
kind ast snow mobile drive-through post again being michael compliment
folks for helping me you can sit down with the regular
customers if you want now you might be asking yourself why would anyone be crazy enough to beat
it she’s burger in sub-zero temperatures but if you were faced with the seven
months later you’d have to be resources will tell because it’s so cold outside you don’t want to get undressed dental
inside the mcdonald’s or the details here’s the most difficult thing fidel’s
side that’s to be called the fingers vide inv if it’s lovely nl with all this winter around does
mcdonald supply their customers with specially insulated burger boxes to keep
their happy meals hots so we don’t have the news fishermen containers the list of hotels he disc which for each school if you wanna pull into one of the hottest writers around you’re gonna have
to go to the coldest mcdonald’s on earth right here in the arctic circle seeing snow mobiles at a drive thru is
one thing but imagine ordering your mic reid’s and
seeing debts when you come to our next most unique
mcdonald’s just steps away is all about farms so if you look around you might be asking where’s the mcdonnell scientists explain something farm and even farmers have fallen in love
with fast making this the best mc donald’s on a farm but this golden arches is so different
even the townsfolk of moosejaw didn’t know what to make it at first i really don’t want to thank everyone
seriously like this before first a look at this point minutes there’s a very different take a look over there instead of snow mobiles you drive your tractor through the
drive-in window will like to come here because of the
services within their breakfast in the on the
road and a little farm role in the morning elana hot chocolate and uh… shows up concerned right there in wars in the
nineteen forties and back toward the bills there’s one thing in here that you won’t find in jest any old
barn or any old mcdonald’s from the outside he looks like a regular
brain silo but take a look at what’s going on inside this is ronald mcdonald plan and it’s built inside the silo that slide is over thirty feet long loose in the yard tractors at the drive-thru slides in the silos what more could make it a good time for
the great taste of mcdonald’s about ending your day here the fireplace after all farmers deserve a little claps it’s one of the most recognize symbols
around the globe the golden arches and one of the most successful
businesses their secrets serving hot glue fast two hundred travelers with more than thirty thousand
mcdonald’s to choose from we decided to discover that most unique
in the world but imagine stopping in at one asking for them and special sauce ministry people ten
thousand feet dot but they didn’t have any then you’ve arrived at one of the most
unique mcdonald’s in the world this mcdonald’s is one of canada’s most
popular vacation destinations montreal the people here say culture thrives on
good food and good coffee montreal do enjoy a gourmet coffee sitting on the coffee in a uh… laxative perceived to be a european flavor and
this uh… fitted it said fifteen hundred atwater st and when travel weary vacationers stop
here first thing they notice no big macs no exact muffins he feels more like a european bistro we have uh… delicious facing soon every single day as well as a side which is there any
other premises take-out bite out of the old world
within us and we should go in and get to do bullying if you can’t pronounce it it must be good devour the gap those shoveled on them oren hailed the move sociable and ensure and you’ll still have changed for more remembers this is a mcdonald’s this is the very first scandal on golden
arches coffeehouse in bistro in north america we think the most unique mcdonald’s
capping even the seats are designer at the end of the trafficking sit down and i cynical rush to refinance now if you did come all this way for a
quarter pounder with cheese don’t panic look next door the old familiar menu is right there and guess what if you feel like having your
cheeseburger with chocolate mousse you can bring your burger right into the
bistro our customers part that he allowed to
bring with the order to develop out of into
the marriage we are very dissatisfied so you’ve got your gourmet sandwiches the fancy desserts are great then there’s a real mcdonald’s right
next door but with all of these purchase one question remains really how does the coffee tastes you know i a
on a daily life not believe that mcdonald’s handing
enterococci halifax hockey player you have a new york it’s very hot disregards cafe looks like it’s a good
to the last round and if you want an authentic kathy
experience in montreal complete with a big mac stop in at fifteen hundred atwater in
montreal when we went searching for the most
unique mcdonald’s in the world we enlisted the help of peter hold it he’s in the morning anyone we could find we asked him what makes the mcdonald stand out from
the crowd there are some of it all of the united
states in our heads together and wages for the locals mentally they know their their retirees
and their become there for the birthday parties i had a birthday party and i was
thirty eight years old ones may surprise party for mesa and joy and it was fun and exciting having fun is what our next mcdonald’s
is all about consider that kids under the age of
twelve one-third of all dining out decisions did you’ll know why one franchises in the day cation destination of orlando
florida police out a surprise around every corner you know the reaction there watchin the
door as soon as the old while factor they don’t really literally no what what
the papers thousand ronald mcdonald plane lands
around the world but it does over the top soil and
celebrating that special day is a status symbol birthday party this mcdonnell’s location is so popular
among kids committed posts about every weekend that’s over seven hundred and fifty
birthday parties for years and if you’re lucky enough to celebrate
that special day here you’re going to get things you won’t
find a cure everyday gold never eaten at pizza mcdonald’s you can
hear you get to watch them three thousand five seven the
preparation of the photographs that i doubt that has a wonderful agreeing so
here’s what i want to bring that out brought out a house with rails at uniforms so everybody
could see the finds a way that we put things together battle party here can you can have a balloon makers abadi painters he throws a pretty mean hammered and even a magician but if you think this trail and puts on
a great spread downstairs wait until you see what’s on the second
floor this fifteen thousand square foot arty capt they had sixty video arcade games care
hockey tables mini-vans t-ball ending okay so the arcade is great but there’s
one more thing that says display live apart from all politics the mother of all mazes twenty-five hundred square foot monsters that serves up twenty five peacemaking tunnels hyper fast slides and not secret hiding places dickey even
the most discerning happy lovers satisfied if you think it’s all for the kids there’s another reason parents may play
land their party destination handing out i don’t have to entertain i don’t know great to have a next time you’re traveling in orlando
just keep your high spiel for the biggest order of french fries
you’ve ever seen because this mcdonald’s is also the best
mcdonald’s we’ve traveled all over the world to
find the most unique mcdonald’s we began with the oldest boy where we saw the milkshake machines that
started an empire been it was lights camera action and our
broadway mcdonald’s ronald was the star when we went to
dallas texas for the happiest mcdonnell the most unique mcdonald’s in indiana it
was a diner we traveled way down to the deep south scarlett o’hara country for
the classiest in askville north carolina but for the next most unique mcdonald’s
you needed a parka and this because this is the key is sweden in the arctic
circle tractors at our most unique mcdonald’s
on a farm in moosejaw canada dinner other canadian mickey’s didn’t even served burgers but if you have a big mac attack in our
unique mcdonald’s in orlando florida what he did after playing in the world’s biggest
mcdonald’s flail and for the mc donald’s you’ve been waiting
for her the ones we think might be the most
unique anyway to find it we didn’t go to your everyday
suburban neighborhood we had to go across the ocean to one of the senior citizen you might think about the sistine chapel for the same track prompted when you
think about traveling to run believe it or not in this city of ancient history
mcdonald’s has become east boxer supersize your extra value meal and its investors door building the location near the spanish steps in their rixie copycats despondent for the last four hundred years japanese bond there has been policy and they will succumb to god for
this time it’s also the questions the spanish dancer paul about romance an affluent and that includes this rahman gets the most popular mcdonald’s we
found walk through the front door look around displaced is palatial those bright dramatic arches just might
make you feel like you’re entering saint peter’s basilica that’s not your everyday tiled
servicemen missing from the air the floor of this mcdonald’s is meant to
resemble the kingston cobblestone streets of the piazza disbanded just
outside but if you still don’t want to put on a
todo then walk down this hallway check out
the full-size replica of a roman statues the agent architectural details continue a waterfall makes it look like a came
from the ruins italian marble on almost every wall the travel time not more than just isn’t trial comes from man driving a place for saturday and it
says even the stance inside feel like they’re
from the coliseum the lead you to the second floor of one
of the largest mcdonald’s ever built in this case hundreds seeds fourteen cash registers and over fourteen thousand square feet
of space the big macs hero reportedly the most
expensive anywhere in the world and if you still don’t feel like you’re
having a quarter pounders in a roman pillar can take a look at the few those are the windows there was real frescoes painted to resemble the rooftops of rome it was important for us places elegant as possible in order to create jobs does surrounding area but it’s not just what you’re looking at
that makes this one of the most extravagant mcdonald’s you’ll ever visit step over here and check out this okay it’s a mcdonald salad part look closely and you’re going to realize this isn’t
your everyday pickled pizza this bonanza we have squid father person who is rice salad yes squeezed celibate dismissed dot almost deviants a lot to combination you
configure unlike the salad sweet dealing with some answers on the hill which makes it has a large tent before you leave don’t forget deserve but we’re not talking about hot apple
pie chocolate fudge sundae winning grown he was the romans do finish off your opulent mcdonald’s experience with this instead of mc flurries tried to love
them the system and it especially everyday
from eleven supplier let me tell you i screamed taken quite a discreetly battalion
specialty in guild know that you’re indulging in one of the most traficant mcdonald’s sort of the best because i think do a lot of with michelangelo roman arches travertine floors ballin of one of those world greatest
cities no wonder we take this mcdonald’s is the
world’s most unique

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  1. Our McDonald's here in The Philippines is unique as the majority of its customers order either fried chicken or sweet spaghetti than Big Macs or Double Cheeseburgers. Such can only be found here and not in any McDonald's in most countries including The United States!

  2. Sadly the McDonald's in dallas tx, is being renovated and no longer has the happy meal design
    I seen it a couple years ago but now it's gone 😓😢
    Here it is on google maps if you want to see how it looks now:
    13105 Montfort Dr, Dallas, TX 7524

  3. The McDonalds diner in Lafayette, Indiana (14:56) is no longer in operation, and I think I know why… They gave me the "no tip" spele, and yet when I didn't tip, the server asked me as I got into my car what was wrong with the service. I said it was great. He then asked why I gave no tip. I said "because you told me not to". To which he said "everyone knows that's bullshit! You either tip me now or ill get my angry mexican coworker to shave your mustache!!" I replied that I don't have a mustache. And then I witnessed one of the most sureal things I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The slighted server who was clean-shaven all of a sudden produced a mustache that started spinning around like a propeller. And I just ran like hell…

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