Summer in Spain: a dream adventure (travel video)

I once met someone on a beach
in Spain. Will you take a picture of me? I’m from LA, where are you from? Close by Have you been to Madrid? Come with me… So tell me about your life back home. I work in marketing. I asked about your life, not your job! Barcelona is my favorite city in the world! Spend a whole lifetime in Barcelona, and it
may not be enough. There’s a festival in Pamplona… it’s magical! Tomorrow we’ll run with the bulls. Are you crazy? You could die! Everyone dies eventually, but only some people
really live. There’s an island… called “Ibiza.” What’s next for us? Let’s just live in the moment, there will
never be another today. Do you have to go home? Do you have to stay here? Will I ever see you again? Stay here with me instead. It’s not realistic, it’s a dream. What’s so long with living in a dream?

18 Replies to “Summer in Spain: a dream adventure (travel video)

  1. What a great job Evan, I'm interesting about the lenses as you've noticed in the description. Which ones do you use? they are perfect with the A6500. Also I guess you work on Adobe Premiere or Final Cut? You did an awesome job, really, with the script, the angle, the shots, the light, the color treatment… You've got a new subscriber from Bordeaux, France 😉 (I'm not a videomaker but I love the beauty in the detail of your work) Jean-Christophe (Like John-Christopher in translation), cheers

  2. This feels like Lost In Translation. I was hoping Bill Murray would do a cameo. I really enjoyed this, and I'll be there in a couple of weeks, so it was just that much better.

  3. I am from Navarra and I really like San Fermin. But one of the things that I hate about Spain are the the bullfights (corridas). It makes me sad to know that people come to Spain to see this. Anyway, I really liked the video. (Sorry for my english) ❤️

  4. This so nice Evan. I just started following you after I purchased my Zhiyun Smooth 4 to use with my Galaxy S10. I use a wheelchair for mobility and your review on the Smooth 4 has inspired me to do more.

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