The Next Travel Channel Star, Juliana Broste “TravelingJules”

Today I’m coming face to face with adventure. Oh my gosh! How did I get here? [squealing] That’s me, TravelingJules!
We’ll get back to this in a minute. Hey Travel Channel! I’m Juliana Broste
from Denver, Colorado, your next Travel Channel Star! I’m a travel video journalist and an
avid adventurer, and I’ve seen a ton! But there’s still so much I haven’t done. My unique point of view, pushing beyond my
comfort zone, redefining the limit! That’s what I’m here to do with or without the camera! So we’re just biking down this narrow little street. [ringing bell] Ahhh! Are you alive? Test, test. I’m on a mission to seek out adventure, even if it makes me a little bit nervous. The place that really made me fall in love with travel: Curacao. It’s a dream destination, but also a place
where everything that could go wrong, did. My suitcase, gone. My camera, finito.
And I’m really not a great swimmer. But everybody knows about
Curacao’s beaches and resorts. I’m all about getting off the beaten path. Curacao is home to the largest ostrich farm outside of Africa, and petting zoo it is not. Okay… Oh my gosh! If this bird could fly, we’d be in space. That was the ride of a lifetime! You know what I love about traveling? You just never know what’s gonna happen. You could discover something new,
or you could be miserable! My fingers are freezing! You could be really really miserable, This is torture. Or you could have the time of your life. So let’s make new friends, dance the night away,
fill our bellies, and dive into this great big world. I’m going to take you places you’ve never seen before! Even if that means going out of my comfort zone. I’m alive!

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  1. Your page is truly inspiring and the fact that you do this all by yourself is phenomenal.. Keep going! -New Subscriber

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