The Do’s and Don’ts of Family Camping – Travel Channel

My favorite part, having
a fire and singing songs. And– Marshmallows. –having marshmallows. Yeah, I was just
going to say that. Every kid loves camping. I mean, it’s an
adventure to go out. It doesn’t matter if you’re
staying in like a city campground or the
greatest national park, that kid is having
the time of his life. For kids, camping is
such an immediate way to experience the opposite of
what they’re used to every day. It’s mind-opening. I feel like our camping
style might be a nice lodge with a nice King size bed. Why would I ever
want to go camping? This, to me, is
beyond any vacation that I would ever want
to torture myself with. Some people think camping
is really not a vacation. Not true, vacations
are for adventures and unknown experiences. Camping is all of that. So if you do decide
you want to go camping, you need to decide, first of
all, what kind of camper am I? Are you a “I totally want to
rough it, be in a tent” camper? If you’re in it
just for the nature, a lodge in the middle
of a park can give you the same experience with running
water, a shower in the morning, and a hot bed at night. When you’re camping, you
sure you have a good tent. Because we had
experience about that. We were not expecting
this rain pouring. The right gear is essential. You don’t want to be
cold in a sleeping bag. You don’t want a tent
that’s not waterproof. You want to ensure that
the things that you have are the things that you
need to make your trip and your experience
in the outdoors as comfortable as possible. One caution, especially
with having a little kid and going camping
is just the fire. I know we want to do a fire. And she’s in the phase where
she wants to touch everything. The baby still
has too many needs. She still has to sleep
with a diaper at night. She still needs a bottle. She’ll cry. I’m afraid we’d wake up
everyone else in the campsite. People have undue
worries about outdoor life. I mean, it’s pretty easy to
manage a camping experience where no one gets hurt. So choose the campground
that is right for you. Maybe it’s that suburban place. Maybe it’s not the
national park, or whatever. It doesn’t have to be like the
deep end you’re going into. Probably, if we were going
to introduce her to camping, we might do something
in the backyard. The best way to start
your family camping is in your own backyard. Set up a tent. Stay out there for one night. Tell the stories, build
a fire, the whole thing. So you get used to what
happens in the woods before you’re in the woods. When the kids are
older, I would love to do a road trip with an RV. If you don’t want to camp in
a tent, the RV, or the camper, is another option. Some of these are
designer, luxury, compact, beautifully-designed
homes on wheels. When you go
camping, it’s great. It’s like, wow, look at this. There’s stars. You can smell the trees. But on the other hand, you
have to be extra careful. You want to make sure that– No bears. One of the best things
about a camping trip is how it reduces the
family to your unit and the beautiful
surroundings around you. Whatever is hard about
camping is worth it. I mean, you unplug from
the conveniences of life and plug in to what
your kid needs.

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