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Hey Kemal! Hey, What’s up? What’s up, man? Yeahh, I’m fine… Yeahh? What’re we do…?! I’m so excited! Why you are excited? Maybe just a little bit nervous, but it will be done! :)) Why you’re excited and a little bit nervous? Because, it will be 1st expirence… What’re we doin’? I don’t know :)) …but, what’re we… skydiving, right? Yeahhh! Skydiving 😉 Ohhh, man! You are crazy, Kemal! Why do wanna do that? I don’t know. (I gave up to say that probably it is the easiest way to die…) To have fun, right? Yeah, just for fun! 😉 Live in life! Yeah! That’s right man… You came to the right place for here, Skydive Jersey… …and we are gonna thrown you out an airplane… …and it’s gonna be awesome! Hahaha… Alright, man! You’re ready to have some fun? Yeah! Alright, give me a high-five! Let’s go and have some fun!… Woww! Alright, man! Here we are! Are you ready to do this? Yeahhh! 👍 It’s perfect! Amazing! Let’s go, right? Here we go!.. Woww!.. 🎶 Noisy clamor 🙂 Alright, Kemal! Here we are, man! Wohoo!!! Alright, man! We will taken off! Yeahh! Everything is so good? Yes We’ll see you in a couple of minutes Of course 😉 Alright, Kemal! Here we are, man! We’re almost… Look at that! Look at that! It’s an amazing landscape! Wonderful, magnificent! We’re almost on that place there, so… Yeahh! We still have a very long way to go… Yeah, Ok! …and how do you feel it? What? How do you feel? I’m not scared… Huh? Yeah, I’m not scared. I’m so good… …and I’m excited. Are you ready to have some fun? …and I’m ready to jump. Are you ready to Skydive? Yeahhh! Of course… ;))) Alright, man! Let’s go and have some fun! Alright, man… Here we are! Look at that! Are you ready to do this? Wohoo! 👍 Look at that! It’s too cold! ❄ -Tandem:” Your feet should be down of airplane, not like them.” -Tandem: “To justify your head.” “You are my love but maybe NOT!” 😄 Awesome!!! Yeahhhhh! It’s amazing! Woww! Look at that! Yeah, perfect! LOL Show your hand! Kemal, dude! Here we are, man! Yeahh! It was an amazing experience! Would you do that again? Of course, Of course!!! Why not? 😀 I liked it! I loved it!!! What was your favorite part? Umm! …but the whole up the experience! What part was your favorite? The first part! When we left the airplane? Yeah, Of course! Yeah, man! Give me a high-five for here, Skydive Jersey… …and we hope you had fun? Yeah… 👍 …and see you next time, alright? Of course 😉 Yeahhh! Wohoo!!!

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  1. acaba g kuvveti çok hissediliyor mu mesela seni birden aşağıya bırakan adrenalin oyuncaklarından daha mı keyifli ve g kuvveti çekilmez haldemi bende yapmak istiyorumda hiç bir yerde sorularımın cevabını bulamıyorum

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