TAIGENT, Next-generation travel Agent!

Travelers usually spend hours and days on travel arrangements searching countless travel websites apps Making comparisons and trying to find the best possible options TAIGENT is born to solve this typical travel problem using an AI technology to assist travelers in all travel arrangements Search, find Compare and offer them hyper personalized options and make the arrangements The only thing you need is to tell your TAIGENT about your travel needs to book a flight find accommodation or rent-a-car The TAIGENT will take care of the search and present you with the best possible options to compare And find hidden gems that you could miss out while traditional travel planning By saving the personal details and payment methods in TAIGENT will do automatic check-ins for your flights select the favorite seat Inform about possible changes or cancellations as well TAIGENT will help you save time money and assist in every moment of your travel TAIGENT Next-generation travel agent

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