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[music playing] Are you gaga for Instagram? Well, guess what? San Francisco has
got you covered. So let me show you the
best places in the city to up your Insta-game. The colorful Victorian
and Edwardian-style architecture of the Painted
Ladies is a must ‘gram. Beware, they may leave you
humming a certain theme song. The sea lion colony at Pier
39 is absolutely ridiculous. They first appeared
in 1989 and have been causing a commotion ever since. So there’s no need to shell
out for an expensive aquarium ticket when you can get
a free show right here. I mean, look at these
guys, they’re clowns. Haight-Ashbury is the
home of the hippie and the epicenter
of counterculture. It also has a number of
insta-worthy sites to capture. She’s got legs for days. The Castro is one of the
first gay neighborhoods in the United States. It remains one of
the most prominent hubs of activism in the country,
and I love its colorful style. If you’re looking for a
little street art action, make your way down
to Balmy Alley, where you can check out
some marvelous murals. [music playing] San Francisco’s Chinatown
is the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. I mean, take a look
at all of this. Established in 1848, San
Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest in North America
and the largest Chinese enclave outside of Asia. [music playing] Thank you. The Palace of Fine Arts is
yet another picturesque spot in San Francisco. Take a look at
this architecture. We’ve got animal
action going on here. OK, so I’m pretty
sure that this is the ultimate photo opportunity
in all of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge. Bam. And obviously, I can’t leave
without doing a selfie.

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