The Snowmobile Powered Scooter Build Part 5 + Merch Launch!

[Music] yeah I mean I built it like two days too late but now nobody can stick their leg in the clutch anymore really tried you can play you know yeah put your leg right there but if you’re running the scooter and you stand on this side for any reason yeah and it’s also strong enough but if you drop the scooter it won’t mess up the clutch and it’s kind of going with the same theme of the gas tank which is you know stainless steel welded with non stainless wire so it’ll the seams will rust over time and I think that’s gonna look super cool so now I just have one more piece to build like that that would be the rear fender [Music] what you working on working on mounting these sweet box beans and light they’re all wired up now so they go on when you turn the key on cool they’re red and yellow that can be changed obviously this is the original high/low beam button from the snowmobile but the engine came out of so this is so cool and then they just go on or off dependent you know with the key nice always all in one way or another just plate here we go across there and those will be bolted to it that’s just the mounting plate essentially and then I might make like a I think I’ll make like a housing of some sort around and make it look even cooler yeah yeah awesome [Music] so kind of the last piece of the somewhat safety puzzle for this is a heat shield for the exhaust I started out working this piece of aluminum it was a old clutch guard off the snowmobile I was thinking of maybe just forming it around it because aluminum would make a better heat shield this is bit faster but without the proper sheetmetal working tools it’s just kind of impossible to shape it properly and I don’t think I’d be able to make it look shit so plan B is to take this stock exhaust and chop it up [Music] hopefully this will be enough heat shielding like right here it’s almost touching but it’s not but it’s got a lot more space all throughout the midsection here there’s maybe a quarter inch gap on the edges a quarter to half inch but in the center part there there’s like up to an inch gap like right there there’s almost an inch of space between this and the pipe and it only is touching in three points which is here here and here the three bolts that hold it on so with the air flow behind there I think it’ll be plenty to keep it from doing any serious damage especially if you’re wearing like jeans or leather something like non flammable mm-hmm it’ll definitely be enough for that passing up the scooter to do her first rip session after she’s got the new upgrades hopefully we don’t tell anybody this time [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we just got our hundred thousand subscriber silver play button in the mail and we had a party had a bunch of friends over so one of our friends is a real flamethrower which is totally legal in Idaho apparently is what we hear we have this like Japanese like privacy barrier thing we’re gonna light it on fire with the flamethrower and Ethan’s gonna ride through it with the snowmobile scooter [Music] is we just released our first t-shirts they’re available for pre-order on our website which is also released like just a couple hours ago the links in the description we got a bunch of really cool stuff on there we have the track time so around the track we’re doing build threads for all the different builds so you guys can see like what parts we used and things like that it’s gonna be so cool check it out and of course that’s where we’ll sell all the swag as we as we get it we’re also working on some stickers and we just got this in the mail which is super cool thanks for all the subscribes this is our you know hundred thousand subscriber play button we’re super excited thanks for watching and go check out the t-shirts oh yeah you [Music] [Applause]

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