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Smoking and consumption
of alcohol is injurious to health. Smoking and consumption
of alcohol causes cancer. What brings you here, madam?
You want knife? Knife for chopping
vegetables or meat or hands? Should die with one stroke. Take. Knife is sharp. Need to sharpen it little more. Yes, sharpen it well. (Door creaks) (Moaning) (Groans) Oh God! Oh God! (Groans) Come, come. Come, come.
– Greetings, sir. Greetings! Greetings! How are you all? We’re fine.
– Hope the farming work is going well. Madhu, did you send paddy to the mill?
Everyone sit. Let’s sit and talk. Yes, junior leader? Did you discuss and come to a decision? We want your younger
brother Shekar to contest? Enough! People are already talking by saying
he has inherited property and… …became a political successor
to a family… …that has no male members.
Is this not enough? Should the entire village talk bad by
saying he got his own brother to contest… …by rejecting a candidate
from different case? No, brother. You loved the daughter of the leader
and married her without getting scolded. You made him a patient
who is lying in hospital now. Now you’ve become a leader,
you’re very intelligent. Brother, sunrays will enter
the house which has open roof… …also rain will enter
if there is any leakage… …but do we change the house for that. Brother Shekar is the contestant. What can I do when you are forcing? Did you decide with
whom we should align? Whoever our caste people
vote for will only win. They’ll come to vote after
we distribute them money. Okay, so all of you wish… …my brother to contest. Not even a single vote
should go against him. We need to stay united for it. Our caste people shouldn’t
face any problem. We should save them
by sacrificing our life. Mr. Krishna, this is enough for us. We will trust.
– (Laughs) (Temple bell rings) Greetings, sir.
– How are you? Greetings, brother Satyam.
Seeing you after many days. Cigarette…Ramprasad!
– Brother? Bring cigarette packet. I’ll bring it, brother. Brother Satyam!
– Tell me, brother. What happened to Raju’s case? We have made an appeal, brother. First meet him and bail… (Gasps) Hey! (Laughs) Hey! (Laughs) How are you? How are you? I’m fine. Hey, I’m going. Bye.
– Bye. (Laughs) Rangayya’s daughter is very hot. Brother, did you like her?
If yes then we’ll confirm the alliance. Stop it. Does she belong to our caste? Brother, you are the leader of our caste.
You shouldn’t commit mistake. What mistake?
Doesn’t this happen anywhere? Our Ramprasad suits her. He lived on your alms, brother. We’ll tell her to get married. She’s his wife in the society. And mistress to you. What are you saying?
– Brother, it is water if it is in tank. If it is in oblong water
pot then it is holy water. It is ash inside the hearth.
It is called holy ash if a priest holds it. (Laughs) Everything is fine. Will he agree?
– Yes. Is he loyal? He’s brother footwear. I don’t believe. Can someone kill you?
– What? Will someone kill me?
What are you talking, brother? Brother, cigarette. Ramprasad.
– Brother? Kill Satti.
– Okay, brother. Hey, Ramprasad! Leave! Leave! Did you see what he is like? I saw, I saw.
– You said you don’t believe. I believe it now.
– Keep the knife inside. Okay. Brother, there is a small problem in it.
– What? There’s a talk in the village
that she loves a boy from other caste. (Laughs) So it is good for us. Tell Rangayya to come to the courtyard.
– Okay, brother. Look, I like you. But don’t chase me like this. Come to my father and talk.
– Yes, your father has agreed. What if she agrees?
Shouldn’t we talk about other things? I’ll listen to whatever my father says. Okay?
– Go! Anyway, you’ll marry me. (Spluttering) My daughter liked him. He’s a good boy. Who cares for caste nowadays? You may not care, but government cares. Caste is important in elections. Reservations are based on caste. No, sir…my daughter likes him… Look, don’t know whether
government will give land or not… …but brother has given place to you
and your daughter in his heart. What are you saying? Brother, you’re the secretary
of our caste association. Rangayya, if your daughter
is married to a boy from other caste… …then everyone will commit
mistake by making it an excuse. And then our caste will lose respect. That’s why I’m telling you to get your
daughter married to a boy from our caste. Whom should I get her married to? With Ramprasad who
is my obedient follower. With him? He might be your brother. He works as a labour. Don’t worry about it, Rangayya. I’ll give him good work after marriage. I’ll do whatever you
and your family wants. Okay, sir. I’m agreeing for your sake. I’ll do as you say, that’s it. Convince your daughter for marriage. Don’t think I’m talking
under the influence of alcohol. I swear. My daughter will uphold the
respect of our caste, believe it. (Laughs) Our caste shouldn’t get a bad name… …I had promised them with
the belief that you’ll obey me. My life and death is in your hands. Should I live or die? You only tell me. (Horn blares) Well, there are many
buses for Tirupati, right? Why are you travelling by lorry? Bus will not stop wherever we want. Oh! There’s a reason behind everything. By the way, may I drink? Drink? I’ll give one peg for you too. Okay, then go ahead. Brother…
one peg is not enough for me. I need a quarter. Okay, brother. You have a glass? Check there, entire setup is there. There’s lemon pickle behind. Take it. It is superb. Brother, it’s been
three days since I drank. Okay, brother. Have a drink. Have. What is it with you? I’m driving. I need to be in control.
– Drink, drink. (Horn blares) Well, since how many years
are you driving in this route? Six years. Why are you asking? There’s a reason for it. Why do you always say there
is a reason for everything? You’ll see it. Well, do you see the torch lights there? Yes.
– Slowdown the vehicle there. Oh! Okay.
Do you belong to this category? You asked for reason, right? This is the reason. That’s why I travel by lorry on highways.
– I got it. See there. She’s giving signal by
throwing light on the face. Did you see she is showing two fingers?
Are you okay with 200? Okay. You first stop the vehicle. Why is she showing two fingers? Well, will you not get down?
– Brother, are you teaching me the rules? This place is my regular halt. First one doesn’t suit me,
you see the third one standing there… …she is my choice. She looks very dim. Figure is hot, let me see the matter. Shall we go?
– Well, I think I had seen you before. You came for pleasure. Don’t crack stupid jokes, come. She’s telling the rules properly.
Okay, come. “O moon…” “This moon…” Stop! You see the moon daily, right? What else? It doesn’t melt despite
watching many times. Well, what’s your name? Puri.
– Puri? Puri Jagannath or Puri Shankar?
– Making fun? Puri Nagaraj.
– Puri Nagaraj? Let me see how you’ll bite. Is the deal set? Hey, why are you sleeping immediately?
Shouldn’t I get mood? You want me to arouse you
for the 200 rupees you give? If you want your desires
to fulfill then take your wife… …to Ooty to Kodaikanal. Not getting mood? I’m getting late. Shouldn’t I find another party?
– Why is she in a hurry? Will she send me away quickly?
– Hey, stop. Hey, you only said… …how the snake would bite, right?
– So what? Why are you in haste?
Wear this for safety. What is this?
Why are you giving only one? Give double, mine is steel body. What are you thinking? Wear it. Okay, turn your face. Did she buy the condom
in government hospital? Wear it properly. Will you put it? Don’t tell me. Your nails are hurting. (Groans) Hug me tight.
– You need to give 500 rupees. I’ll give if you co-operate. Fill a glass for me, sister. Take it. Sister, one glass for me.
– Sister. Sister, one glass for me.
– Sister, it is paining, give one glass. Sister, one glass for me. Sister… (Groans) It is paining. He pressed my hand hard.
– Sister, one glass for me. Give one more glass.
Bombay red-light is better than this. Rascal has torn my jacket. He got excited and
pushed me to the wall. It’s paining badly.
– God! What are these troubles? Karna! Did you see how she’s drinking?
– What’s the issue there? He bit me instead of doing his work. “Baby, let me love you…” Why are you singing? Feeling sleepy? I’m not singing so that I get sleep. I’m singing so that
you don’t fall asleep. Why are you coming to me when
there are so many people around? It is…don’t know the magic,
I feel like this when I see you. I think you’re ready for it. Everything is for you. (Laughs) Okay, this is not
the time to tell stories. Yes, yes. This is the time for making love, right? Come, let’s have fun together. Kavita. 100 out of 100 in Telugu.
100 out of 100 in English. – (Applause) 100 out of 100 in Math.
– (Applause) 100 out of 100 in Science. 100 out of 100 in Social. 500 out of 500! Very good! Kavita, you’ll become a great person. Give 200 rupees more. I’m co-operating with you, right? Hey, everything is okay. Give 500 in total. (Crying) (Coughs) How is your health, father?
– (Coughs) I’m fine. Mother! Mother…
– Yes, coming! Hold it, I brought all the belongings. Use them carefully.
– Okay, dear. Mother, today’s collection is good. Oh! What is this? Why are there scars on your back? Why do you ask newly? It is okay if customers
behave like humans? They’re behaving like animals. Oh God!
– (Groans) Mother, apply some medicine. Okay, dear.
– Take this money… …and take father to
hospital and buy medicines. Okay. Okay, dear.
I’ll take him right now. (Crying) Look, I cannot say anything
in my son-in-law’s matter. He shouts like a mad man. Got it? Go carefully, call me after reaching. Okay, leave.
– Yes, sir. Dharmalingam…
– Yes. I’ll go to Nellore from
Sullurupeta with the load… …that will be correct.
– Tell my nephew instead of me. Go. Should I tell him too? Okay, come. Did you prepare
the bills for the three loads? Yes, sir. I’m doing it.
– Do it fast. Did you start your signature business? What is this? Always eating parcel food! Will you not leave this parcel food? Dharmalingam,
get your nephew married soon. He’s still eating hotel food. Bhanu, in Nellore… …there’s a beautiful and educated girl.
Will you marry? Okay, okay, leave it if you don’t like. Or…
love someone and get married. He’s growing old too.
– Look Pandu… You eat at roadside hotels… …but my nephew… …eats only if he likes
despite being hungry. I’m asking why. Brother, one should eat
what they like at this age. Who? Him?
– Not that… He eats only when you give him. Bhanu, I’ve cooked fishy curry. Will you come home at night? Will you leave after
finishing your work? I’m calling him for work only. Parvati, he doesn’t eat fresh items. Will he eat the food
eaten by your husband? Go, go. Don’t make me angry for no reason. Loading is finished, right? Now leave. Bhanu, like how the vehicle
is carrying load correctly… …you’re not getting loading at all. Okay, brother.
I’ll leave after finishing the loading. Bhanu, I’m going to Kashi’s shop. I’m not entering into some lane,
that’s why I’m informing you. Pandu, I too have work there. I’ll also come with you,
I’ve some work in bank. – Bhanu. Your uncle is saying he’ll buy
a lorry by taking bank loan. What do you say? It is very difficult to do transport
business in current situation. Whatever you do, think and do. You always tell me something like this.
– Hey! What happened?
– Pandu! I think it’s a puncture. Tyre is punctured. I said the same. I need to go urgently now. What to do? I’m getting late, I need to go urgently. Hey, do you have money for repair? Go by pushing the bike,
you’ll at least lose weight. Hey! Hey! You’re going by not
giving money for repair. Wait, I’ll buy my own lorry
and then see you. Get in fast, we’re getting late. Okay, sister, coming.
– We’re getting late. Right! Right! Today I got to sit. Ticket! Ticket!
– Yes, otherwise men only sit all the time. Take the ticket. One ticket for Padugupadu,
I’ll give change. Keep the ticket carefully.
– Okay, sister. Ticket! Ticket!
– Gandhinagar. Take it, you only keep it.
– Give change, madam. Take ticket. Rascal! You come in front. Oh my God! I’m unable to bear his torture. (Horn blares) I’m getting down in the next stop. Touch me as much as you want
before that. Not bad! She gave a befitting reply. Hello! You handled him decently. I liked you a lot. Hey, Manjula!
– Yes, sister? How is the torchlight business? Why do you ask about it? What can I do when customers
are asking for credit? That’s why I came to meet you. You’re very hot even at this age. Minor! this business
attracts customers… …only if the headlight looks beautiful. You too are attracted the same way. Yes, I came as a minor and remained
like a bull after losing everything. Sister!
– Yes? What is it, Babu?
– Two girls have come to Shyam. Should I go and bring them? Hey, everyone looks like a patient. Govind has got two good girls,
go and bring them. Sister, I might die by the time
I bring from him. – Take it, sister. Why are you rubbing like that? Sister, shall I send Roja to Rajbabu? She came in the morning,
she must be tired. Take Narmada.
– Okay, sister. Narmada is far from the house.
– Far? Narmada!
– Yes. It’s been only 22 days. Are you lying with me? Not only about you… …I know about everyone here. (Horn blares) Hey…
– Sister? Vehicle has arrived, send her to
a different party. – Okay, sister. Tell sister and go. Give lots of fun. Bring a good name to KPR, okay? Only then customers will come searching. A girl sleeping with her husband… …and a customer is different. I think you understood. She’s giving good advice. One can fool the husband… …but will the customer
keep quiet if you fool him. Go and look after the customer.
– Sister! Sister! Sister… Both said half an hour… …after going there
it was three people… …they gave 1000 rupees
after using completely. Hey Minor!
What kind of customers have you brought? You have number, right? Call them first. Hello!
– Give it. Hey, will you give only 1000 rupees? For the remaining money,
your mother, sister, aunt… Pay the money. Go and bring the remaining amount. She’s more dangerous than them. Godavari!
– Yes? Give her money and send her away. People will come searching
for us only if we are honest. Go.
– Okay, sister. – Come. Did you daughter go to school?
– Yes, sister. Yes, she went.
– Oh, you asked money for bus, right? I forgot it. Change…
– (Horn blares) Take it.
– Bye. Send ten boxes to Bangalore. Send another 10 to Kerala.
– Okay, sir. Okay, okay.
– Bill the amount in our company’s name. Okay.
– Inform me after making the bill. Okay?
– Okay. Hey, turn it. Keep it like that. What?
– That’s it? Means? Boy has fallen. How can you say? Wait, give me a bulb.
– What? Hey, give a bulb. You don’t understand when I tell you. Quick! Quick! See the power! Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I tell you, brother? The boy has definitely fallen in love. How can you say with this?
– Bulb has turned on without power. Bhanu, I have seen many girls. Show the girl whom you have seen. I’ll tell you later whether
she will fall for you or not. Well, where is she from? Nephew…
Show the girl to Pandu. He’ll work it out. Uncle, she comes to Satram bus stop… …next to Gandhi road
at exactly 11 o’clock. Oh! Now I understood. By saying that you
are going to bank daily… …you are chasing her. (Laughs) See how shy my nephew is. Brother, you wait. Hey, come with me.
I’ll set her up for you. Hey!
– What? Set her up only for him… You think for myself? No! No! It’s not glowing,
I think fuse is damaged. I know it. Satyam, how is it going?
– Got discharge? The work is finished, brother.
– Yes. – Take care after going home. Come, come.
– Come for checkup regularly. Where did you go?
Keep this number. I’m going.
– Call me whenever you need something. Why are you still talking? Come fast. I’m talking about the bandage on hand. You go, I’ll come.
– By talking to useless people like this… …you got your hand bandaged. Will you have bandage in other hand too? You go, I’ll come.
– You’ll not change in this life. Well, did you like her very much? Moreover you said she’s from our area. Wait, let the girl be from any area,
I’ll set her up for you. How much for this?
– 5 rupees. 5 rupees? This one?
– 10 rupees. 10 rupees? Hey… Where is the vehicle?
– Murthy has taken it. Whom did he ask and take? Brother, he went long back,
he might be coming. Tell him to come fast.
– Okay, brother. Did you pay the bill?
– Yes. Pandu! She’s the girl I told you about.
– Hey! She’s catching the green bus. Tell correctly, which bus?
– She entered it. RVS.
– Vehicle has arrived, come brother. No!
– That bus? Yes, that bus? See properly. Which girl are you talking about?
– She’s watching from inside. I can’t see her.
– She’s leaving. Glass is not clear, I can’t see.
– You’re blabbering nonsense. Pandu, did you see the girl? Yes, I saw her from behind. Body is superb!
– What rubbish are you talking? I’m talking about bus body. Okay, leave it. We’re not lucky. Let’s try some other day. Sit. Sit, we’ll leave. You’ve talked so much about her
but you couldn’t show her. She showed me after she entered the bus.
Okay, let’s go. (Camera clicks) (Police siren wails) Minor! First set this door. (Police siren wails) Minor, why has the police
jeep arrived at our house? Maybe our house has become famous. (Camera clicks) Why has the lady police come?
– Superb! Greetings to all! Click good photos. Raid by police officers,
prostitutes are arrested. Put front page headline. All of you are educated. I’ll tell the justice I know. Beat her if I’m wrong. If it is correct then
do whatever you want. Tell me, what will
these innocent women do? What’s the need to keep
a mistress if the wife is good? Why will a man eat in hotel
if the food cooked at home is tasty? Some people are coming as they
are bored of eating the same food. Some are coming as they
don’t have anybody to serve food. If giving food to satisfy
the hunger is called service… …then to satiate the physical
pleasure is also called service. Unable to suppress the desires
is the reason for everything. Hey, what will happen
if an elephant cannot control its feelings? It’ll go wild. What about dog?
– It’ll go mad. Cow?
– It’ll not eat the fodder. If animals behave like that
then what about humans? They’ll go mad. That’s why the crimes against
women and rapes have increased. Crimes have decreased
to some extent because of them. What will happen without them?
– Country will get destroyed. If you stop this and take them elsewhere
then the same will happen over there too. What did our forefathers say?
We should eat when we are hungry. They said this pleasure
is ultimate from all pleasures. Prostitution is rampant in China. 53 thousand crores worth business. But in India,
it is only 13 thousand crores. China is at first place,
America is at 5th place. But India is at 8th place. That too because of us. Because of the service we offer. Whatever be the position, we don’t care. Our culture is better
than foreign culture. If a woman marries a man
then she’ll stay with him only. If she doesn’t like him then
she divorces him and marries ten people. But in our India,
after marrying one man… …some men keep 9 mistresses. Now tell me.
On whom the responsibility of this? If rich women commit mistakes… …it is a prostitution
done with arrogance. But what they do is
for earning a single meal. Nobody will offer help if they ask. If they were to receive any help
then they need to sleep around. I said what I knew. Beat with it if it is wrong. Even though it is wrong according
to the law, at least show some humanity. I’m waiting so that I don’t need
to make senior officials call you. It’s okay, leave now.
Do you want to see it? Do you know what will be
your condition if they call you? They’ll transfer you to
some place that has no water. Is it okay? Leave! Leave! Okay. Hey, go. Go and do your work. Go. I can’t do, give whatever you can. I’ll leave.
– Oh God! Don’t act in haste, Rani.
What happened to you? No, brother. Leave it. You called me as he wanted some fun. I came by telling lies at home. Look, I’ll get you more money
if you want, make adjustment. I’m also observing. He’s telling
me walk, talk and laugh like Neela. That’s fine. He’s saying that I don’t
smell like Neela after he hugged me. Am I any less than her?
– Rani, don’t you know about her? Some people like body,
some people like face, he likes Neela. Your wife sleeps with you by thinking
as a film actor. I’m not like that. Why is she talking more?
– Brother, I’m coming. She’s become a headache.
Why did you call me, brother? Is she saying she will not adjust? Did you tell her Neela story? Rani is angry because she says what
is it which Neela has and she doesn’t. Anyway, both are from same profession. There lies the point. They have become experts
in this profession. But my Neela is indeed moonlight. I get high whenever I take her name. Okay, where is she now? Brother, leave about her now.
– Tell me where she is. Brother, leave it I said. Tell me where she is. Okay, I’ll tell. I can’t see her anywhere. Did you change the route? Pandu, she comes here
and catches the bus. Wait for some time.
– Okay, you do something. What?
– I’ll go and have a tea and also smoke. Call me after she comes. Pandu, time for her to come,
she’ll be coming. You wait, I’ll be back soon. Brother, how much for one kg oranges?
– 100 rupees. Hey Neela. I’m seeing you
after many days. How are you? How are you?
– No change. Okay, keep it.
– Fine. He is talking to her. So my love is a success. Why is standing like a pole?
Didn’t she come? Hey, did she come or not? I have finished a meeting. The girl with whom you talked just now,
I love her. Which girl? The girl with whom I talked?
– Yes. Hey, she won’t suit you,
let’s go, come. What are you saying, Pandu? Hey, I didn’t like her, come, let’s go. Didn’t like?
Why Pandu? She’s good, right? Hey, leave it.
Come, let’s find another girl. I’m telling you,
we don’t want that girl. Come. Pandu! Why is he telling like that? Bhanu, why are you taking tension? Look, Pandu must be her relative. Or maybe she loves some other boy. Maybe Pandu wanted to get her. Look, you don’t think of anything. I’ll come with you
tomorrow and talk to her. No need! Nellore and Guntur
load are ready, go and check it. Look, Muthu. Sir?
– Tomorrow instead of interest amount… Sir, I can’t speak, give alms. Sir, I’m deaf,
go and find another house. Hey, go away! “He’s beating me when I’m asking for alms.”
– Get lost! Did you see the beggar’s attitude? Pandu!
– Yes, brother? What is happening there? Is he ready?
– Counting the load. Counting or correcting? I shouldn’t stay here, right?
– Yes, you are right, leave. He’ll not spare any girl. Bhanu, my lorry is loaded,
give the original bill. Only then the Kadapa Reddy
will pay money. I gave it to uncle, go and collect.
– Why are you so angry? Dharmalingam, why is she so angry? You’re the reason for it.
– Me? You gave him tension for no reason.
– What tension did I give? Hey, you roan around various
place without getting married. But Bhanu is not like that. He loves her a lot. Unite them if you can. Have you decided to get him married? You will not understand if I tell you. Bhanu, come with me right away.
– Where? You want that girl, right? Yes.
– So come with me. We’ll meet her and talk to her. No, Pandu. No fun.
– Why? I’m not making fun,
I’m being serious. Bhanu, he’s asking you to come, go. You go and meet.
Only then your problem will be solved. Look, brother has told you.
– Uncle, it’ll get dark if I go now. We can go in the morning and meet. Hey, forget day and night
once you have decided to meet. Oh! Both uncle and nephew
are talking without understanding. We can see that girl only at night. Doesn’t matter when we see her,
we need to go and see. Go. Go. Go and sit in the vehicle.
– Go. Pandu, it is a girl’s matter.
Will it work out when we go at night? Work will be done.
Pandu, by the way, what’s her name? Neela. – Is this the reason
why you are taking me at night? Pandu, you know Neela very well? Hey!
– Don’t get angry. Pandu, next…
– What? What does her father do?
Does she have siblings? Will they agree to
get her married to me? Do they ask for caste and religion? Pandu, I’m asking you.
You only said you’ll take me to her. Why are you feeling tensed?
– Okay, I’m telling without feeling tensed. Did you see people buying ticket
at bus stand for a train journey? Pandu, I didn’t understand.
– You’ll understand it slowly. Why are they showing torchlight there? Our headlight is weak, they’re helping. Pandu, she looks like her…
– Why do you say she looks like her… …it is indeed her. Pandu, why is she showing torch
on her face? It is her profession.
– Profession? Why is she showing three fingers?
– That’s her rate. Hey, get down.
You’ll see your true love. Did you see where the
girl you love is standing? Rate is not high, just 300. You asked for caste, right?
They don’t mind about caste. Any caste will do. Why are you shocked?
She’s a highway item. Come. Let’s decide your love today. Neela, take him away. Brother, should I take her for
a quickie before you decide? Go away! Get lost from here!
– What happened to him? He’s spoiling it.
– Neela, he’s new to it. He says he loves you. Take him and send after
settling the matter. Go. Take him away. Come, let’s go. Bhanu, first give money. She’ll set him. Who should I have fun with? Where is the Kakinada girl? Manjula! Okay. Thanks, brother. Sit. Shall I open the jacket?
Or will you open it? Some customers like to
remove the jacket by themselves. What about you? No.
– What? No? No! Don’t you like me? You came by desiring for me, right? Don’t want this… Take it.
– It’s okay. You only keep it. I took money for sleeping with you,
not for doing nothing. Why did you enter this profession? Why did you enter this profession? This is the same question
asked by everyone who comes here. You’re not asking first. Asking me questions
without knowing why he came. (Laughs) Pandu, it is right for you to say no. (Laughs) Hey, pour some. Pour! You didn’t talk
under the influence of alcohol. You talked deliberately, right?
That’s why I keep you away. Bhanu, you went to Neela? How is she? She’s superb, right? Why is he watching like that?
I think nothing has happened. Nephew, that girl doesn’t suit you. You forget her. Bhanu, sometimes we go wrong. Shall I give a medicine to forget her? Go to her without talking… …sleep with her
and finish the matter. You will forget love
and you will become good. Hey!
– I’m not a lustful guy like you. Heart is important to me. How will you understand that? Shame on you! Hey nephew! Nephew! Give the cigarette! Why are you sitting and watching
when he left after beating you? Need to beat you with footwear!
Rascal! He should have beaten you. Don’t apply more on eyes, it will burn.
– Keep away from eyes. What to do? This is for free
but it causes pain. Shall we go for movie?
– Sister Dhanu, give one bag. I’ve to go to market. My bag has become old, who is asking? Sister, are you joking? Why are you getting ready during day? Getting ready during day time?
– Yes. Customer wants red lips,
then only he’ll get mood. That’s why they give ten rupees extra. Can we afford to buy
lipstick with our earnings? That’s why I’m rubbing the colour
from cigarette cover onto my lips. Everyone is present here,
let me take commission from everyone. Hey Dhanu, your party is ready, come. Yes, Bharani. I’m coming. Look, I want fifty percent
of the money you get. Did you understand?
He is having me for fun. I’m taking money.
Why should I give you half the money? Ask him like that, sister? From selling hens
to doing prostitution… …everything needs broker. If I don’t get what I want
then I’ll stop this profession. What will you do?
– What will I do? I’ll spread a rumour saying you
all have aids… – (Gasps) …and finish your business. (Groans) Will you talk bad of us
by taking our money? Forget money, leave me! I’m not fit for anything now. You’re saved!
– God! Save me! – (Laughs) Why isn’t any vehicle standing here? You go.
– Him? (Horn blares) You come. Me? Don’t want her? No, not her. Why is he calling me? You always come here. How come you are showing
interest on me today? Why are you looking around? Talk something. They bite with looks. You came so far and sitting silently. It is not that, I’m a vegetarian. (Chuckles) We get milk only after milking the cow.
Everything is vegetarian. Even a lonely person will
turn into animal if he stays alone. Take it. No, you only keep it. I don’t take money without sleeping.
– Why did she enter this profession? Which girl?
– The girl who was standing next to you. Who? Neela?
– Yes. Oh! You came here to know about her? Yes.
– I got it. Well, are you working for newspaper? Red-light at highway…wrong, wrong! You want to earn money by keeping
the headline as ‘Torchlight’? No, I’m not a news reporter. Why are you they talking without
doing the work? – What is it then? Yes, brother?
– Kavita, is it over? Not started yet. Why?
– This man wants to know… …why Neela entered this profession. Insanity!
– (Laughs) New SI has come to the station. He is searching for you. He’ll not search for you
if you go and pay the fine. Otherwise he’ll throw you
in lockup and play with the baton. First go and pay the fine. Go, go. I think my day is bad.
– Without knowing why he came… …he is listening to the
story like a new movie producer. Look at him. (Laughs) You are coming since two days
and not doing anything. Moreover, did you ask
Kavita about Neela’s sad story? Do you love her? Tell me without feeling shy. Do you love her? Tell me. (Laughs) Love? It’s like going to liquor
shop for getting God’s offering. Well, what are you
going to do by loving her? He’s asking you.
What will you do by loving her? Marriage, right? After marriage? Speak up! That’s it, right? Hey, she says she’s coming for 200. What else?
Why do you take the long route? Pay money and sleep silently!
You seem to be a fool. Look, the boy has become angry. Go, go. Is it paining? He has scratched badly. Mad dog!
– Mad? Such people should be shot!
– You’re wonderful. Some men scratch like this. Neela, why is your man standing here? Let him be, we don’t care. I’m applying medicine. Isn’t it painful? This pain is not more
than the pain inside the heart. Do such people live happily? They are coming to
us because they are happy. Don’t scold them unnecessarily.
– Sister Neela. Give cigarette packets and kohl. Here. Kavita, what did you write in the book? Poems?
– Give it. ‘He’s hungry for lust,
I’m hungry for food.’ ‘Hunger met hunger
and served each other.’ You wrote nicely.
– Ladyfingers, brinjals… Also shout saying Manjula,
Kavita, Neela… We too are commodities on sale. (Laughs) Neela…I think he will not leave
without listening to your story. Go and talk to him. I’ll go. Give my note.
– I’m also coming. I’ve kept water and tablets inside.
Take them. What’s your problem? Look, my story is not a good one. I don’t even want to tell you about it. Why are you running behind me? Leave.
– I really love you. Forget whether we will meet or not.
– What is it with you? You want to know my story. Right? Listen, I’ll tell you. Like all girls… …I too was very happy. One person loved me. My father found caste
to be important but… …not my love. I’ve sacrificed my love for
the sake of my father’s happiness. He died after performing my marriage. When we don’t get what we desire for then
we should feel satisfied with what get. I loved my husband. I thought he is my world thereafter. I’ve started my life happily. “I’m living for you.” “You’re living for me.” “I’m living for you,
you’re living for me.” “I’m living for you,
you’re living for me.” “Heart is for you, you’re my life…” “I’ll stay with you,
I’ll be your shadow…” “You are my love song,
I stay in your arms.” “I forgot myself by
living in your dreams.” “This is enough, O dear…” “Let us fly together in our dreams…” “I’m living for you,
you’re living for me.” (Music) “All the memories between us
are no less than elixir.” “The looks we exchange
carry our love message.” “You are my rhythm and tune…” “Our life is filled
with the love of music.” “Heart is for you, you’re my life…” You’re my life! Be happy. Okay.
– Ramprasad! Greetings, brother. Brother, I’ve arranged for
a feast in the bungalow near fields. Come with Neela.
– Okay, brother, I’ll come. Don’t forget to bring Neela.
Did you get it? – Okay, brother. Start.
– Okay, brother. Go to the rice mill and collect money,
find how many bags are there. Take the bullet if you want. Go.
– Take it. Drink it. Take it, brother. Hey, why are you looking at your wife?
You drink daily, right? You could see Neela because
I had seen her first. Did she become more
important to you now? Have I become less important to you?
– Hey brother. Will you not listen to me? Brother, what are you saying?
I’ll drink poison too if you say. That’s like my brother. (Laughs) (Clears throat) Brother, I think Murthy
must have told you everything. He didn’t tell me anything, brother. Didn’t tell you?
I think he must have forgotten. Okay, what will you do if you are
Benami (namesake) to my property. I’ll look guard the property
with responsibility. What will you do
if I handover my family to you? I’ll take care of it as my life. Will I not take care of you
and your wife… …when you can take care of me
and my family so well? Brother, what do you want to say? Look brother, you’re my Benami
(namesake) in all my matters. I’m your namesake for your wife. What? What? Rascal! I work for you by standing with folded
hands. I’ll give my life if you ask. Do you want my wife
to fulfill your desire? I too want to sleep with your wife.
How is my wish? Will you send? Look, leave it here. Otherwise, I’ll kill you. You’re the president
of caste association. One can’t even spit on your face! Even a eunuch will get angry
if someone teases his wife. I can understand you are
a scoundrel just by seeing you. Come, let’s go.
It is sin to stand here. Come. Rascal! I’ll remove your skin! (Coughs) Why are you like that?
You didn’t go to work. No, Neela. Gopalakrishna’s words… …are hurting me. I couldn’t sleep all night. Why do you still remember
that rascal’s words? Go to work, everything will be fine. Neela, our Prabhakar
wants to lease his shop. If he gives us… …you’ll be the owner. It is enough if our
lives remain like this. Let’s be happy with
whatever we have with us. You’re wonderful!
You are talking philosophy. (Groans) What happened? (Groans) You don’t listen to me
when I tell you not to smoke. (Coughs) Nee…Neela! (Groans) What happened? What happened? Hey! What happened? What happened? Come and sit! Dear! Is it paining? What happened? Drink this water. Hey! Dear! Dear! Anybody there? Neela!
– Dear! What happened? Lift him! What happened?
– Take him to the hospital quickly. Go! Go fast!
– Be careful. Shift the patient to ICU.
– Okay, doctor. Monitor the progress continuously.
– Okay, doctor. Okay. Look, this is a severe attack. We need to perform Angiography.
Does he drink? BP and Sugar are high.
First deposit 20,000 rupees. I’ll tell what to do next. Get these tests done. Your husband’s condition is very
serious, need to operate immediately. Otherwise it is difficult
for your husband to survive. Give these tablets in every two hours. Need to perform the
operation compulsorily. One more thing.
Arrange the money needed for operation. It is difficult for your husband to
survive if operation is not performed. Where will you go
for such a huge amount? Admit your husband
in government hospital. They perform operation
without taking money. I’ve asked there too. Hundred patients are waiting
for undergoing heart operation. By the time they are operated… …and if something happens to my husband
in the meantime then what about me. Neela, don’t cry. (Laughs) (Chuckles) Sister, I need money urgently. Had you come last week then
I would give you. I don’t have now. I’m working hard since two months. Sister, everyone is saying no.
– Did you get money? What should I do? Only Gopalakrishna’s wife
has money in this village. She’ll give if you ask her.
Come, I’ll take you there. Okay, sister, let’s go.
– Come. Did you keep everything in the car?
– Yes, madam. You too sit in the car. Hey, why did you bring her here? Madam, her husband is unwell. He needs to undergo operation. I brought her by thinking
you would offer monetary help. Help her, madam.
– What? Should I give money? My husband met with accident and
is lying in hospital all because of her. See how she had come without any shame. Hey, if I see you again in this village
then I’ll bury you right there. Take her away. Driver, go fast.
She came here for money! Your husband’s condition
is very serious. Need to perform operation immediately. Otherwise it is difficult
for your husband to survive. (Groans) Milk! Sister! Milk! Sister, come fast. Oh God! (Groans) (Coughs) You’ve pawned your nuptial chain too. Finally it happened like this. Dear, I’ll mix horlicks in milk.
Will you drink? Dear! Where did he go? Dear! Dear! Dear! Hey! Oh God!
– (Coughs) Neela!
– What are you doing? Dear!
– No, Neela! You leave! My life is worthless. I deserve this! Neela, leave, don’t be here. I deserve to die.
– How will I live without you? First remove the noose around the neck. Otherwise I’ll also hang myself
to death here. Remove it! Remove! (Crying) Neela, you shouldn’t work hard for me. I’ll die.
– Don’t say like that. As long as I live I’ll not let you die. Neela… What will you do for money? Don’t worry, I’m there. I’m alive. What will you do? I’ll work as a labour. By working as a labour… …will you save him by earning 50-100? Tell me. Will you husband
survive till then? I was also in your situation that day. Need to save my parents. Need to educate my sister. I’m doing prostitution for it. I’m following my conscience. They’re happy today. I don’t feel any pain
by seeing their happiness. In ancient times,
women like Sati Savitri… …for saving her husband’s life… …had fought with Yama
and attained a boon… …and thereby achieved what she wanted. What will you do now, Neela? Look, Neela. I can wipe your tears. But if you want then you can stop them. Your husband should live. You only decide. You’re my heart and soul, dear. Mother’s blood is milk for her child. If you were to stay alive
then my body should become medicine. Let it be so. Have you decided? I’ll break your navel thread
with this dice. (Laughs)
– That’s the only one left with me. Hey! There you go! (Laughs) You play, Minor. (Indistinct chatter) You don’t have patience.
– Need to satisfy customer. Okay. Take her away. Maheshwari!
– Sister? What are you doing?
– Come on, play. Coming! Does everyone come
for physical pleasure? Everyone coming here
has a different reason. Situation is like this now. Rate won’t be high, you’re married. They’re giving many excuses
even after sending young girls. They’re crying to pay money. It has become difficult to do business. What can we do?
Can we close the business? (Sighs) This is family business. Kavita…
okay, you bring tomorrow. Go.
– Okay. KPR, our MLA is asking, right? Why don’t you send? Minor, customer
and item should be made to wait. Only then our business will gain
strength, let her wait for some time. Hey, why are you watching this game? Go and start your game,
they’re waiting. Three!
– Else I’ll go mad! Entire village is watching you! (Laughs) Everyone is feeling jealous
because I married you. (Laughs) All evil eyes should get blasted! (Laughs) My sweetheart! (Groans) (Laughs) Boss, fresh figure! You call everyone as fresh figure.
– I’ve sent many girls. You even married one of them. Brother, you’ll not leave if you see her.
– Will you bring her in half an hour? Half an hour?
Okay, we’ll definitely come. How much is he going to pay? 3,000. PF deduction is 300. 100 for driver.
100 for escaping the old customer. 200 for police on the way. 100 for watchman, 100 for you. What if I don’t get
500 for doing all this? Why should I do this
business if I don’t get it? Look, Minor! She entered into the business
for the first time by trusting us. Need to give at least 3000. Ask for 5000 by saying
she’ll stay all night. Boss…
– What? Want 2000 more? Okay, I’ll pay. Okay, boss. Okay, okay, we’ll send. She’s lucky, he has agreed.
– (Laughs) I’ll go and keep the car ready.
– Okay, go and be ready. Neela, come here. Come here, dear. Look, you are going for the first time. Need to be careful without
inviting any trouble. This business is bit tricky. You’ll learn about it gradually. Behave like a lover
if the person is unmarried. Behave like a mistress
if the person is married. Did you get me?
Even if the person likes his wife… …he will write a will on his property. But if a person likes
a woman like you… …he’ll sell everything
and give the same to you. That’s the magic of our business. Why is your face looking pale? Despite having innumerable problems inside,
we need to carry smile on our face. Godavari!
– Yes? Godavari! Coming, sister! Tell me, sister.
– Dress her up well and bring. Go, dear. Go.
– Come. Come, let’s go. Did you see how beautiful you look now? Come, let’s go.
Get up, be careful. My God! Where did you hide this beauty? What’s your name?
– Neela… Neela? We can never hold it with hands!
We don’t want it. Change it to Laxmi for our sake. Only then customers will throw money. Full of money! After all you’re Laxmi. Okay, go. Wait. You don’t need this for business. Women involved in this business
are called as ‘Forever Beautiful’. Though men change for us,
day remains the same. Forever Beautiful!
Every night is a wedding night! You may lose your makeup, but shouldn’t
lose your beauty. Remember one thing. Wherever you go, you should say you are
not married and this is your first time. Look KPR, you know even men are smart! Even married men say
it is their first time. – (Laughs) You leave.
Okay, dear, you go. (Groans) Oh! Neela? Come…come inside. Wow! You’re beautiful. You look like the beautiful moon. Lift your hands… if you remove
the buttons with these hands… Oh…by seeing you… …I’m going mad. (Sniffs) Seems to be in heaven. Give these medicines in every two hours. I’ve to go.
– He said you’ll stay whole night. I’ll be back in ten minutes. (Groans) (Coughs) Dear…get up… Take this tablet. Drink. (Coughs) Sleep…sleep. You have come as you said. It’s great fun to be
with other man’s wife. A person who likes neighbour’s
food will never like his home food. I’ve started listen to sister KPR. Later on, me and my husband started
living in the house given by KPR. We dreamt of living a happy life,
but things started changing. Get this medicine. Dear, I’ll be back soon. (Groans) Give money. Falling short by 200. Take it. Doctor said drips need be given. Let him stay here for one day,
we’ll take care. If you want then go home and come later. Don’t forget to bring
these medicines while coming. Going by the rates,
we cannot buy them at all. I’ll go to work. Tomorrow is the last day. Need to buy rice and
grocery items from the store. I’ll go, Neela. (Coughs) Kavita! I’ll also come. You need to buy groceries… …and I need to buy medicines. (Horn blares) Greetings, sir.
– Where’s the commission? Sir, girls came just now,
business has not started yet. Hey, not about today’s business. I’m asking about yesterday’s business. Sir, even a person who invests
money will not ask like this. What are you saying? You’re not a financier
and I’m not a moneylender. You’re asking them and I’m asking you. Don’t blabber, sir. Take money and leave. Should have done this before!
Useless fellows! Come rascals! Hold this torchlight… Police is making more
money in this business. These people are our escort brokers. We cannot go to the party directly. We need to fix everything by ourselves. This torchlight will show us the way. Did you get it?
When lorry will come. Move this torchlight like this. When the lorry comes to a halt,
we should move the torchlight towards us. After that show the face like this. Need to finalise the rate
by turning the torch on like this. 200, 300…if he doesn’t agree… …then he will dim his lorry light. We should talk everything
with torchlight. Did you get it? Broker comes in between. Need to pay him some commission. In case if police comes… …need to pay him money and settle it. Lorry is coming, turn the torchlight.
Okay? Is the rate okay? Okay, come. You’re very cute. Sleep… Where are you watching
without watching me? Hold… Hold! Hold I say!
Why are you lying like a log? Learn before entering this profession. You want money but you
cannot give happiness! Ugh! (Crying) Every day is a hell to me. I don’t know how I’ll save him. Ms. Neela, you don’t worry. My friend Ganesh is there,
he’s in-charge of the hospital. He’ll make all the arrangements
needed for operation. You don’t worry now. Ramprasad, you don’t feel sad. You’ll get cured soon. Don’t worry about anything now. You will be happy like before. Have faith. (Coughs) Okay, I’m leaving.
– (Coughs) Take care. Let’s go.
– Okay, you come to highway, I’ll be there. Wait. Is this fair to you? You said you’ll come but you didn’t.
How can you do that? Sister, don’t shout unnecessarily.
Did I say I won’t come for blood donation? Prostitute business. Acting as a broker. What is there to talk in it? I’ll not come to that engineer. You’ll say anything.
Didn’t you sleep with him earlier? Come, Jayaprada, come.
Peddapuram Sundaraiya is calling. Come, come. She’s showing attitude as if she’s
the only beautiful woman in the world. You praise her more. I think you brought some useless guy. Peddapuram Sundaram is a good customer. He doesn’t give less like others. He gives everything.
– Look… You’ve been entering into my area recently.
– Hey! Shut up! Jaya, you come. Brother, I’ll not come, you leave. Why? He says he’ll give
whatever amount you ask. Come, let’s go.
– Throw his money… …on his face. If you don’t like the party
then say you don’t like it. But don’t abuse the customer. Why do you say you don’t like him?
Will you live with him? You want money, right. Come.
– Look, listen to me, I will not come. I’ve another customer coming, you leave. Jayaprada, are you playing games? You know Sundaraiya knows KPR. If KPR finds out then she’ll thrash you. Come.
– Does KPR has horns? You’re a pimp and she extracts money. Tell him I can’t come.
– What happened to you? You’re saying no to me
and also him. Are you suffering from some disease? Nothing happened to me.
You’re taking me away… …by saying the customer
is good and pays well. They’ve lost their minds.
Want to see? See carefully. Look, how he has
burnt me with cigarette. You do business with girls.
Should we work hard for you? Tell me.
– You sinner! Did Sundaraiya burn you?
– Yes. He is angry with his wife. Unable to vent his anger on her… …he tells me to dress up like her and
put flowers… …and is burning me like this. Okay, he has burnt you. Why don’t you come to engineer? Sundaraiya burns only body. The engineer you are
talking about burns the heart. He does all dirty things… …by keeping his wife aside. Don’t know what sin I committed. Sister, life has
become worse than a dog. Jayaprada! What Jayaprada? You’re looking very beautiful. Come, you said you
are going to Punjab… …and will come after ten days. Load has changed. Why? You’re filled inside my heart. That’s why I couldn’t cross
Andhra border by thinking of you. Really?
– Yes. You find beautiful
girls on roadside, right? Do they match your beauty? That’s why I came for you.
– Oh, love? Look, I don’t know
if it is love or not. I’ve expressed my feelings to you,
that’s it. Look, you don’t have anybody,
I too don’t have anybody. That’s why I want to marry you. (Laughs) Why? Are you not happy
with these flings? No, no. You’ve misunderstood me. I didn’t see your body,
I saw your heart. Jayaprada, I love you very much. Are you telling the truth? Yes. I’ll marry you. Don’t cry, Jayaprada.
I’ll be with you all my life. What a scene! Ishwaraiya, being a woman… …I treated her as a golden goose. But you have given her a life. You are very great.
– Jayaprada. Shall we go? Jayaprada was like torchlight… …he turned her into house light. Be happy. Rest all look like
lights without batteries. What to do for getting commission? Anyway, I can’t quit this profession. Let me search torchlight. Sir…
– Come. Greetings, sir. My name is Neela.
– Greetings. Bhanu told me everything about you. Greetings, sir.
– Come, Devaiya. Come. How was the operation?
– It was successful, sir. I got discharged, sir. My wife is walking
just because of your help. (Laughs) I didn’t do anything in it.
One person helps other person, that’s it. Sir, you’ve cured my wife.
Take this small gift. (Laughs) What’s the need for all these? It’s your affection!
Okay, okay. You leave,
I need to talk to another patient. Come, let’s go. Doctor is a very good person.
– Yes. Sir, should I bring my husband here? (Laughs) Doctor should see your husband. I need to see you. As an in-charge I’ve got a quota. You need not pay
even a single rupee. I’ll look after the entire expenditure. Why are you standing there?
Come and sit. Don’t have any doubt,
come and sit without any fear. Come. Come and sit next to me. Come. What are you still thinking? Is there a rule saying that
only patient needs to sit? Sit. Little closer. What’s there to hide between us?
Show the report. Critical condition! Lot of scanning to be done! My God! So many diseases! Need to treat them all. Anyway, you don’t worry. I’ll help you. In return you also need to help me. Help? (Laughs) The person who came earlier… …he helped me according
to his capacity. What help… …will I expect from you? Didn’t you understand? Patient will survive only… …if the treatment is given on time.
Did you get it? Don’t think more. Say yes. Are you too the same?
– You got it. if But my friend Bhanu
shouldn’t know about it. Because he’ll think I’m a bad person. (Scoffs) Are you the lone good man? Very good. (Laughs) They’ll look after the operation. It is enough if you look after me. Please! Hi Ganesh. Is it over? Yes. How is your husband now?
– He’s fine. What did the doctor say? He said he’ll be able to walk
in ten days. Look… Thanks a lot. You’ve helped
a lot without expecting anything. Leave it. Just helped each other. I did everything for you. Okay, one lady is waiting for me. I’ll go and meet her. Whoever is in problem like her,
send them to me. Definitely. Thanks a lot.
– I’ll take care. I feel happy in helping women.
– Ramprasad. Ramprasad! How are you? Tell me. How are you now? You don’t worry. In ten days,
you’ll stand up and walk. Sir, you’re our God. (Crying) Ramprasad, there is nothing
in our hands. God is everything. Show your gratitude to God. Neela…
– Yes. Take good care of him. I will. Need to clean the room,
you please stand outside. Neela, by the way… …a new branch is opened in Vizag. I’m going there. Call me if you need any help. Do you know money now?
– No. I can never forget your help… …all my life. Forgive me. I’ve killed your love. Forgive me too. I was not aware that you’re married. (Chuckles) Nobody can change the destiny…
of God. (Chuckles) It was a wish,
now it has turned into friendship. Neela, I’ll go now.
– Okay. Prostitute girls arrested. In spite of arresting so many times… …newspaper reports saying beautiful
girls are arrested. Why is it so? Hey! That’s the talent of newspaper. Since they report them to be
beautiful so our business is doing well. Hey, didn’t you leave yet? Party is waiting, right?
– They told me to come after one hour. Is it? Play now.
– Sister, one more thing. You do it fast.
– Lorries will not run from today. What are you saying?
– She’s played. Sister KPR! Sister! We were just talking about you. Come, come. You think of
KPR only when lorries stop running? Okay, everyone is mine. What’s the matter?
Everyone has come together. Sister, it is very difficult. That’s why we came
to ask for some money. Lorries are on strike.
You know it, right? Who else do we have
other than you to help us? (Laughs) Godavari,
give something and send them away. Hey, 10 percent interest rate. Later on you need
to go to the place I say. Got it?
– Okay, sister. (Temple bell rings) Look dear.
– Yes. You’re very strong. Finally you’ve saved
your husband’s life. May you remain a sumangali
(stay married) for long! Looking nice. (Coughs) Did you start smoking again
once your health is cured? Neela… Where did you go?
I don’t see you at highway. Rich party! 2,000. Will you come? (Whipping) I’m not doing that business anymore.
– That’s your business, right? (Whipping) So will you come
if sister KPR tells you? Let anybody tell me or let anything
happen, I’ll not come hereafter. Old Neela is dead. Come, let’s go. I think she’s living with him now. Brother, give idli for both of us. Brother, bring poori for me. You got operated just now.
Don’t eat oily food items. Brother, give idli. Child is hungry, bring idlis fast. Wait, I’ll bring. Eat stomach full.
– What do you want? Two idlis parcel. Hey Neela, you’re not seen at all. Where did you go? My wife is going out of town. I’m going to see her off. Come at night,
I’ll take good care of you. (Whipping) Why are you getting angry
as if you are her husband? (Whipping) Well, I heard you made… …the MLA very happy. What are you talking to her secretly? Getting late for us, come fast. Wait, I’m coming. Why is he feeling tension? He doesn’t know to respect the customers.
– Dear… Okay, my wife is waiting.
Don’t forget to come at night. I’ll give extra if you want. Okay? Hey, what about you?
You’re walking by pushing people around. Walk carefully. Neela, it’s been many days
since we both ate together. Neela, I feel like
biting you by seeing you. Give the parcel.
– Take it, sir. Bye, Neela. Don’t forget. Come soon if you can. Look after the business properly. You know my condition. Forgive me. We shouldn’t stay here anymore. Come, let’s go to another village. Okay? Well, I heard you
made the MLA very happy. Dear, we’re going
to another town, right? Why are you not talking? Eat this. Talk something. Why are you silent? Look there. We too want one, like you. (Laughs) (Whistle blowing) “Life is very short,
adolescence is even short.” “Enjoy the life,
adolescence can’t wait.” Hey Neela. Get up! You sit. Why are you standing?
– (Grunts) Neela has said, sit. Darling, do you remember me? (Laughs) You said it was your first time.
Did you forget your first customer? Sweetie! You get aroused by
sleeping with some people. But one gets aroused just by seeing you. Neela, I’ve been searching for you. When I romanced you
all night that day… …I had seen the birth
mark between your breasts. I can’t pay you enough for
the pleasure you gave me that day. Believe me. Neela, I still cherish the
pleasure of that day till now. Even if you say yes now then I’ll… Oh!
– Dear! Stop the bus! Dear!
– He’s going! Catch him! Stop! Dear! Stop! Stop, dear! Where are you going? Not just this village… …let us go to any village,
someone will definitely call you. You’ve saved me by sleeping
with different men. I should have died! Should have died! A chaste woman feels shy when her husband
sees her after turning the light on. You’ve slept with different men.
Without having any shame… …do you want to stay with me? Hey, what is your life? You’ve cheated your husband! I feel disgusted by seeing you. Dear, why do you talk like that? I’ve done all this for you.
– Ugh! Stop it!
Now I’m telling… …you’re a whore who
slept with different men. I can’t live with you. If I live… …then everyone will call me
a bastard. Get lost you… With whom and how you slept. It is shameful to call you as my wife. Why didn’t you commit suicide? Why do you still live? Go and die! Neela! Neela… Neela…Neela… Get up! Get up! Any husband will get angry when he finds
out that his wife has done such work. All men are like that. His work is done, so he left you. So will you stay like
this without eating? Your husband didn’t go anywhere. He is at his native place. Really?
– Yes. Go and see. Go. Take care. Be careful. Bring him without any fight. (Grunts) Where did you come? Bloody…. You stop lorries at bypass road!
What do you want to do here? Ill-fated woman!
You’ve died for me long back! It’s okay, abuse me badly. It is my mistake. I’ve committed mistake
to save my husband, right? Come, let’s go home. Come.
– Ugh! Don’t touch! I’ll kill! Get lost! You whore! Had I thought so then
you would have died. It’s okay. If there is something
then let’s go home and talk. Come, let’s go. Come.
– I said don’t touch. Leave from here I say. What can he do
if the fence itself eats the crop? Are you behaving like a chaste woman… …after sleeping with
different men every day? You’ve crossed all limits.
Leave from here! Else I’ll kill you. What are you doing? Come out. What happened?
Why are you shouting like that? Your husband’s first wife has come.
Come and see. She came to sleep with him.
Come and see. Who is she?
– Who are you to say like that? Shut up!
– Hey! Be careful, I’ll kill you. Did you marry again?
– Yes, I did. Who are you to ask me?
Slutty woman! What? You’ve been sleeping around at
different places, do you want me? Where did you come? You whore! Your husband is alive because of me. Who are you to give me alms?
Street dog! You sleep with everyone
and earn money! What did you say?
– Will you beat my wife? Get lost! You’ve brought me disgrace. So am I not your wife? (Spit) Your husbands will come in
queue when you stand on roadside. Go and do your work. I’ll look after her.
– Kill her if she talks something. You go. I’ll kill her.
– Dear. Dear…don’t go. I don’t have anybody other than you. Take me with you. (Groans) You! (Groans) Throw yourself in
front of a lorry and die! Dear! Dear! Shameless monster! You want my husband? Die! Die! I’ll not let you live. Die! Die! You shouldn’t come
here again as long as I’m there. I’ll kill you if you come.
How dare you! You want my husband?
Go and die! Go! You are no less than a street dog. I’ll kill you if you come here again.
That’s it! Go and die!
You slept with everyone in the village! She came for my husband?
See her guts! Stop! You shameless rascal! You know how famous
I’m in this area, right? You’ve turned a girl called
Neela into prostitute, right? Ask Chintamani and see. She will tell the list of
people with whom she had slept. Don’t you have shame?
Rascal! Die by hanging yourself! Hey!
– Brother? Take the vehicle to Ramprasad’s house.
– Okay, brother. Brother, he’s coming. (Brakes squeal) Dear, I had lost
everything for you, right? Why should I live if you say no to me? Brother,
pour more alcohol for Ramprasad. Brother, we need to throw out that
blood woman out of the village. She came to my house
and asked me to come with her. Should call her to the meeting… …and whip her.
– Not like that, brother. We need to kill her by making
her stand nude in the meeting. We should parade her naked on a donkey. She… I can’t face this insult. Brother, I’ll do whatever you say.
– No! Hey, one more peg. Brother, why do you cry?
I’m there for you. I’ll manage.
– What will you manage? What will you? I’ve lost my respect.
– Don’t worry, brother. No! Leave me! I’m unable to tell. Leave me! Leave me! Leave me alone. Leave! I’ll manage. I’ll manage. I want you to be happy… …that’s why I chose a girl
and got you married. But I’ve lost my respect
because of Neela. MLA has abused you and me. I feel like dying.
– I should have sent Neela… …to you as you desired. By telling me
that she’s saving me… …she slept with everyone around. She slept with men for money. If I wanted to sleep
with a man for money… …then I wouldn’t have waited
till you had fallen sick. I have sacrificed myself to save you. Entire village may talk bad of me… …but you shouldn’t talk bad of me. I’ll die. I’ll not live anymore.
Take my position. Go! Brother, I don’t want anything. Brother! Tell me what I should do now.
– Leave it! Leave! Tell me, brother. I’ll kill her. She shouldn’t die with a knife stab. Look, everyone here
should sleep with her… …and then she should die… …of pain by going through hell. I should die by sleeping with everyone. But you should stay alive. You shouldn’t stay alive. Should die with one stabbing. (Groans) Hey! (Groans) Your mother has carried you
in her womb in order to give you birth. (Groans) For saving your life… …I’ve carried each man on my body. I should sleep around so that you live. I’ll become a prostitute
after you get cured. (Groans) A wife will sacrifice her life
in order to save her husband. If he talks bad of her
then she can even kill him. (Groans) Why did she come here at this hour? Neela…
– Your Neela… The Neela you desired for. You love me a lot, right? I didn’t understand.
– Truly speaking… …you should have got me. What is she saying?
– Let’s be frank. For getting me… …for making me your mistress… …by killing my love… …getting me married to Ramprasad
and then you lost me… …turning me into a prostitute,
all this… …is your love for me. Isn’t it? I came searching for you. I’ll give everything to you.
– Really? Gopalakrishna,
you’ve desired for this, right? Come…hug me…tight. Come. Come, Krishna. You know how much I like you? I too like you. Let’s fulfill our desire. (Scoffs) I’ve been waiting all
these days for this moment. Henceforth I’ll keep you with me
all my life. I should be lucky enough to get you. Me too.
– Should I kill Ramprasad for you? I’ve killed. (Gasps) I’ve killed! People like you shouldn’t stay alive. No girl will turn into prostitute… …either for money
or physical pleasure. We have to do it for our hunger,
family, husband and children. Reason for it is animals
like you who are filled with lust. You would rape even
a four year old girl… …in order to fulfill your lust. We are mothers who give birth to men. We are mothers who feed
the babies whenever they cry. We love our husband,
pamper our children… In spite of doing all this… …you can only see the woman’s genitals. No girl like me shouldn’t… …become a prostitute due to hunger… …or saving another person. If it happens then not only her life… …but everything will get destroyed. Like this,
by flashing torchlights on the road… …lives of girls should be illuminated
with light, this is our wish.

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