Scottish Highlands Travel Guide

Background music playing.
So today we’re going to be doing a tour with Haggis Adventures. We’re up in the Scottish
Highlands and we’re going to be visiting some of the main sites around this area.
Background music playing. Every time I come here I always get really
emotional. I can’t explain it. It’s a place that is very very close to my heart.
This is the battlefield. No jokes. No humor. Guys. This is a massive war grave where my
ancestors and other people’s ancestors died needlessly. So, just respect it guys. As you’re
making your way through here. It’s the same as if you go over to Europe and you go to
these Second World War places. Just utmost total respect.
Background music playing. A big massive shield and a big ginger beard.
And long hair. Quite intimidating, eh? Boom. Five of you guys have just been disemboweled.
Now you guys over here boomfff. I probably just slit through your jugulars. So with one
man I could have taken out eight red coat soldiers. That’s why the Highlanders were
known. The people come here. They sing songs. They
tell stories. And they remember. If you guys were to come here just after the 16th of April
all the way around this would be five hours and things like that. On the anniversary of
the battle during the day they bring a little piper out who is actually blind. And they
bring him up here and he stands here for forty five minutes and he plays songs on the bagpipes
for forty five minutes. The length that the battle lasted for. And I dare any of you to
come and stand next to him and not cry because I did and it is just such an emotional thing.
There is just silence and all you can hear is the pipes just playing through and you’re
just looking around you can just imagine it happening. And it does really really tug on
your heart strings because war is such a terrible thing and one thing is guaranteed with war
is death. Death and destruction. really really sad.
These flags here. The three lions represent the connection to England. fleur de lis a
connection to France. And the flower is the connection to Ireland. I think it’s quite
cool. So this is the Royal standard of King James. If I had to stand here in this battle
field 250 years ago and I was flying this flag I would have been taken for treason and
hung and killed. This is pretty cool actually. And another interesting thing that one of
the Jacobite generals did. If I had saw this being a Jacobite soldier this would have inspired
me to have courage and morale. He actually led a charge into the front line against the
British government army. Snapped his sword in two, lost his horse. Came back out of the
front line of the British government army. Got another sword, go another horse and led
a second charge in. Now to me that’s balls. If I had of been there and I saw one of my
generals acting like that I’d have been YEAH! Come on let’s go!
He’s also the patron Saint of Russia and he’s the patron saint of Greece as well. So he’s
not just exclusive to Scotland. This flag is very important as well.
Background music playing. clava cairns. Pffff. There isn’t actually
much to say about this place because it’s a mystery. You still have people coming here
in the winter solstice with professor suits on and they all argue with one another basically.
Eh, these chambers are older than the Pyramids. They were built by teenagers because the life
expectancy back then would have only been about 30 years old. So these tombs were built
by teenagers. Now you might have had a dome coming over the top as well. And as you can
see the sun is actually just setting right over there. And I believe it’s either in the
summer solstice or the winter solstice that the sun actually sets in alignment here and
the sun beam comes right down in this chamber and there would have been a fire and smoke
and all of us would have been sitting in here. So image that beam of light coming in and
all of this room started filling up with a smoke and light and things like that. Very
very very spiritual. People who come here. If they take any of
these rocks from these cairns and take it back to whatever it is they are from bad things
happen to them. So much so people actually come back here and replaced the rocks. So
there is your disclaimer guys. Don’t take any of the rocks. Hahaha. Don’t go on facebook.
Dave my arms is falling off! I did tell you not to take the rocks. Hahaha! You have been
warned. Background music playing. Background music playing.
After the rising you had 1719. Spain and England are shall we say had an alliance with one
another and voided that alliance, so Spain decided to play the Jacobite card. They spent
300 of their crack Spanish mountain troops to help the highlanders. Thank you very much
Spain! Woo! They went down to the eilendon castle which is where I’ll be taking you shortly.
Unfortunately, for the Scots and the Spanish we were defeated, so it was another failure
and arising. Thanks for trying to help us guys. Hahaha. So it’s quite crazy to think
guys that there were was actually Spanish soldiers fighting here. That’s why we’ve said
about Jacobitism being part of Scotland. As I said, Bonnie Prince Charlie was offered
to become King of America, so an International dimension as well. What a beautiful place
for a battle guys. What a beautiful place for a battle.
Background music playing. Wind blowing.
So today is day two of our tour of the Scottish Highlands. The blue skies are gone and it
is rainy, cold and the weather is just very Scottish and dramatic. So our first stop of
the day is eilean donan castle and that’s just right behind us. Brrrr. When I’m cold
you know it’s really cold. Oh yeah! Bone chilling, wet and damp right now.
Background music playing. Aside from just the impressive Castle there
is also wonderful views here. Background music playing.
Wind blowing. SO we’ve just been warming up in a pub right
now. It is really cold, damp, wet and windy outside, so we’ve got tea for two and we’ve
ordered some traditional pub fare. Background music playing.
I actually quite like the damp and the rain because it reminds me so much of home where
I grew up on Vancouver Island. background music playing.
It is super windy. Our guide Dave this is the windiest he’s ever seen it here. I bet
you can barely hear me right now. Wind noises.
Background music playing. Background music playing.
Today is day three of our Haggis Tour adventure and we’ve had all kinds of weather. On day
one it was pristine conditions – sunny blue skies and day two was insane. Howling winds,
rain, chilly and today we have a nice overcast day. And we’ve got great views from the back
of the mountains. So the snowy peak we have over in the background
is Ben Nevis and it is the highest peak in the UK.
It’s a real treat that we can see it today. Background music playing.
So here is inverlochy castle which dates back to the.
So we’ve just been wandering around the ruins and seeing what is left of it even now.
Background music playing. And just behind us we have the three sisters.
There is not much explaining to do the scenery speaks for itself.
Background music playing. So we’re visiting the William Wallace Memorial.
Fans of Brave Heart will certainly know who this is. What was interesting was that our
guide actually told us that many of the scenes in Brave Heart were actually historically
inaccurate. Background music playing.

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