Singapore | Public Transportation Guide | Travel Guide | Episode# 2

Singapore Singapore Singapore Public Transport Information The SMRT is the fastest, most
convenient, and affordable way to travel in Singapore. SMRT maps are available at all ticket counters and copies of the
maps are located on the walls of the subway stations and on trains You can also download an app on your
smartphone. You can purchase one time use tickets from ticket vending machines or use your
Easylink Card or Tourist Pass Easylink cards can be purchased at SMRT
stations at the ticket counter or any 7-11 convenience store. All signage is in English at the stations Announcements are made in English, Malay, and
sometimes in Chinese (Mandarin) and Tamil. To get to many places in Singapore, you can take a bus from an MRT
station. Bus stops are usually outside MRT stations. Make sure you know your bus number
before getting on. MRT exits are clearly marked in English at all MRT
stations Public buses are economical, clean, timely,
and go everywhere in the city. Public and private buses are available
all over town Know the bus number and your destination
before you get on the bus. Bus numbers and destinations are written in English
on the front and side of the bus. You can pay with the Easylink card and
don’t forget to enter from the front of the bus. Happy Travels! Go to for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on YouTube and be sure to subscribe for regular updates

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