TELEMEDIA VIEWPOINT Managing the customer journey for DCB

I think the big problem with, certainly DCB
services, is that there is a lot of negative chatter online so when people
receive a charge on their phone bill that they don’t recall, they maybe go and
Google something and then once they’ve googled it they can see a lot of
negative chatter about, for example, in the UK, There’s PayForIt, you Google PayForIt there’s pages of fairly negative chatter about it so immediately
that puts people on the defensive footing and they’ll phone up thinking
that they’ve been scammed so so agents are starting off from at a
disadvantage in terms of talking to the consumer and telling them exactly
what it was they signed up to what the service was that they were they were
billed for and what we’ve discovered is is that if you can show the email or otherwise a visual reproduction of
what the consumer signed up to or were charged for at a time
eighty percent, above eighty percent of those queries were resolved at that
point without the need for any refund because do not forget that we’re
talking in in the vast majority of cases about compliance services that have been
promoted correctly they followed the regulations so there’s absolutely
nothing wrong with them you’ve got a problem with people
forgetting you know a spur-of-the-moment and let’s let’s remember premium rate
has always been about an impulse decision to purchase so maybe six weeks
later people have gotten some people coming but they’ve bought a lottery
ticket the previous week or donated to Comic Relief the night before so you’ve
you’ve got that to counter against and and what you need is really well-trained
agents that are able to put consumers at ease and give them exactly the
information they want from the details that will enable the query to be
resolved and hopefully and not not need to end in a refund I think the the MNO’s
knows need to point people towards the merchantsi in the first instance merchants
need to provide a very good standard of customer care they also need to get into
these forums or ask the ask the MNO’s knows because very often the forums are
actually run by the networks or or large forums like money-saving expert
or something so they need to get onto there and actually provide a grain of
truth to counter a lot of these negative chats from people who just say oh you’ve
been scammed and that’s what we’re up against and that’s what we want to
you know turn around and the bottom line is that if we can get complaints down
and escalations down so you don’t want the MNO’s referring people off to the
regulator’s for example you want them go to the merchants and the merchants are
able to resolve the complaint there and then more points going to regulators and
MNO’s means more regulations and that stifles the sector and kind of
thwarts innovation so so really as an industry we should all be working
together all stakeholders virtually aggregators, MNO’s working
together to try and sort this issue out because it’s had there’s not been
enough focus on it down the years there are in the UK there’s the the PSA have
got some some guidance on on their website but it also needs complimenting
and that’s why we’re running it as a named project to develop a minimum
benchmark standard in the industry for current players and also give a guidance to new
players coming into the market that’s the sort of level they need to
aim for in terms of looking after the customer after the purchase has been

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