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– Not a huge fan of catfish,
but this is pretty good. I think it’s mostly from seeing people wrestle catfish. – What, do you like put your fist in there and you pull it over? – Have you done this before? – Yes. It’s terrifying though, ’cause they’re like, just stick your hand in that hole and hope for the best. And you’re like… – So, let me break it down for you. The past 10 years, I’ve
been traveling the world, tour managing artists, and
showing them the best spots. I know, that anywhere you go, you need that solid connect. We’ve taken submissions from people claiming to have the keys to their city. Now we’re traveling the country to take them up on their word. I’m Justin Lizama, and
this is “GateKeepers.” So, I’m here in Nashville, one of my favorite cities,
especially for music. Starting with a travel hack. It’s best to travel on off
hours to avoid busy airports. It’s a ghost town. So I’m meeting Paxton Elrod. She’s gonna be our gatekeeper and apparently, she has
the key to the city. I’ve been here a lot, so I’m hoping that she can
show me some new things. – I have lived in
Nashville my entire life. I love this place. It is a city. – Justin.
– Paxton. – How ya doing?
– Nice to meet you. – You too. – But, it’s also a small town and it’s in the South. And, everyone in the South is apparently nicer than anywhere else. So, before I take you
downtown and show you what Nashville’s made about, I had to show you this spot. – Amazing. – You ready? – I’m ready. – Broadway is so touristy. – This where we find
all the bachelorette parties? – Yes! – So, for me, coming to Nashville, we always ended up here. Going to bars in between
doing concerts and shows in and outside the city. So, this one I’m pretty familiar with. But, I can’t say I
recognize it during the day. – No, during the day, it’s a
completely different place. It seems a lot nicer, and
more forgiving during the day than at night. – That’s when
it turns into Nash Vegas? Today’s Monday, right? – Yeah, I think we get
out of here right now, go eat some hot chicken, and then come back whenever it’s alive and well.
– Down. – Everyone knows Nashville’s
all about hot chicken. We got Prince’s, which is the original. We have Hattie B’s that
everyone talks about and this is Bolton, which is my favorite because not a lot of people know about it. – I’m down. – Yeah, you say that now. – Hello! – Hey.
– Hi. – What’s up, my first time. What should we order?
– You like spicy food? – I love spicy. – Seafood or chicken? – I like both. – And are you wanting all this hot, or medium? – I think we’ll start with medium and if you make a couple
that are extra spicy. – So, you want a mix? – Yeah, a mix. – Ooh, it’ll be
like hot chicken roulette. We don’t know what’s gonna happen. I like this. – All right.
– Wings. – Got some catfish, wings. – Tenders. – Oh, yes. – Thank you. Where should I start? Should I go wings, tender, fish? What do you think? – I always go for the pickles first. – There’s a pickle. I don’t really trust people that don’t like pickles and mustard. Just saying that. – Do you put mustard on everything? – No, but it always enhances. All right. – Why are you using a fork? – I don’t know, should I not? Is that a thing? – No. – Just go savage on it? – Oh, yeah. – Pretty good. – You have to taste your finger. I got just enough spicy. – See, the thing with the spicy chicken, is that, it comes after you eat it. – This is legit, this is
Nashville hot chicken? – I’m pretty sure mine’s
hotter than yours. – You think? – Yeah, no, I know. – Yours looks a little more red. – Yep, that’s it. That’s the spice. – Hi guys. – Hey. – Hi. – How’s everything?
– It’s good. – I’m glad you’re enjoying it. – So, I met your husband earlier. He told me how important it is to make everything with love. – That’s our recipe. – I see you haven’t made it
over to your hot spot over there. – Oh these the hot, hot?
– These wings are even hotter? – Yes. – These are, okay. – All right. – So, we’re going to build up. – I’m going
to go in for that now. – Well, I’ll come back
and check on you in a few. – Thank you so much, Dollye.
– Great, thank you. – OK. – Well, I mean, I saw the first bead of
sweat drip right here. I would say he wasn’t prepared. – It’s hot. – Such a bitter-sweet
thing, because it’s so good and yet it’s just so painful. I’m going to start crying. – I’m a try them. – I can’t touch, OK. – Feel it on my lips. – Your sweat, just, yeah. It’s real. – Ooo, wee. – I think the seasoning’s in the beans. – For sure, I could, I mean, I had definitely had room to go up on the heat. – We didn’t even get the spiciest. – Not a huge of catfish,
but this is pretty good. – I grew up eating catfish so it’s like… – I think it’s mostly from
seeing people wrestle catfish. – Noodling? – Huh? – Noodling? – That’s what it’s called? – Where you, like, put your fist in
there and you pull it over. – You just
reach down and take hold. If it isn’t your neighbor’s foot, you’ve probably got 10
pounds of good eating fish. – It’s terrifying though,
because they’re like, just stick your hand in that
hole and hope for the best! And you’re like… I know where that was going. – I mean it is in the beans too. – Yeah that’s for sure. – All right, so,
this is the Goo Goo shop. Now, I grew up on this candy, but I’ve never actually made some. – Sounds like a
Tennessee tourist trap to me. But, I guess if we get to try making it, I’ll give Goo Goo a go. – Hey guys. Welcome to the Goo Goo shop. – Goo Goo was America’s first combination candy bar. – I grew up with these
in my stocking every year. – Now, you get
to make your own four-ounce, premium Goo Goo cluster
with whatever you want to put inside of it. – OK, what makes that premium? – Just the size. – Do you have a lot of bridal showers that come in here, or,
the bachelorette parties? – Yes, the
bachelorettes, oh yes. And they’re always screaming like, “Whoo!” – Perfect! – This is really good. A little Oreo, marshmallow. – Ooh! – Can’t go wrong with that. – I 100% made a better one. – If you’re looking
for a real sweet time, and want to get out of the cluster (beep) of tourists outside, Goo
Goo’s pretty awesome. – All right,
so I wanted to bring you to my neck of the woods
for a casual dinner. Now this place is actually pretty nice, but we don’t have to
get dressed up for it. I don’t know much, but I do know these
Brussels sprouts are bomb! We have to get them. – Well, I’m a Brussels
sprout connoisseur, so, I’ll be the judge of that.
– I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone say that before. – I’ve had many a Brussel sprout. – Weird flex, but, OK. – World famous Brussels
sprouts, right here. Mmm. Yeah. – Props to the chef on that one. – They literally just kept bringing out plate, after plate,
after plate, after plate. Pretzel bread with their
housemade brown butter mustard. – Mustard, the most underrated condiment. – Really been craving a pretzel. Just all so good, so you
wanted to keep eating it, but it just kept coming, so you never thought it was going to end. Celery root schnitzel
here, over pickled… Something pickled. – Pickled everything. – The duck fat hash browns. – That’s really nice. – Very happy about this one. – So we’ve done some damage here. I’m impressed. – This is just the appetizers. – Eat that food! – Swordfish that
we grill over hickory wood. – Oh, this is so good! – Mushroom pot
pie in a sage cream. You’re going to love that. I couldn’t let you leave
without trying that. – That might be
the best thing on the table. – The chef would love to go
ahead and break this down. – Can I do it? – Probably don’t want to do that. – Whoa. – It’s pretty good. Going from hot chicken to this chicken. It’s in preference. – Well, you’re not crying right now. – Yeah. Growing up, was coming
downtown something you guys would always do? – That’s the thing that
people don’t realize about Nashville. 10 years ago, you didn’t come downtown. Broadway wasn’t a safe area. Now, there’s these spots that
are the basic Instagram spots. – Right. – Ten years ago,
it was just not a thing. There were definitely not a lot of bachelorette parties here. – To all those bachelorette parties, maybe you should go to Vegas. – Yes. Go to Vegas. – Maybe you guys call it Nash Vegas, so people get confused. – We don’t call it Nash Vegas. – I’ve heard it multiple
times since I’ve been here. – You’ve said it multiple times. – Do you want to turn it into Nash Vegas? Onto to Nash Vegas! Nash Vegas, let’s go! I just like saying Nash Vegas. Nash Vegas. – Never going to let that go. – The chef did an amazing
job on the preparation and the attention to detail’s gorgeous. The meal itself was beautiful. So, for me personally,
very happy with this spot. The wine was nice. – Next on the agenda is Broadway. – I need to burn off some of this anyway. – Good point, I don’t know
if they’re going to be doing a lot of burning, seeing as, probably just going to be drinking? – I love this bar. It’s at the top of Broadway and you can see all of downtown. You’ll get a great view of the stadium, the river, the bridge, the Batman building, and have a good time. – Hey guys! Do you want any drinks today? – Yes, we have to get Bushwackers. We’re in Nashville, you got to do it. – This is really a thing? – So Bushwackers are
like an adult frosty here. It tastes like a frosty with
a little bit of alcohol in it. A lot of alcohol. – [Bartender] Cheers guys. – Bottoms up, right? – Bushwack in Nashville. That’s actually really good. – Until the sugar catches up with you, then it’s just, it’s
all downhill from there. – I mean, sweet drinks (beep) me up. Just be honest. Oooh yeah! Picklebacks? I’ll do a Pickleback. – Really? – You don’t call it
Nash Vegas for nothing! – If he says Nash Vegas one more time. – So if you’re from Nashville, do they call you Nashvillan? Dope that Nashville dedicated
a building to Batman. – I always had the
biggest crush on Batman. Is that weird? – New York’s the capital of the world. That make sense? – No shots for me. No shots. That’s why. – Great night last night. I could use a coffee. Last night, Paxton mentioned
some basic Instagram spots. Let’s go have some fun. Since we’re in Nashville,
and it’s a music city, definitely need to do
something music related. – Well, we could
walk down Music Row. We’ve been on Broadway, where
you’ve heard the live music. – Been to all those places. – Ooh! I can take you to this
place called The Groove. It’s in this old house
and it’s a record store. It’s really cool. – Like proper records? Like vinyl? – Yup, yeah.
– Oh sweet, let’s do that. – Yeah, OK. – The Groove
has been around for 10 years. Since 2008. – Nice. What makes this uniquely Nashville? – It’s in an old house and
we’re the only record store that’s in an old house in East Nashville. – I think I’m going to
listen to some music. I could spend all day here, to be honest. Just going through music,
listening to stuff. You know, finding stuff. – Great Songs of America. He can’t hear me. Talking to myself. – What is it? – Nothing. – Justin’s probably bought at least half of the store by now. – Billy Ocean, the R Kelly before R Kelly. If it wasn’t for Genesis,
there would be no Phil Collins. Peter Cetera. You got your Bogeys and Yacht Rock. Christoper Cross, J Dilla, G N’ R Lies. Roy Orbison. You Know, You Know. – Yeah, I got eight cassettes right here. Ready to go. – No but, here we go, I
got Kid Rock over here, so I don’t know how
you’re going to top that. – You can have that. When you’re in Nashville,
come check out The Groove. There’s some wonderful stuff here. – Ooh, an old Space Jam cassette. All right, so The Groove has been great to appreciate music. To continue the night, I want to take him to a place where he might be
able to sing a little bit. So the next spot I’m taking Justin, is one of my favorite spots. It’s a dive bar, right down
the street from my place. Yes. – Where are we? – Santa’s! It’s like Christmas, but like, not. You’ll love it, come on. – No douchebags. That’s a good start. So Santa’s Pub is definitely a local spot. I don’t know how people
don’t like bars like this. – Drink a beer. Decent karaoke. – Laugh at your friends. – Great spot. Coming here to Santa’s was perfect. Traveling and striking up conversation with somebody at the bar. These are the things I love to do. – I’m really hoping that we
get the chance to meet Santa because I feel like Justin will love him. He is truly a Nashville local. It would just make this so much better. – So how long have you guys been here? – It’ll be eight years, April. – Eight years? – I retired, bought it. – Retired, bought it. So this is your retirement?
– Yup. – Amazing. – Hey, if you have a minute, you want to come outside
and have a beer with us? – Sure.
How are ya’ll doing? – Hi!
– How’s it going? – How’d you get the
name Santa, might I ask? – I got 16 grandkids. – OK. – They think I am Santa. They think it’s my workshop. I’m making toys in here. And I keep a box of toys. Here, I made that last night for you. This is old Nashville. Broadway’s got too commercial. There’s never been a fight here. – No bouncers, all right,
let’s see what’s up. – I’m the bouncer. I do get mad at them for
breaking up Christmas. – Yeah. – OK, Santa. – I noticed coming
in here, it’s beer only. Any reason for that? – Beer make you bloated. You go to the bathroom a lot. You go Waffle House, you go home. Whiskey, they get 10 foot
tall, bulletproof, trouble. – Can’t get mad at Waffle House, so. – No, never. – Good food. – Chicken biscuit. Yeah I get the chicken
biscuit at Waffle House, is that weird? – Yeah.
– Why? – You don’t get the All Star special? – That’s what I get. – See? – I feel like this
was probably one of Justin’s favorite places that I took him. – Santa Pub… Santa’s Pub is OG. She took me to a hot chicken place. – Took him to Bolton’s. I didn’t take him to Hattie’s.
– Bolton’s is hot. – See? – I couldn’t eat it. – I got right here, I started crying. – I mean it’s painful. – It takes more to go to
the bathroom than Ice Cube. – Hot chicken tips. Out of all the things that
we’ve done in Nashville, this was probably one of the
most fun moments that I’ve had. Well, thank you for having us here. – Yeah. – Appreciate your company here. – It’s a special place, I can tell. – Well it’s built on love, you know? – What I’ve come to figure out and come to understand is that
Nashville is built on love. It permeates everybody that
enters their establishment. And they love what they do. – So, Justin actually sang karaoke and… Surprise! He’s actually pretty decent and he’s finally stopped saying
Nash Vegas when we’re here. And it’s great! – But it is Nash Vegas. – This is Nashville. Make sure you come see Santa
next time you’re in Nashville. Y’all. – Did you just say “y’all?”

00:15:25,540 –>00:15:27,500
– This visit to Nashville was amazing. It’s a big city with a small town vibe. Can’t wait to come back. Paxton impressed me with
her choices of restaurants and things to do. And guess what? We finally ran into a bachelorette party. Heading to the next city. See you on the other side!

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