The Top 10 Reasons You Should Travel The World (For Entrepreneurs)

Hey guys my name is Matt, and I am in Chiang Mai Thailand right now the lantern festival just finished But I’m sure you’ve seen pictures before where they light the lanterns of paper lanterns and just literally Thousands of them in the sky, it was such an amazing experience which Kind of motivated me to do this video. I wanted to talk about the top 10 reasons why I think Everyone should travel, but specifically why entrepreneurs should travel, and why I think it can be helpful to helping them create a business or influence them to Do different things in their business so here’s my top ten reasons Why I think entrepreneurs should travel so reason number one it gets you out of your comfort zone And I know this is a big reason for anybody to travel, but specifically for entrepreneurs I think that getting out of your comfort zone is one of the biggest key things you can do to help you succeed in business and The reason I say that is because in business a lot of times you have to take Risks, right? You have to spend money that you don’t want to spend you have to try marketing You don’t want to try you have to talk to people you don’t want to talk to you have to build things you don’t want To build and all those things, it’s difficult because it’s out of your comfort zone But if you get on a plane with just the backpack and travel 8,000 miles to a country that you’ve never been to only to backpack around for 3, 4, 5 months Maybe even a year all of a sudden you know building that website or Creating that one thing doesn’t seem so hard. I mean you’ve done something way harder So it grows your comfort zone Which is really important because everything you’ve ever wanted is right outside your comfort zone if it was in your comfort zone You’d have it by now so reason number one it gets you out of your comfort zone so reason number two is You realize how small your problems really are when you’re facing problems in business There’s a lot of things that you see as these massive problems I know from experience that you see these things and your like, “oh man, how am I gonna overcome this?” This is Insane like I’ve never had to do anything. That’s challenging before and When you travel halfway across the world or when you see all these different things you start to see how small these problems really are and it motivates you to do them because You’re only maybe a few steps away from achieving what you want to achieve and you see all these other things and Maybe especially third-world countries you see These people that are less fortunate than you that they don’t even have the opportunity to do this stuff So it motivates you to build something that can help other people That it just puts your problems your problems into a small Perspective so that’s reason number two it helps you realize how small your problems really are which leads me into Reason number three it puts your life and your business into perspective You start to see why you’re creating something why it’s so important for you to build this business Because all a business is is Bringing value to someone else in exchange for money. That’s all businesses if you’re not bringing value You can’t make money and when you see other countries and other people and you meet all these people all around the world it really puts into perspective as To the importance of why you’re doing the business in the first place. Why You really want to build something that can help people So that’s reason number three speaking of people reason number four is You have the potential to meet some amazing People when you travel the type of people you can meet you can meet other travelers other business travelers people that have Businesses that you can learn from and exchange ideas from you can also learn From the people that are local in that community and in that culture because if you learn from those people You might actually get inspired to create new ideas or implement new things in your business just from meeting these people just from the Conversations you have just from learning about these people and their lifestyles so reason number four You will meet some amazing people Whether they’re business owners, or just amazing people that you find interesting throughout your travels Number five this is an interesting one I didn’t really think about this until I started traveling But you can find new market places where you want to bring your business When I’ve been traveling there’s a lot of things I see that I’m just like, “man you know it would be really helpful in This country or you know what these people really need” and you could it really opens you up to see which Marketplaces that your business or your product or your service can be most helpful in so number five is it can Show you new marketplaces for you to create a business okay number six this is a big one just in general when you travel, and that’s you can learn new languages and Learning new languages obviously is really important because it will help you Create more businesses and more marketplaces also one of the things that a lot of people don’t think about is You can actually learn business From people who speak a different language than you For me. This is a big one because I’m a huge self development junkie and When I was in Japan there’s a lot of very interesting business owners and business books that I really want to read, but you got to learn Japanese first and Actually, my girlfriend’s uncle is a big business owner. He has a tofu business and he’s Doing really well, and I really wish that I mean I know a little bit of Japanese But I really wish I was at a conversational Point so that I could speak with him about business because my girlfriend was translating between us and what he has to say Is amazing and I’ve learned so much from him so that’s one of the big things you can learn a new language it can help you learn business from other sources and It can help you do business in other places Okay number seven Not six seven it will inspire others when you travel the world when they see how you’re living you can inspire them and you know everyone I feel should inspire people you know if you are doing successful in a business and You know you want to help your friends and your family. Maybe do the same thing traveling the world showing them you can live that lifestyle because your business is super inspiring it’s one of the things that got me into traveling and into starting businesses is because I you know I read the 4-hour workweek Tim Ferriss like ten years ago and One of the things that I thought was so cool is that he outsourced everything and Was just able to lay on beaches and work from his laptop on his business So it’s really inspiring to others and inspiring others is one of like the big things that I think everyone wants to do It doesn’t have to be a mass of people, but you know people want to help friends and family and just loved one’s Co-workers you want to inspire people so number seven Traveling can help you inspire other people which leads me into Number eight it gives you serious brownie points when you travel it Makes you a credible source, and if you’ve seen any of my other videos one of the biggest things I always say is Get your advice from reputable Sources if someone is living a life that you want to live doing the things that you want to do has the things that you Want to have learn from them and not from your coworker your friend your family Who you know doesn’t have the things that you want to have so? Traveling the world can really give you some serious credibility it can show people that hey I mean it sounds bad, but it’s great for entrepreneurship because one of the biggest thing in In business is marketing And if you can say like hey look at me look what I can do people are much more likely to listen to you Especially if you’ve done something like travel the world so number nine. I touched a little bit on this, but you’ll find new opportunities and What I mean is You know if you’re in business and you’re looking for something new to try a lot of time I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen things here like for sale, and they’re super cheap And I’m like oh man You know I know so many people in America that would love that thing and I know that it would sell for more in America That’s a business opportunity It’ll open up your mind to see like these new things because other countries have things that your country doesn’t have always, so you can maybe bring that to your country as a business opportunity or maybe you see things that you do have and they Do better or maybe you see things that you do have, but they do cheaper? There’s all kinds of stuff so it opens your mind to new business opportunities if you’re looking for a new type of business to start so that’s number 9 so Number 10 I feel like this is one of the most important ones, and it sounds really corny But it’s one of the things that a lot of people say When you travel one of the benefits to travel and that’s it will help you find yourself So this is so important for any individual not just business owners But you know most people live their life just going through the motions just doing the things that they think they’re supposed to do doing the things that everybody else does and they Never really have the opportunity to find out who they are and what they want to do And how they want to contribute to life, and you know what they believe in right and so traveling is The biggest thing I think that can help you find out who you are and what you really authentically and truly believe in and That can help you so much in business And in life because if you remember my last video I’ll link it, but it’s all about Start With Why Simon Sinek talks about start with why and every single person has a why has a reason for doing what they’re doing and If you are connected with that why and everything you do is attached to that why because of that why? everything becomes easier People start following you much more because you’re truly authentic you believe in things Your staff is much happier It’s easier to do business in general if you know why you’re doing it in the first place You don’t have to think about what’s gonna make money The only thing you’re asking yourself is does this follow with what I’m trying to accomplish does this solve the problem I’m trying to solve so one of the biggest things number 10 was It will help you find yourself Travel the world guys Thanks so much success travelers if you like this video thumbs up and leave a comment below if you have any more additions or any questions you want to add I’d love to hear from you guys about why you think traveling is important? So go ahead and leave a comment below make sure to subscribe to my channel, and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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