Shova’s Journey

USAID Presents Shova Khatri – Agri-Entrepreneur Surkhet, Nepal After the earthquake, I was worried the country might not recover. I felt very sad. In 2015 an earthquake devastated Nepal, killing more than 9,000 people and damaging more than 755,000 homes. USAID provided immediate disaster response. After that, we started rebuilding our nation. As the country continues to rebuild, USAID
is taking a holistic approach and partnering with Nepal for sustainable progress. I received training from USAID, which helped
me in my business. How to buy, sell, and produce vegetables. ​That benefited me. My profit has increased three times. USAID, through Feed the Future, helped more
than 265,000 Nepali farmers increase their incomes, productivity, and resilience. Not only me. I am helping my neighbors too. I helped and taught them business. Women from my village have also increased their income. If we earn more money, we can buy nutritious food. From health volunteers, women of my village
learned about health and nutritious food. The children look healthier. After I started earning money, it has been
easier to educate my children. When I was young, there were no opportunities. I didn’t get to go to school. Now, I can send my girls to school. With education, my girls don’t have to struggle like I did. They can stand on their own feet. USAID is proud to work with Shova Khatri and
Nepal on their development journey.

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