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My name’s Danny Trejo. I fly Southwest. I eat Trejo’s tacos,
because they’re the best. I’m Danny Trejo. I fly Southwest. I eat Trejo’s tacos,
because they’re the best. ANDREW GUNADIE: Hey. I’m Gunnarolla, world
traveler, food lover. An airport isn’t
exactly the first place you’d expect to
get a quality meal, but today we’re slowing
things down and exploring the dining options at
some of the biggest airports in North America. This is your go-to guide if
you want quality, local flavors or something unique. Whether you’ve got
a layover, delay, or you’re just one of those
people who gets to the airport super early, these are
some of the best spots to grab a bite before
you catch a flight. Los Angeles
International Airport has gone through
quite a transformation over the past couple of
years, especially when it comes to its dining options. If you’re looking for a taste
of the fresh local ingredients and bold global flavors that
make LA a world class dining destination, look no
further than the newly redeveloped terminal one. Today I’m sampling dishes from
some of the most well-known and beloved spots to
eat in Los Angeles without leaving the airport. And I’m doing it all with
a local host, traveler, and foodie, Jackie Iadonisi. Andrew! Hey! Hi! I’m so hungry. I’m starving. Let’s go eat. Our first stop is Beaming,
an organic superfood cafe where you’ll find cold pressed
juice, smoothies, and grab and go items that are
quintessentially Los Angeles. It’s healthy, it’s light, and
it’s great before a flight. To health. To health, and
welcome to Los Angeles. Let me tell you, LA is all
about the Instagramable food and drinks. The aca this healthy drink,
we’re doing LA right right now. We are doing it right. So what’s your favorite
thing about living in LA? I mean, there’s so much to
experience, from art and music to the entertainment industry. Like, I’m from a
small town in Texas, and I really want to
experience culture, and you get all of
that here in LA. And it’s the perfect
hub for travel. Let me tell you,
in Terminal 1, it feels like you’re
part of the city. From the retail to the dining– Iconic dining. Iconic dining. We’re going to get a taste
of Los Angeles today, I think. Let’s do it. ANDREW GUNADIE: Urth Caff
was a pioneer when it came to exclusively
organically grown heirloom coffees in the United States. They’ve since
expanded their menu to include teas, breakfast,
lunch, and dessert, and their location at
LAX even has a bar. If you’re looking for
health-conscious options using the finest, freshest, and
sustainable ingredients, Urth Caff is your spot. And make sure to
grab the Traveler Blend, an exclusive to LAX. I’m a big time traveler
all over the world, and wanting to have healthy,
tasty options at LAX. And here at Terminal
1, this is, I mean, just an incredible spot. Everything that you get here
will be so fresh and healthy. Have you ever had bubble tea
in the North American airport? Never in my life. This is a Rising Sun. Three kinds of caffeine. That’s the kind
of coffee I like. It’s the traveler’s drink. We have espresso,
matcha, chocolate. Small sip. Small sip. Small sip. Wow.
That was– Your eyes just like– The caffeine already hit me. It hit me that quick. We have an
amazing tomato soup. Is that rice in
the tomato soup? Mm-hmm. Tomato soup always reminds
me of, like, when you’re feeling down, when you’re sick. It’s, like, the
perfect thing to eat. It’s like a warm blanket. So we’ve got a
breakfast sandwich and a breakfast burrito. Yes. Are you a sandwich
person or a burrito person? For breakfast? Definitely a breakfast burrito. Good morning. Good morning. Mm! What I love the most
about eating all this is that you know you’re
putting some of the best ingredients in your body. And they do breakfast all day. So you could get this at
night or in the afternoon. Because how knows where
you’re flying in from or where you’re going.
– Right. It’s breakfast
somewhere in the world. From breakfast to lunch. All right. We have a Curry
Chicken sandwich. Oh, that looks beautiful. This looks good. This looks good. Just that color. And can we talk about just
the presentation on everything, with these little orchids. Oh, my god.
It’s kind of sweet. It’s different. It is a sweet curry. It’s dropping everywhere. Oh my god. What is happening? This is how much stuff
they pack into this sandwich. Right. It can not be contained. All right time for dessert. We’ve got cheesecake
and a hazelnut tart. This is what you got for your
girlfriend or your boyfriend. You’re heading somewhere
on your anniversary, or maybe you messed up big time. Right. This is the apology cake. I would forgive
you in a second if you brought this for me.
Like, oh? What?
I’m not mad anymore. Absolutely. ANDREW GUNADIE:
For half a century, Cassell’s Hamburgers has
been a critic’s favorite and one of the top
spots to grab a burger or patty melt in Los
Angeles with good reason. Their dishes are cooked to
order using the freshest and highest quality meats. Though there are many options
in LA when it comes to burgers, they saved the best
for Terminal 1. Los Angeles is an
iconic burger town, right? This is probably the burger
capital of the world. What would you say
makes the perfect burger? First, you’ve got to start
out with good meat, right? And then you’ve got
to grind it in house. You have to season it really
well and aggressively. And then you’ve got to sear
it on a really hot grill so you get that nice char,
just like a good steak does at a steakhouse. The caramelization
of the meat is what really gives it that flavor. And you’ve got to have a good
fat content, maybe a little more than 25%, right? It’s got to be juicy. It’s got to be salty. It’s got to be crispy,
with a caramelization. It’s got to burst when
it goes into your mouth and just hits you
with the flavor. All right. When you said you wanted
sweet potato fries, I did not know they
would look like this. I was not expecting
waffle fries at all. I’m really excited about it. It’s amazing. Wait. We have to mix the
ranch with ketchup. That’s the way you do it. [inaudible] Do you not eat it this way? – I don’t.
– What? Is this, like, an LA thing? And then you– Mix and match. Try it. Oh my god. Right? Love have a sweet potato fries. Why are waffle fries better? I don’t know why
they’re better. I think they’re just
more fun to eat. Yeah, it’s just
a different shape. Look at that cheese. It is melting
off of the burger. It’s like trying to
escape away from it. It smells so good. Look, it’s running. The cheese is running
away from the burger. Fugitive cheese. – Right.
– Oh, my god. [inaudible] Look at that. [inaudible] See
how long it can go. Are you the kind
of person that needs all of the
lettuce, tomato, and onion for your burger? Listen, my mouth does
not open that wide, so– You’ve gotta smoosh it. Yeah, yeah. I guess, I guess. OK.
– All right. Ready? Go! Mm! Wow. Yes, Cassell’s. Yes. That is how you do a burger.
– You got it. Perfect formula. It’s juicy. It’s saucy. And then the bun. They put the perfect
amount of butter on there. So we’ve got a
potty melt. We’ve got melted, crispy cheese. Look at this. Yeah, this I’ve
never seen before. The cheese has changed
its form into a chip. They are messing with all
the shapes in this place. And you know what I
love that I’m seeing, too? The caramelized onions on there. I’m ready. Oh my god. The onion, the cheese, this
buttery bread, the burger. I did not even get
to the burger yet. You didn’t get to the burger? Oh, yeah, you didn’t get the
full experience the first time. Isn’t that amazing? I know.
I know. ANDREW GUNADIE: You may
recognize Danny Trejo from one of his many film and
TV roles, and now he can be seen as the
face of Trejo’s Tacos, with several
locations around Los Angeles for Mexican cuisine. He cites his mother as the
inspiration behind his chain of restaurants. And with the help of
executive chef Mason Royal, they were able to develop a
delicious, customizable menu of tacos, burritos,
bowls, and quesadillas, and even some
vegan-friendly options. What are your
favorite dishes here? Oh, man.
God. I– Can you pick one? You know what? I love the carnita. I love the carne asada. I love the fact that you come
in and ask for a quesadilla, and usually places will
say, we have a chicken quesadilla and a beef. You can put chicken
in it if you want, or you can put shrimp
in it if you want. You know what I mean? So if you had To give me one
reason why I should try Trejo’s Tacos, what would it be? I’ve got to say, we’ve
got the best food in LA. OK. All right, well, let’s dig in.
– OK. – First bite.
– Cheers. Cheers. There’s so many
flavors going on. This is a carnitas taco. That is how you do it. – All right.
– Quesadillas. Going in. It’s crispy! Oh I love it Wow. I love a good
crispy quesadilla. All the food here,
it’s travelable. Travelable?
Hey, how’s that? Travelable. Travelable. I like it. If it’s not a word,
it needs to be. So it’s basically
something that you can cover, eat on the plane. Really fast. You have a whole meal for a
two hour flight, three hours flight, whatever you want.
Hey, Mason! Look who’s here. I feel like there’s not room. Listen, I feel like we’re
having a family reunion today. This is the guy. We would not be where we’re
at if it wasn’t for this guy. He’s an awesome cook No, it’s all him. Let’s see what’s
in this bowl, though. There’s corn, pinto
and black beans, so you don’t have to choose,
which makes me very happy. We’ve got lettuce,
pico de gallo, and then the chicken that’s marinated. A ton of meat. a
ton of meat in there. [spanish] marinade. [inaudible] [spanish] Yes. [spanish] marinade. Also, big burrito. Big burrito. How many bites? Oh, good question. I’d say 10 for
half, so 20 bites. Have you ever eaten a
burrito from the middle? No. Like, you take
it from the middle. Because if you really
think about it, all the good ingredients are
right there in the middle. We pride ourselves on having
the burrito evenly stuffed. Oh, look at that! I got all the good stuff
right from the middle. I’m never eating a
burrito from the end. Ever again. This is the way you do it. This is how you eat a burrito. Right? You have the chicken, the
rice, the beans, the lettuce. That’s a mighty spicy burrito. California Pizza Kitchen
originated in Los Angeles, but today you’ll find their
locations all over the world. And now you’ll be able
to enjoy their menu of Cali-style cuisine and
global flavors in Terminal 1. CPK Is known for their
innovative and nontraditional pizzas, but it’s
also the quality of service that helps them
to stand out from the rest. This is a fantastic
home for us. Not only do we
get an opportunity to welcome and host travelers,
and welcome on the way to our hometown. But it also gave
us an opportunity to celebrate what
fresh California cuisine is all about. You know, I think Los Angeles
is a very special and unique place in the world. It’s a melting pot of so many
different cultures, religions. You can find pretty much
everything around the world in Los Angeles. I mean, in a way, that’s
why at CPK we take all these different flavors
from around the world and we put them on pizzas,
we put them in salads, we put them in our pastas. The smells. Do you smell the aroma? Incredible. We got dynamite shrimp we. Got Kung Pao spaghetti. We got a brioche French toast,
only available at the airport. Salted caramel pudding. And of course, the most
popular, show stopping, barbecued chicken pizza. Yeah! It’s the perfect
balance of that barbecue sauce, the chicken,
the cheese, thin crust. Not too heavy.
– That is a good pizza. It’s good. It makes you
move a little bit. [inaudible] Right? It makes you want to move. You like your barbecue. I love my shrimp. The biggest shrimp. I love shrimp. They did not
skimp on the shrimp. They did not. It looks like it’s
going to be zesty, spicy, everything you want. Wow. Now I know why they
call it dynamite. My taste buds are exploding. It has a spicy mayonnaise. In the time
you’ve been talking, I’ve already eaten three
pieces, just so everybody knows. What I love about CPK is
that you can get a pizza dish, then you can get
shrimp, a noodle dish. It’s so diverse. You feel like you’re at
five different restaurants. So true. This is the best of Italy
and all of Asia in one dish. Yeah, mixed together. [inaudible] Look at this. Are you kidding me right now? Listen here. This is– The sweet, juicy
berries with the crunchy, flaky French
toast, all mixed together with the yogurt– Every meal, every
day, every flight. All right. Last but not least, We can’t eat it until you
say it the right way, though. Puddin’. Puddin’. We’re going to be puddin’
this in our mouths. Oh! That was a good one. Oh my god. There’s like a chocolate
cake at the bottom. I’m sure it’s worth it. Wow. I think we
transported to heaven. We’re flying to Michigan,
but we’re going to heaven. So there you have it. Just a few spots to grab
a quality meal or snack. Make sure to like
this video and share it with a fellow traveler. And for more
delicious travel tips, subscribe to our
YouTube channel. Bon voyage.

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