The Frequent Flyer

(bubbly music) – [Voiceover] Sometimes the worst part of being a flight
attendant is the commute. Wearing your uniform while off
duty trying to make your way to work or home, is like
wearing a giant sign that says, “I know everything, ask me.” – Do you know when the next bus comes? Hey, were you just on my flight? I flew in from Chicago. – That was my flight. – Oh, you guys were great. – Thank you. – I mean like, I haven’t seen a group of attractive flight attendants
like that in a while. Especially you. This bus isn’t gonna come for a while, and it’s kinda chilly, do you want to split a cab? – Sure. – What’s the in-flight movie? Come on. – The Chipmunk Movie. (groaning) (plane engine) – I thought Tiffany was coming. – Oh, she got rerouted. – Sorry, I have been running late. – Still in your uniform, hey? What’s his name? – You a sex detective or something? – Actually there was an all-day marathon of SVU on yesterday, plus
you’re missing a button. – You caught me. – Please tell me it wasn’t
your ex-boyfriend, Nick. – No, he’s away on
flight attendant training for Budget Airlines. – If he can’t be with
you, he’ll become you. There was an episode
like that on yesterday. – Enough, with the Law and Order. – All right, so what’s his name? Where’d you meet him? – Well, we met at the airport. Well, apparently he saw
me on the plane first. – Please don’t tell me you
hooked up with a passenger. – I know, forgive me. – Ah, we have all been there. So, how’d it go? – Pretty much how it always goes for me. – That was amazing. – It was. – You know, I’ve never met
a flight attendant before. Your job sounds pretty cool. – It has its moments. – Can I ask you a question? – Sure, anything. – Why don’t you guys provide upgrades for us top-frequent fliers
on international flights. I mean, we spend so much
money on your airline. You’d think you would value our business. And also,– – Oh no. You got the frequent flier. – The frequent flier? – Yeah, when somebody travels so much, they hook up with the crew because they want you to spill
all the industry secrets, so they feel special but
they’re actually more interested in your job than they are you. And I bet he asked you for
something for free, didn’t he? – What am I 12? I don’t need you to give me a drink limit. What do you even do with
those extra drink coupons? Oh my God, do you have any
drink coupons with you? I ran out. – Told you. Oh, I need to go I have
to get to the airport. – Where are you going? – Wisconsin. – (gasps) Domestic. – I know, the horror. I’m doing a favor for a friend. Plus, I just watched Making a Murderer, so if I don’t come back
I’ve probably been framed by the Manitowoc County Sheriff. – When are you back? – Wednesday. – Where were you today? – Work. – (chuckling) I know that. I mean, where did you go? – Look, I really just… Can’t wait to tell you all about my day. (chuckling) – Tell me to store my luggage. (chuckle) (bubbly music)

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