Texas Barn Find: Five Pre-war Automobiles Discovered

(blues music) – I’m Antonio Brunet and I’m the chairman and founder of Motostalgia Auction. And we’re here to talk about
an incredible Texas barn find. (blues music) It’s one of those, that as a
car guy, you kind of dream of. (blues music) Funny enough this collection literally it’s seven miles from our office, but we’d run into it. The gentleman’s name is Jack and the story goes that
he moved down to Texas in the early 70s, around 1972, 1973. And he’s obviously a car guy and had some amazing vehicles that once he got to Texas
he put away in his new barn. And always with intention of
getting the time and the money to fix them and to ride them again. (blues music) The moment that we opened the doors to that barn find was
just absolutely amazing. I mean as soon as I saw the
little signs of V12 and V16 on the Cadillacs, I knew
that they were something very special. One of my favorite, to be honest with you, is a 1923 Milburn Electric. And I think it’s one of
favorite because of the story. They were companies like Milburn and Detroit Electric that
built very competitive cars to the market at the time. We’re talking about the
teens and the early 20s. So Milburn is one those stories and history now tells that GM, in 1924, bought out the whole company to dismantle the factory. So they wouldn’t have that car competing. Well the car that Jack had is a 1923 27L, which is the very last model
that that company built. Jack was obviously very… an enthusiast and cared much about the Cadillacs and the multi-cylindered Cadillacs. It’s actually a 1933 V12 coupe. It’s obviously a rare car too, being that it’s a
multi-cylindered Cadillac. The great thing about this
particular car, obviously, the condition of being a barn find and being completely
unmolested and original, is that the back of it, it
actually has a 1932 trunk. But the car’s a 1933. So this is one of those
bodies which happened a lot back in that early century,
where vehicles were built with available parts. And of course, this car
was built as a 1933. But at the time they didn’t
have a 33 trunk available, so they slapped a 1932, which of course makes it now a rare car. Cause it’s not something that happened to any other body. Some of the cars in this
collection, very important. One of the most important
ones or the main, is a 1932 Cadillac V12
Victoria convertible. Now this is actually body number one, meaning this was the very first one that came out of the factory. There were only four built. The other three were actually V16 cars. So the actually story of this car’s tale that this was the vehicle that was used as a prototype to show to the executives. See if they will approve the concept of having a Victoria convertible. At the time the body was ready, there was actually not
a V16 chassis avaliable so they put it on a
V12, with a V12 engine. This is one of those cars
that’s actually considered within the V16 registry,
but it obviously carries a V12 chassis and V12 engine. It’s never been offered for sale. It’s only had three owners and the fact that we found it so close,
and in such magnificent shape, it’s truly a once in a lifetime. (blues music) The fourth car that he had,
it’s a very interesting one. It’s a 1908 REO and that
car’s significant because REO was founded by Oldsmobile. And after he sold his company, he wasn’t able to go back
and use the same brand. So he created REO. It’s a Model G from what we
have found in our research. And it’s a convertible
car, but not convertible in the sense that we know. It’s more of a transformer. Because it converts from a five-passenger touring convertible to a
two-passenger boat tail. The fact that the car
is absolutely complete with both choices of
bodies, it’s very, very rare and very exciting to see. Of course, it’s a brass era vintage car. So all the headlights and
all the little instruments, it’s pure brass, which
is absolutely gorgeous. (blues music) Another car that he had in his collection, you know the Cadillac is
actually a Cadillac V16. It’s a 1938 limousine. What’s particular about this specific one is that it’s a five-passenger limousine. Usually limousines in
early century, pre-war, they were either seven-passenger or as much as nine-passenger. But this particular one,
does not have the jump seats. Because the person that ordered it, just wanted it for him and his wife. So it’s a great car, V16 chassis. The car is absolutely enormous and it just really talks
about the eccentricity of Cadillac and in
American life back then. Finding the cars and kind of
getting to know the story, really, really capture us. It’s almost like a time machine. I mean really opening those
doors of that barn that day. When you enter there,
you feel like immediately you’re in, back in the 1930s. And that’s why I think it’s so amazing. (blues music)

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