The Cruise Planners Travel Franchise Difference – Rick Carlson

We have looked at the competition. And what really moved us towards Cruise Planners was the fact that it was started by travel agents. They know the industry. They know our needs. And they’re just helping trying to advance us all the way along the way. And we’ve always the perspective of how can we make things better for our agents. So that they can sell more travel
and meet the clients needs. All of the support we get from our coaches,
to the marketing support, to the ongoing presence of Cruise Planners
across the country. The name recognition is certainly a reason why you should invest in Cruise Planners. You know? The branding of Cruise Planners with American Express is just so important. It’s another recognized name of quality in the industry. We have an advantage over all the other travel agencies that there are out there. Because of that partnership with American Express. So it’s recognition, value and also presence in the industry. And then so there’s a confidence that’s there. That’s open build from the leadership in that company. Setting the expectations for the technology committee and the marketing team, and all of that. To build the tools that we need so that we can do our jobs better.

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