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[music playing] So New York has an
amazing art scene and that even extends to the subway. And guess what? For the price of one
ride, you can see it all. So come with me as I
show you the best subway art New York has to offer. So if you come to the
World Trade Center, stop, and have the distinct
feeling of being watched, you’d be right. This piece of artwork
is called Oculus. And the cool thing
about it is that all the eyes are unique and
modeled on real people’s eyes. [music playing] So this funky art inflation
at Broadway Lafayette station is a great reminder that
we should always look up. This piece of artwork
is known as the hive because New York City
is the ultimate hive. Now, what’s really
interesting about the artwork that you find at this
station is that it is some of the largest
and most expansive artwork in all of the MTA network. The piece named
Under Bryant Park has taken its inspiration
from its location. Directly above it
are the New York Public Library in Bryant Park. It’s said that the artist
based the project on the idea of system, drawing parallels
between how the subway system transports people from
one place to another, how the systems of nature allow
plants and animals to grow, and how the library
system allows that transfer of knowledge
from one person to another. Cool, huh? [music playing] So if you’re a fan of ancient
artifacts and sculptures, you will love the artwork
at Eastern Parkway Station because the nearby Brooklyn
Museum has actually donated 78 pieces to this station. And they’re all
embedded in the walls. [music playing] This is really cool. Are you looking at me? Who does it better? [laugh] All right, guys, so I saved
my favorite art for last. Are you ready? Let’s go. [music playing] So this is the 72nd
Street Station. It’s one of the brand new
stations in the MTA network. And the artwork here
displays the diversity of New York City’s residents. [music playing] So why is it my favorite? I mean, look at these guys. They scream New York. [music playing]

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  1. Hi Oneika! I love your job. Is there a way to work with Travel Channel? That will be awesome to do it in spanish and english.

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