Taxa Outdoors Mantis Trailer

This is our 2018 Mantis we just
launched this product two months ago really happy about it
very excited 18 feet 2,800 pounds Has the same panel design that
all our other campers have. It’s a panel aluminum skin inside and outside foam
block in the middle. See here that again very very well built with all the rivets
all the way through, bolts all the way through, nice little kind of laser etched
insects all over the place. In terms of ground clearance
12 inch ground clearance. Has a 20 gallon freshwater tank and grey water tank
underneath. Has your 15 inch wheels getting your nubbier your tires for the
look and the off-road capabilities of our units. Some of the nice features about the Mantis on the outside is how many different ways you can carry your toys. You can carry the gear be up
there that has a Thule roof rack system with Thule attachments and a step up there is very well built for you to climb up get up here and climb up on top and be able to pull your things pretty much I mean again right just
pulling your way up there I think it’s a pretty easy neat way to get things all done. This is some storage so this is some outside storage basically allows you to put some more of your mechanical type of toys so with some storage out here it’s a good way to keep that into place this is equipped with an AC so this is
just a venting and the type of toilet that we have here is a cassette toilet so
the cassette toilet is part of the Trek package. If you go around the front here really nice powder coated, really strong gravel guard. So this will protect going again into the bush boondocking and allowing your panels to get fully protected when you’re out there. Another cargo deck here strong 300 pound cargo deck you can put anything from a cooler to
a tool box, strap it down, and it’s safe up there for travel. Go around the front here into the inside. the great features with this 18-foot travel
trailer is again is the pop-up roof right so the roof similar to our
Cricket pops up so there’s a pop-up couple of hooks that keep it into place
and you’re ready you push the the bar in the front that pops it up to a almost a
7-foot height in here as well. As you kind of walk in here, some of the good call
outs are wet baths, so this is a toilet as well as a shower but here’s
your shower curtain hook it up to some points up there and take a quick shower
and use the toilet there. On the front side in terms of seating
and sleeping this gives you a nice couch, nice foldable couch, for two or three
people to even hang out and enjoy. We like the use of milk cartons I mean
it’s just an easy storage easy way to take things in and out. This
also turns into a bunk bed so there’s your bunk, your top
bunk and your lower bunk, as well I showed you how this comes up right
yeah as a bunk but there’s also the ability of pushing this out a little bit. So
this comes all the way up the thickness right now not the right thickness for
the couch that this folds all the way up and it gives you access. There’s a Thule bike fork attachments down there, you have to put bikes inside. One of the things you talked about is sustainability. So a lot of the
sustainability or eco-friendly aspects of this again comes down to the aluminum
that we use on all our panels, styrofoam in the middle as well as just
the overall lightweight capabilities of our units where you don’t need a big
diesel pusher to move these around. What’s the weight to this one? this is 2,800 pound Travel Trailer. and is that like full tanks? Yeah so the axles rated for 3500 yeah so you at twenty eight dry weight they
have another seven hundred or so pounds of gear okay. including water, including anything else that you bring along with you. So thirty five hundred is the limit that’s where
you should be that’s what you’re grossing. Great a great kitchen set up so again your nice stainless steel sink, two burner stove.
This has similar to our Crickets Truma Combi hot water hot air. We have more
places we’re gonna use milk cartons one of the cool things that we’ve also done. Somewhere around here is use these milk crates for places to sit. So nice little
seat here kind of hang out, have some friends with you. we’re just very very innovative with our space very very efficient with our design. a sixty quart Dometic freezer and fridge is part of it and then the back is kind
of your sitting, sleeping area for adults. A cool place to hang out would be completely across from some somebody and lay way down for the night. Curtains in
the front to give you some privacy curtains in the back to give you a little bit more
of a dark room feel, especially with our translucent panel out there. It is remarkably spacious in here, it might not come through the camera but it is very spacious Super! It’s so we’re also really clever with how many windows we put in just to
give it a lot more of the breathability and the airflow right so you can
feel like you almost still be outside while you’re inside. Thanks for watching
and walking through the products with us my name is Antonio from Taxa
Outdoors you have any questions look us up online on our website or send us an email at [email protected] Thanks all.

8 Replies to “Taxa Outdoors Mantis Trailer

  1. I was hoping to see crickets but brother… This is just a box. what happened to the fender/decks? I'd expect the rear to swing up/out like an insects wings – giving access to a bag that can hold quad, bikes, kayaks, & etc. The front/side door should slide open. Or have the front third slide forward exposing soft door/window or something. Would have been nice to see the top flip open to support a queen size tent. Did the team that design the cricket get fired?

  2. really milk crates ?? bulky and heavy with only 15" wheels and it needs to be full off road for that price. 20 gallon water tank is tiny for the size of that thing.

  3. Eventually someone will build a model that’s essentially a vanagon without an engine. Almost there, but too big.

  4. If this could sleep 5 I'd be at my nearest dealer tomorrow. Maybe have an option for no bathroom and/or kitchen to fit more beds.

  5. You should get someone who has more familiarity with the product. Fumbling around with the storage door and attempting to climb on the roof when there is obviously not a foothold is bad for business. Oh and it’s waaaaaaay overpriced.

  6. The worst presentation I’ve EVER watched!! This guy is terrible. Did he just learn the product 2 min earlier?? I would pull this video ASAP if it was my company!!!

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