Spain Travel Guide | Tips & Local Hacks for Visiting Spain

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  1. Bullfighting is disgusting. I cannot believe that a modern country in developed Europe can actually have this.

  2. I spent a month in Spain a few years back and I must say this is the most accurate video I have come across ( loved the Bond immitation) 😄

  3. Hi! I'm from Barcelona and I have to say:
    1. Languages are not tricky things, they've always existed more languages than Spanish is just that Franco prohibited them during his dictatorship.
    2. The map at 5:01 is totally incorrect, Catalan is talked in all the area of Catalonia, that map is missing Girona and part od Lleida as Catalan speakers, makes no sense.
    3. I encourage to know more about Catalan Independence!
    Gràcies pel vostre temps, qualsevol dubte m'ho dieu 🙂

  4. Although the video is quite accurate, thank you for forgetting the best of Spain, Asturias and Galicia. They eat better because they do not need to alter a good product very much, since they have the best fish, meat and seafood (the best in the world). Amazing landscaping, beaches, mountains … They are the Celtic countries of Spain with very different customs. Galicia has the longest life expectancy, after Japan. Keep forgetting us so that tourism does not spoil all that, thanks.

  5. Loved this video! You know more about my country than I do, and I'm glad that you mentioned the "tortilla de patatas" as the most classic Spanish dish! Very well explained, very detailed and very accurate, thanks a lot for learning so much about my country and sharing it with the world 🙂

  6. Best one you guys have made, in my opinion!!!! Can’t wait to be going back there (studied abroad in Salamanca 8 years ago), and have a flight booked for this May! Ps are you two wearing signet rings ? 😀

  7. I think its better to recommend real spanish literatures instead of an american dude tellings stories. I mean spanish speaking world in literature is huge, rich and old around the world. Nice video though.

  8. My family descended from Las Islas Canarias specifically Tenerife 🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨 When you mentioned "Volver" I was thinking FINALLY someone who knows about this amazing movie. It's one of my favorites since I was younger.

  9. Hi guys, your video is very good BUT I need to point out that, contrary to what a lot of people think, Spain isn't actually the birth place of the Inquisition. The Vatican invented it and then "forced" monarchs to implement it in their realms, which they usually did because at the time it was essential to be in the Pope's favor. It's true that it was implemented in Spain but it existed in a lot of European countries (in fact, in France it was implemented in the 12th century and Spain implemented it in the 15th century). Yes, the Inquisition was active here but it wasn't the only one and I find so unfair that a lot of people "demonizes" Spain for this (like it was the only country where things like that were done) when every country in History has used violence with religious purposes. I hope I helped clear things up 🙂

  10. The story I know about the tapas comes from madrid. The king… i think Alfonso X the clever one hahaha; noticed that the workers went to the bars and decided to use their money to only drink and they had nothing to eat, so they went back to work drunk… So this king decided to make the bars give a little piece of food with the drinks so the workers had something to eat and could go back to work afterwards.

  11. This video was very well put together! I enjoyed the image and written names of items/places. Could you possibly do another video focusing on different cities in Spain like Salamanca?

  12. Inquisition was born in France. I still can feel the influence of the black legend british made up years and years ago. Nice video tho

  13. I'm traveling to Spain next month, and this video is the best possible intro….thanks a ton guys, great job !

  14. Im from Valencia and paella use to have rabbit and chiken. If we cook it with see food we call it "arròs del senyoret" or "paella de peix/maric". Paella is just meat, vegetables and rice

  15. I am from Spain, Sevilla and the overview of the country made by you is really really accurate. Congratulaciones for your work

  16. What kind of sherry is best? I thought Galician was a dialect. Did they exhume Franco's body to bury it elsewhere? I was waiting for you to mention desserts. I love flan. You have done well to debunk some myths. 👍👍I only have two thumbs, so one for each of you. Maybe you can talk about grape crushing. Where is that done?

  17. Bien hecho. I've travelled to Spain multiple times and seen all kinds of crazy information. I was a bit unsure by the intro-hook, but found an informative well researched video. You two have done it best! Gracias (ɡɾaθjas).

  18. Muy buen trabajo en incorporar los aspectos sobre etiqueta, historia, cultura y lo que se ofrece en gastronomía. Buenísimo…si please hagan más así! Gracias por su trabajo y profesionalismo 👍✌

  19. La crisis? That was like 10 years ago?! This crisis also hit Canada, yet we have recovered. Our population is much less than Spain, yet we are thriving. I heard so many excuses in Spain about the crisis. These people need to get over it and start innovating rather than complaining and smoking so many cigars.
    Secondly, let us not forget that all the GOLD which went back to Spain for their churches was from killing indigenous and wiping out ethnics groups as they forcibly implemented their laziness culture into Latin America. Now that is a: Joder tio!

  20. Les ha faltado una de las cosas mas deliciosas de la gastronomía española, los espetos de sardinas que te sirven en cualquier chiringuito de la provincia de Málaga (en el sur del España, en Andalucía). SE LO RECOMIENDO.!!!!!!!

  21. Hey if you guys lived in Barcelona for three years were you guys trying to modify student visas by any chance or trying to obtain a permanent residency in Spain?

  22. Loved my visit to Spain, just wish I would've watched this video first. Very informative and I will definitely put it to use on my next visit.

  23. I love how you guys dive in to the history and culture of places, adds so much more value to a travel experience rather than just listing Instagram worthy spots. lots of respect 🙂 keep it up

  24. One important tip: be extremely mindful of the people living in the regions of Spain when speaking or communicating in Spanish. I am saying this because, as the daughter of a college-educated woman with a degree in Spanish Literature, I was learned that one has to be mindful of whatever Spanish word or phrase one uses to speak or communicate. You don't want to offend or mislead someone.

  25. Spain has amazing food ! No doubt! This a great video and 100 percent accurate. But, unfortunately if a traveler is not of European stock or just of mixed racial make up, you will deal with racial micro aggressions. There are a lot of really nice enlightened people in Spain, don't get me wrong, but unfortunately ignorance still prevails among the population. A phenomenon not experienced anywhere else in the world outside of Europe, at least in my experience.
    Again, great video guys !!

  26. Isabel the catholic was pressed by the Catholic Church to stablish the inquisition. In fact was born in France not in Spain.

  27. Glad I Iive in Spain 🤩 I will start my europe tour in October and will also be visiting Barcelona, Madrid and few places in Andalucía 🙈.

  28. Question? How do you move around to different cities? Is it worth renting a car and is it cheap or expensive to do so?

  29. Whoa…you're videos and content are becoming top notch! The research and work, putting all that information on history is NOT easy. I have been enjoying your content and even went to some of the places you both have ventured out to. I just came back from Ireland and thought I'd try to surf Strandhill (I'm from Hawaii, surf and currently living in Washington state, snowboard) but the waves were flat. But thanks to you both, I also hit the Voya seaweed baths — oh my word, amazing! You both did an amazing job on putting all that content together in different formatted videos, each city and as a whole the entire country of Ireland. I've hit all the Scandinavian countries. You both should do all the ski resorts and shred Are, Sweden (you'd love that resort!), Oslo Vinterpark — the list goes on. Love that you incorporate surfing and snowboarding, offset the history and do modern day outdoor adventures as well. Mahalo for all your content. Keep it up. If you're ever in the Seattle area, you both are welcome to stay at my own Airbnb — just to hear you brothers ramble on about your adventures. I'll even through in a beer! Haha. w/Love & Aloha.

  30. Thanks for such a great overview! I'm moving to Valencia con mi amiga mejor and we are very excited! I'm definitely excited to taste all the wines, so I'm glad you guys went over that.

  31. Im going in 2 weeks and this was crazy helpful and way more informational than i thought it was going to be!!

    ALSO doing some restaurant, bars, and even club recommendations would be amazing!

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