San Francisco – Public Transportation Guide – Getting Around (TRAVEL GUIDE) | Episode# 2

Hipfig Travel offers Travel Video Guides for than 20 cities in Asia, US, and Canada. If you like our videos, subscribe to this channel to see more. San Francisco, California San Francisco Public Transport information The Bart connects San Francisco to Oakland, Fremont, Berkeley, and other surrounding cities in the East Bay area. The Bart stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit the Bart has 6 lines and four stations in the City of San Francisco, the 4 stations are the Civic Center UN Plaza, Powell Street, Montgomery St. and the Embarcadero the Bart is good for trips from the airport to downtown San Francisco and from cities between the East Bay Area You can purchase tickets using the ticket vending machines which accept credit cards and cash. No denominations over $20 is accepted at the Machine. Change machines are available next to the ticket machines Children 4 under are free, and there are discounts for seniors over 65 and students and children 5 to 12. Please see their website for detailed information Underground stations will have signage that will display times for the Light Rail and Bart trains along with announcements. The MUNI runs public transportation in the city of San Francisco. The MUNI is San Francisco’s municipal transportation agency MUNI runs the light rail or metro which is above and underground, buses, cable cars, and the historic street cars in the city of San Francisco. There are 6 metro lines: J Church, the K Ingleside, L L-Taraval, M-Ocean View, N-Judah, and KT: K-Ingleside/T-Third Street. You can purchase tickets at the MUNI metro ticket vending machines. Many machines do not take denominations over $20. Change machines are provided (near the ticket machines). The Municipal Transportation Agency (MUNI) also runs the historic streetcars There’s 2 lines called E-Embarcadero, and the F line- which goes from Fisherman’s Wharf along and Embarcadero, past the Ferry building down to Market street, and then to the Castro area. The MUNI also runs the famous cable cars. The cable cars have three lines: the Powell and Hyde, the Powell and Mason, and the California line. The Powell/Hyde and the Powell/Mason begin on Market Street Both make a stop at Union Square. Powell/Hyde Powell/Hyde ends at Ghirardelli square. Powell/Mason Powell/Mason end at Fisherman’s Wharf The California line runs east and west from Van Ness Avenue to the Financial district. The MUNI also runs buses. There are many route and stops around the city of San Francisco. Usually there are bus stops outside of Metro Light Rail Stations There are free transfers between MUNI buses and light rail within 90 minutes An alternative way to buying individual tickets is the Clipper reloadable card the Clipper card is sold at major Metro stations like the Embarcadero. The Clipper card can be used for all MUNI modes of transportation and the Bart. It is like the EasyLink card in Singapore and the Octopus card in Hong Kong for public transportation. 1, 3, or 7 day visitor passes are also available and can be added to your Clipper card Besides the MUNI, other bus operators in the city include the Golden Gate Transit bus and the hop-on hop-off buses. There are many transportation options in the city of San Francisco Happy Travels. Go to for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on YouTube and be sure to subscribe for regular updates.

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  1. You missed the BART stops at 16th st, 24th st, Glen Park, and Balboa Park, there are 8 stops inside San Francisco, not 4.

  2. What a poorly produced video! It tries to be helpful but the info is disorganized and hard for anyone not familiar with the geography of SF to comprehend. The video clips are unrelated to the commentary. There are a host of better videos that explain the transit systems in SF. Subscribe? Heck no!

  3. Their workers are affirmative action lazy slobs, they suck and hopefully their families get AIDS. I'm sorry, but I've never seen bus and train drivers behave so poorly, like whiny lazy retarded children. If they all disappeared tommorrow the world would be better off. All the shit they give people just trying to get to work is absurd, fucking leeches on society that deserve whatever they get.

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