The MCC Journey: Deb Stamps ’97 on High Standards

As I reflect on my experience at MCC, it
really is humbling for me to think that I’m able to be where I am today. I
believe that the opportunities that were afforded me, that the belief in me by the
professors, that the program – the rigorous program – allows me to have high standards, high expectations for my team in caring for patients, and gives me that strength
that I need some days to go out and give to our community. MCC did not only
provide the clinical skills for me to be a registered nurse but also provided me
with the opportunity to grow personally. I was able to see the importance of
volunteering, the importance of giving back to your community, the importance of supporting someone else. And also giving advice and mentoring someone. My
education at MCC has allowed me to really have high standards. So, in the
clinical setting, it’s really important that we take the time to hold our
patients hands, that the nurses get continuing education so that they’re
always ready and able to care for our community. I am proud to be an MCC alumni. I am proud that I started my journey at MCC.

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