Srilankan Food & Dambulla Cave, Sri Lanka Travel Vlog EP #3

Namaskar. Welcome to another video from Srilanka. Last day we saw the elephants bath and group. Now we are going to Dambullah. Its a temple and a part of the UNESCO heritage centre There are lots of cave temples and many more. Before that we have stopped here at a hotel to have food. It looks good. Its in the mid of a bamboo park like. Its known as eco friendly Come lets go. This is the hotel. You have a bell here You can ring this bell. You have a small fountain here Its made of mud. The ladies here are welcoming us. Nice setup. Husk is used to cover the bottom of a tree in a particular shape here Good wind. They have kept the surrounding very nicely. Its an eco friendly shop. So we dont see any plastic things here Its full of bamboo trees here. They have a small Ganapati temple too Here its buffet. We have decided to go for buffet only I guessed it would be expensive when I heard its nature But 530/- INR is an ok rate here. The ala carte is expensive So we decided to go for buffet itself. They have soup, bread, not as much as we had at the hotel last day They have lots of vegetables, plain rice, yellow rice Egg noodles, deviled fish, chicken kurma, cabbage … Lots of varieties and then desserts I have taken a soup. A variety egg noodles But its like vermicelli, then fish curry, something I saw there too Let me have and see how it is. Swetha is taking something and all and coming Nothing much. Dal curry, brinjal and yellow rice. What is this yellow rice? Let me have and see How is it? The fish is spicy. The noodles is like our vermicelli upma. Its not chinese preparation. Good ambiance here. Nice wind. Look at the bamboo trees here. We are having lunch in the open air. I liked the ambiance. The food is also good. Good food. I had doubts if it would be bad. But its good When you come here and see the rates in the menu, we get shocked seeing 1500-2000/- Later it stikes us that its the currency value here We are now in a premium restaurant. There are normal restaurants for simple people too. Its just that the hotel in our trip is a bit expensive. Its like that everywhere They have everything. I liked the ambiance a lot. I have taken little of everything. Pappad, dal, veg salad, lemon pickle, A brinjal stir fry, chicken curry and fish curry. Took little of all Swetha, good food right? I liked it a lot. I think its organic food. Its tasty. Usually you know how such food tastes I liked it anyhow. How much is the rate now? 2600/- That would be INR 1050/- Thats reasonable and ok. Thats the buffet rate in our place also Now we are done with our food. We are now going to Dambulla cave temple. We had food from a place called Kurunegala and now we are going to Dambulla which is 1.5hrs from here This road is just like our highways. But excellent, neat and clean roads. No pits anywhere. This is the Indian Oil Company pump. Lanka IOC You can see awesome coconut trees here. Awesome Its nice to go between coconut trees on both sides and a good road in between We are going towards that side of the mountain up there. Thats where the Dambula cave temple is Here its a main attraction of Bhuddhists We are now going through a small road away from the highway. Its like a small forest It a small forest like place. You can see an old monument here which doesnt exist now. Now its all spoilt. Its an archeological site on the way to the temple There are lots of monkeys here. See this Swetha We have parked our car. Slept a bit on the way. Swetha says she slept well I was feeling very sleepy He was driving very smoothly. So slept well Now lets go and see the temple cave. This is the way. Thats a photo of the cave temple. Thats where we are going to. An attraction of Srilanka is its Multi coloured autos. I liked it a lot. Have you gone to the toilet? Come lets go now. You have to climb. Gave 20/- of here ie 10/-INR. Its ok. Lets climb Lots of steps to climb. There are lots of monkeys here. His looks arent so good. Did you get scared? He was close to me. I thought he would fall now When going to tourist places, you should be careful with monkeys there When I had gone to Malaysia Batu caves, a small child of a family was being attacked Its because the child played with the monkeys So it was being attacked. You dont know how they will respond to you. One is eating Rhambuthan here. They know how to eat it. The ears of these monkeys are different Not only one. All the monkeys have that different ears. A black coloured one. 3000/- here. Its expensive. 1500/- INR. ie 750/- per head. Full confusion. Come lets climb the rest. We are beginning to climb the steps. You can count the steps so that you know the number when you are up Swetha first began to be lazy and told me you go and I am not coming. But I didnt let that happen. I said you have to come. Its just once in a while that you climb such steps See he is motivating us. What more do you want? Here there are lots of rocks which are volcanic rocks Now volcanoes are not active here. But they bursted long back and fell here So there were volcanoes here long back. Anyways good. The climate is pleasant. Thats a good thing for us now. We dont feel tired or get fed up staying out. This is nothing. We climbed steps to reach Meghalaya living root bridge, Then to see Tiger Nest in Bhutan, we did trekking for 5 hours. Compared to that these are just 10 steps here We should take Swetha and go to see the living root bridge. Dont you want to see? No I dont. A banyan tree on a rock. Nice to see that. There are 2 trees here like that. Climb up fast. There is a mountain there. It would be fun to do trekking there. You can see a river and too Its a different type of beauty. Not like our place, but another type of beauty. Both are different from each other See lots of people waving at us. Where wil they be coming from? Might be from our neighbouring countries or where we went that day Might be. All this time it was steps but now its carved rocks made to steps The rock here has been carved to steps for people to climb up. At last we have reached up here. You can see a river like but its a dam Lots of mountains. Do you feel you shouldnt have come up now? Not now. Thats how it is. You always get a good result after working hard. It didnt take long for us. It just took 10mts to climb up. This is better compared to other places Thats because she sat idle at home for 2 months. When we reache up here, got to see beautiful view. Little more to climb to see the temple You have to keep your footwear here. Its 25/- for a pair of shoes. This is the temple Lets enter the temple now. This is not the type of Buddha temple you see at Bhutan and Nepal Its entirely different. Different places have it in different ways This has a Hindu temple look. It has a flag like in the front like we see in churches Lets go inside and see. The foreigners have worn dhothi. If you wear shorts at temples, you should be wearing clothes below your knees for sure Even at Bahrain we saw the same situation If not, they will give you something like this to wear. Or you should wear and come Its so windy here. So this is Dumbulla We are here at the Buddha temple here. It wasnt a temple before. Got converted later. Long back, Kings used to hide in 5 cave temples Thats what you see here. Later those caves turned to temples Buddhists came and changed it this way. Its 2000 years old. You can see the carvings on the rocks that were done then. Thre are wall paintings also So lets not waste time. Lets go inside. You can see epigraphy on this. I dont know which language its written in The contents are written here Its written in the 12th century. It was done through King Nissankamalla There are lots of these types here. For those studying about all these will be very helpful if they come here Archeological studies and those intrested in so will find it helpful here This is the 1st cave here. The guide has told us that long back this was filled with water. You have to wash your feet and then get in It was like that in many houses and temples. You can see a lying buddha statue in here. I am first time seeing a lying buddha statue for the 1st time. Have you seen Swetha? I have seen only on TV but not directly There are lots of wall paintings here This is actually done on a rock. Its been painted over it. Thats why it gives an arificial look. Its rock itself. You can feel it. Its all in rock only. They have got into the cave and made a statue in it. This is the 2nd cave here. You can see the rocks are carved in a very good way here The water that rains comes straight down and doesnt get inside. So lets get inside the 2nd cave now. Its so windy here Help us Bhuddha Gods. Emil was saying the same from Nepal. Now its at Srilanka also. We are now inside the 2nd cave here. Its a big cave as you see. Not like we saw in Meghalaya This is neat and clean. The flooring is done using stones It is like a temple itself. There is a sleeping and sitting buddhas here On top its full of mural paintings. Moreover its very pretty with paintings This is the Buddhist flags you see here What we see at Bhutan and Nepal are different. Now we are going back down and going to where we stay We stay at a place 45mts from here. Now its starting to rain here Its so windy so expecting the rains to reduce. Usually its said when it windy the rains go away Thats how its said but its just drizzling now If it rains then it would be difficult for us to go down. Its so nice to stand here in the wind. I would have missed all this if I hadnt come Got lots of photos. We will be posting it in our instagram page. iPhone is the best for photos and Samsung is the best for video. We have our old iPhone 7+. We are taking photos from that. Its display has broke. But we dont have to see that to take photos Saw the monkeys. Its all families. See Swetha. They are looking at somebody Lets go. Its mood isnt so good. They are looking at all in a crooked way They are very aggressive. Might come and attack us. They are a group. We are just 4 All have a small one with them. Our Janakan is here with the car Now we are going to Habarana. We will be staying there today Now we are going through Dambulla city. Its like Colombo only, a big city. We are now at the Central part of Srilanka when you look at the map Our Guide told us that its a trade city. There are lots of farmers here. They cultivate vegetables and come here. From here its imported to different parts of the world Moreover there are lots of Heritage sites in and around Dambulla town Poeple stop driving for pedestrians to walk. We see this in all the countries except ours We have to overcome that habit of ours. Its high time for that change It might change soon. Cinnamon Lodge, Habarana. This is where we are going to stay today Its a good place I think right Swetha I checked online and the photos were good. Yes Now we are on another road from the main road Looks like we are going inside the forest. Here its full of checking all over Its a cold towel Nice place. I liked it. They have taken our passport from us. We shall check in and then go to our room This is a beautiful place. I think its a transformed forest The towel has cinnamon aroma. Superb They have spa, bird watching time, jeep safari. But we need atleast 2 days to enjoy all that. I always say that when you stay at a resort, stay for atleast 2 days. For us in this trip its like we reach in the evening, become fresh, have dinner and leave the next morning This is a huge hotel. All those you see are cottages. Ours is one of them. The security check in here in Srilanka is too much They are opening our bags and checking. Only after that we can take it and go to the room Swetha is coming after all that. This side is our room. They have a huge pool and the restaurant this side. Are we done? Yes Lets go At night I guess it should be awesome with the lights on Look at the rooms. I think its 2 cottges. One up and the other down Swetha, we shall stay here. Why should we go for sightseeing Its nice to sit at the resort like this and jump into the pool. I think its a forest behind this. Can we see any animals here? Our room is the one upstairs. 61 We dont know which style these are. Might be Srilankan style? Lets see the room now The room is awesome. Only thing is that its little dark Awesome room. Nice to just come and fall on the bed I liked the colour combination on the bed We have seen this colour combination somewhere else too Goa, when we went for our honeymoon I liked the colour combination. Its nice to see the beauty in the combination they do it in Here they have spa, nature walk and other details are given here Menu card, 2 bottles of water, tea coffee maker, a big mirror There is a balcony here. A huge balcony Beautiful. You have place to sit. Beautiful setup. You will be surprised to see the bathroom They have a bath tub, separate shower space Its a different style Why do they keep glasses here in the bathroom? Some use mouthwash. They will need a glass to mix it with water Thats why they keep bottles and glass in the bathroom Here editing is going on. This is what we do first when we enter a room. Charge everything And here in the laptop, editing is happening. This is what we do first once we enter a room Like that our first day at Srilanka gets over here. We saw lots of beautiful places Everybody may not like Srilanka You need a special mindset to like it. Being a traveler I enjoy any place I go. Then you decide seeing the video how much enjoyent is there here for you Anyways lots to see. The food here is awesome We just had dinner and came. Wherever in Srilanka we had food from, they were all good. Especially there are lots of options for vegetarians. Thats the main thing here. YES So you can fly with Srilankan Airlines and come here. You have direct flights from Kochi. Its just a 1 hour fly. You get tickets for 5000-6000/- Come to Srilanka and enjoy for 4-5 nights. Its the closest International destination for us. Thats another specialty about this place Its the shortest International journey from Kochi So until we meet with the next Srilankan video, Bye.

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  3. Sujith bro… i saw you and shwetha at kottiyam, kollam inaugration of a xiomi mobile shop. You were the chief guest. Me and ma wife talked with you in my car. But due to heavy traffic we can't talk with you much. Anyway it was an unexpected meeting. Convey our regards to Shwetha and your bro Abhi.. God bless you bro. Road appearance of hector is awesome. Specially the red one. Safe drive.

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  21. Sri Lanka caves have been " civilized " – I mean maintained

    Meghalaya is a raw tourist region ! Once upon a time 25 years only the main road to the CM's and governors residence have tarred roads .

    Hyderabad had only one good road 25 years ago .

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  24. Other than scenic views there wasn't anything with full of enthusiasm on your Indian-Bhuta-Nepal 
    trip. I know it was your first long trip and thus you got too excited. Next time plan it a bit more better 
    on people's genuine lifestyle, food and the culture shock. However, your Sri Lankan trip looks more 
    adoring and simplistic thus building more interest for us to view this blogging. Anyway, keep it up 
    and you are doing a fine job!

  25. Sri Lanka is really beautiful, spotlessly clean and neat, cleanliness of the city and surrounding should be appropriated … very nice 👍👍

  26. Sujith chetta ippo pandathepole comments onnum vaikkunnillle…..
    Chetta kazhinja Sunday njaan chettante veetil vannarunnnu but veetil arumillarunu..😪

  27. The architecture of the reception area is based on old buildings found in Sri Lanka. Also, the walls etc. have been built to match the ancient structures found in the region known as the Cultural Triangle (A triangular shaped area which connects Ancient cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy). Dambulla is located inside the same area.

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