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I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what’s going on. I wasn’t touching it. I was getting close to it. I was feeding the energy of
the crystal into my body. OK? Namaste. We’re headed to Luray
Caverns, the largest caverns in the entire United States. They also boast the
most cavern formations possibly of any caverns
on the entire planet. And– this is the big one– it is the home of
the Great Stalagpipe Organ, the largest musical
instrument in the world. And we’re lucky enough
that they’re giving us a behind the scenes tour. We’re going up
to Campbell’s Hall. All my childhood
dreams are coming true. This really feels like I’m
in the movie “Goonies.” [laughter] Yeah. I can see that. Wow. Larry, I feel like I’m in
the bowels of the bat cave. This is a funky place. And this is where
all the controls are for the Great Stalagpipe Organ. This is our automatic system. And the way it works is this
sheet of plastic is our song. Oh, it’s kind of like one
of those automatic pianos. Like a player piano, exactly. So this is the next step. This is the control board. This is where everything
comes together from the console,
the automatic system, and where the power goes
out from those boxes. These, I can control how
hard the solenoids hit. Oh, really? You just crank them
up a little bit? Turn it to 11? No. Not 11. But up or down a little bit. Fair enough. Starts there. Goes here to the circuit boards. And then this is actually
where the mallets are hitting the rock.
– Right. Goes here.
Signal goes here. Signal is amplified. So when you’re at
the console you’re actually inside the organ. OK. So we’re inside. We’re inside the
organ right now. I’d love to go meet Charles
and actually watch him play. All right. Let’s go find Charles. Let’s do it. So we’re almost in
the cathedral room. Nice. Wow. This is incredible. You can see the acoustics
are perfect in here. There it is. It’s like a long lost treasure. I’ve seen it on the internet
and there it is in real life. That was a smooth butt slide. So, Charles, this
is it, the world’s largest musical instrument. This is the Great
Stalagpipe Organ. I love it. I just went into the
bowels of the organ to figure out how it all works. And it fascinates me. And all you do is play
it like a regular piano? Yep.
Just like a normal piano. You would touch a note,
which will play a solenoid. And that’s how the organ works. Wow. So the music’s
coming out of here. It’s coming from
the entire cavern. Exactly. When I touch it,
one of the notes, it goes throughout
the caverns to one specific formation which
actually amplifies right back here to the cathedral. I’ve been in a
lot of churches, but it doesn’t sound like this. It’s totally different. It’s a unique sound completely. So there’s a song from one
of my favorite childhood movies that I’d love to give a try.
– OK. Let’s hear it.
– OK. You’re probably going
to recognize it. Ready? Here it goes like this. Da-da-da. You know this one? [humming “heart and soul”] BOTH: [humming “heart and soul”] OK. I don’t want to disgrace this
beautiful instrument right now. It’s not every day you
get to go hundreds of feet under the ground and see this
type of beauty all around. And this was formed
over millions of years. It’s kind of hard to fathom. And the beauty is– it’s mind-blowing. And it just makes you
appreciate what we have around this beautiful planet. Hey, there. If you are enjoying
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