SAVED FROM A SCAMMER in India (Beggar Scam Exposed)

Mumbai is famous for the Gateway of India behind me but it’s also famous for a sympathy scam. People from the streets.. they come up to you and they ask you to buy them milk, rice and oil. So they can feed their family or feed their little kids they’re holding. But it’s all a sham because they just go and they resell that food straightaway. And it is quite expensive. It can cost you up to 1500 rupees to buy those three items for them. And basically it’s business for them. I’ve seen them operating. So let’s go and fish a few of them out so you can see how to avoid this when you’re in India. Scammer: Baby milk. Karl: What do you want? Baby milk? Scammer: Yeah. Karl: No no. Fan: I see your videos. Karl: What? Scammer: Buy milk for baby. Karl: You want what? Scammer: Food. Karl: Food, milk? Karl: For what? Karl: Eh? i don’t understand. Scammer: Buy milk for baby. Karl: Oh. Karl: Eh? Rice? Karl: Where? Driver: Sir, you want taxi? Karl: No, I’m okay. Thank you. Karl: You want rice? For eating? Woman: Yes, anything to eat. Karl: Oh so the baby can eat? Scammer: Yes. For my small children, buy food. I eat. Karl: So you can eat? Okay. Sure. How much is the rice? How much is the rice? Okay. And where are you from? Scammer: I’m from Gujarat. Karl: Eh. Scammer: Gujarat. Karl: Gujarat. Okay. Nice. Scammer: What’s your name? Karl: My name is Karl. Karl: Eh, you have these tattoos on your hands, right? Scammer: Yes, tattoo. Karl: It’s interesting. It’s nice. Okay. Scammer: See this one rice. Karl: Oh, this one’s rice. This one is rice. Okay. Big bag of rice there. There’s one, two and three. All three things? Scammer: Yes. Karl: Okay, I’ll get the rice. This is rice? Scammer: Yes, this is rice. Karl: Okay. Nun: These people cheat you all very badly. Yes. They cheat you very very badly. Nun: What’s she asking from you? Karl: Rice. Nun: Don’t give her that expensive rice. Karl: Okay. Nun: There is another rice. Karl: Yeah. Karl: Yeah, yeah. I know. Karl: It’s okay. Let it be. Let it be. Thank you. Nun: Yeah, but these people cheat you all huh? Be careful. Karl: I understand so… So I’m just going along with it right now. Nun: Why don’t you go to Prem Dan? Karl: Prem Dan? Nun: Prem Dan is a NGO which is run by the nuns. And her granddaughter, both the granddaughters, we are educating. One is in Holy Name and another child is in.. Both the grandchildren, we are educating. Karl: I understand. I understand. I know what’s gonna happen. She’s gonna resell. Nun: So what happens you know.. you must go through the proper channel. So these people just tell you do this, do this and then they take you for the round. Karl: I understand. Nun: Yes. Karl: Thank you so much. Thank you for your help. Nun: Yes. Nun is there Karl: Oh, lady is crazy, eh? Scammer: Yes. Crazy. Karl: Crazy lady. Scammer: Can you buy oil? Buy oil. Karl: Oil as well? Scammer: Yeah. Karl: Oh no. Just this. Come on. Let’s go. This is good. Scammer: Buy milk. Karl: This is good. Scammer: Milk? Karl: No. No milk. We’ve got rice. This is a big bag of rice to me. So much rice for you. Scammer: Also buy milk? Karl: No. No milk. We got enough rice. It’s like, how many kgs of rice? 5 kgs of rice. Scammer: 5 kgs. Also buy oil.. cooking oil. Oil in rice cooking. Karl: Oil, yeah. Scammer: You want to buy oil? Oil. Karl: Oh no. No. No oil. No oil. This is enough. Hi, how are you? Cashier: How are you? Karl: Hi. Scammer: You see this much milk. This much milk. Karl: Oh you want milk? No no no. We have rice so that’s it. Thank you. Scammer: So you going to Prem Dan? Karl: No, I’m not going to Prem Dan. What is Prem Dan? I don’t know. Scammer: So that lady is crazy. Karl: Crazy lady. Scammer: Crazy lady. Karl: Absolutely. Scammer: Crazy lady and also people crazy. Why.. telling why why. Karl: Mean lady. I don’t trust her. It’s okay. Scammer: Yes. Karl: Thank you. No. No maps for me, buddy. I know India. Been to nearly every single state. Cool, eh? Karl: Uh, no worry. No worry. Bye. Man: Nice kurta, brother. Don’t buy this. Karl: Thank you so much. Karl: Hi there. Manager: Yes? Karl: You speak English, eh? Manager: Yes, yes. Karl: There’s some people outside and they bringing foreigners in here. And they’re asking foreigners to buy rice, oil and milk. Manager: Yes. Karl: What is happening? What are they doing/ What’s the reason? What do they.. do they resell it afterwards? Manager: They resell it. Karl: Okay. So it’s a little bit of a discount and they resell it. Manager: Yes. Karl: Yeah. They better donate to charity, maybe. Not buying that 5 liter cans of oil. Karl: yeah. Manager: Very expensive. Karl: Yeah. So they just sell that and get the money. Where do they sell it? Do you know? Manager: Nearby shop. Local shop. Karl: Thank you sir. Bye! Bye! How was that? The entire family was operating the scam. The mum, the daughter.. their kids were being used to gain sympathy. And I found the husband. He was just watching over the entire operation. This is just a business for them. And they’re at it every single day here. And Mumbai, if you want to help these people, donate to a charity. That’s the best way to know that your money.. you know, that it’s going to help the right people. And my subscribers that I bumped into.. that was hilarious you guys. Six or seven people I met while I was filming this scam video. It’s getting really hard to do this now. And that sister, who tried to help.. tried to get me out of that scam.. That is “Guest is God”(athiti devo bhava). That is Indians butting in to help foreign guests. So thank you to her. But you know I was filming this scam video so… I just went. I pretended she’s crazy and just went along with the rest of the video shoot. And if you’re coming to India soon, I’ve got a quick start safety guide available in If you had read that already, you would have known about this scam. So go check it out.. Jai Hind!

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  1. Karl you are getting it wrong, you can call this a Scam when an IT engineer or any working-class tries to scam you. You buy rice and stalk her an hour later, then 2hrs later trying to find if she sold the rice,(Harassing). The family is the victims and you are the perpetrator, you show the whole world about them without their consent, how honest is that? Now as a vlogger you are being paid by ashaming people who do everything to survive. I am pretty much sure they sell that rice at a lower price than the price you paid, meaning the buyers take advantage of their vulnerability. Lastly, I cannot see the money they get is used for drugs, gambling, alcohol and such, instead, they buy other important stuff or maybe they wanna pay rent. Help them don't shame them.

  2. Out of 27k comments you found mine 😊….


  3. Indian lady : Karl could you buy me rice?
    Karl : What for?
    Indian lady : To feed the baby

    Karl : no milk

    Lady : rice to feed baby

    Centuries later
    Lady : sold rice
    Karl : be ready to get exposed

  4. Scammer: i need a lombo a 6 milion dollor house 4 bodyguards and an iphone 11

    Karl: why

    Scanmer: to feed my baby


  5. Throughout your vlog you mention about "India" and only visits what really is North india.please come to South India and enjoy a different culture to more honest , helpful and educated people.

  6. Hey carl, you should definitely come to see Pakistan and see the difference, see the hospitality of Pakistanis n see how honest our people are.

  7. Why did I JUST discover this channel??!
    P.S I have binge watched all the videos and could relate to each one even though I'm not a foreigner.

  8. So sorry that u seen this all things but i appolize🙏🏻🙏🏻 behalf of them indian is still best and there are many good and honest people still here and many palces to explore. …

  9. Why don't you just not travel to India? You don't like India, India doesn't like you. Why not just fuck off before you have to pay for your beef video?

  10. Baby: i need a scam
    Tourist : do you have an idea ?
    Baby: buy me a milk
    Tourist: for what ?
    Baby: to feed me.
    Tourist : i am confused . Lets buy vodka 🙂

  11. You can call it scam, at the end of the day she is trying to feed her family. Its not like she's buying drugs. only 20% of what you pay to charity ends up being filtered to the poor. I'd rather give it directly and have some impact on a few people than give it to charity organizations. Your videos expose scammers which is good, but their is a thin line between scammers who just want to cheat you and scammers who are trying to make ends meet. There is a lot of poverty in India and Pakistan (I am a Pakistani), lets not brand everyone a crook.

  12. Incedible india is a joke…luks like they just wanna rip u off…money orientated…now go to pak and C the difference….gr8 video, tourists also work hard for their money

  13. If I had a superpower, I would wish to speak every language. The satisfaction of shocking someone who sees you as a foreigner, speak their language. So far in California I have not been able to shock anyone with my Hungarian haha

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