Saguaro National Park – West Side Hike – Park Travel Review

Tucson Mountain District hi everyone and welcome to Happy Trails
hiking we are in the west side of Saguaro National Park and we’re going to
go for a short loop hike somewhere in the order of five miles but we’re not
sure exactly well let you know at the end for sure right Saguaro National Park
is divided into two sections on either side of Tucson Arizona this time we’re
exploring the western section the Tucson mountain park so the loop we’re gonna
take is roughly this and we’re actually at the Bajada Wash trailhead so we’re gonna
take off going Southwest and then our first intersection is going to be with
Hugh Norris trail and we’ll come over here and go list okay let’s go this loop
of trails was suggested by the Ranger at the ranger station we couldn’t park at
the Hugh Norris trailhead so we just went on the road a little bit and parked
at the Bajada wash trail so we just walked maybe a tenth of the mile from
the parking lot and at the parking lot the trailhead really doesn’t make sense
when you look at the map so you have to go just however far it is actually point
zero nine miles to be precise to this point and then it makes sense when you
look at the map so now we’re looking straight north and
that trail directly in front of us goes to wild dog trail and that’s what that
sign is that we just showed you then to the left is Bajada wash trail and to the
right as well and work right here on this intersection on the map the left is
Bajada wash and the right is also Mahato wash and Dobe wash we’re gonna head to
our left on Bajada Wash if you enjoy these sorts of trail
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follow along with happy trails hiking we’ve been looking for this sign for
what four thirds of a mile so we we went that way on the trail kept going and
then not some wonderful people and they said we’re not in the right place you
know yeah so now we have a sign to get where we’re supposed to go I just
arrived at the Hugh Norris trailhead and it’s a difficult one it goes up so
looking forward to the views from the So were headed up there. there are a lot of these rock-hewn
stairs going up the mountainside it is worth it to take all of them if your
legs are ready for it because these saguaros are amazing did you know that
some of them are over 200 years old and over 4 stories tall. we parked wing climate cleaner up here Matt how many
steps do you think we came up no how many steps do you think we came up 2
billion yeah so many steps but we can finally see the other side of the
mountain and where the trail goes over there well that’s where we’re headed
not just up anymore your views really great views on this trail we found the sign are you excited? Everybody loves signs! Of course they’re excited. okay we’re about to make our turn and
head down the mountain so we’re there we’re gonna hike one miles and connect
with it don’t Dobe wash okay cool we’re really pretty views let me say
it’s been a very pretty tree we were there we came down here still
have to get down over that way we found our next sign without the blazes that we
were used to in the Midwest we were afraid of getting lost these signs were
the only thing that helped us feel like we were on the right path for Holcomb
rude that’s where we’re headed one point four miles some of the spots
along the trail felt like you’re walking through a cactus garden they were
absolutely stunning well we got across a road and we’re
still hiking down this wash we got to this cairn and Matt you said we’re
supposed to be looking for a hard life yeah so this would be a hard left I mean
hopefully those cairn means we’re here it really should be right at the way shadows finished we made it we did seven
point six miles I’d call out a solid day holiday but more than we’ve gone
carefully yeah what is your favorite this was a new hike for you no this was
definitely a new hike the new territory we’re hiking in Saguaro National Park
and we’ve never been here before I would say the most interesting thing
of this hike was just looking at the Saguaro cactuses and all the other
cactuses well it’s named Saguaro but you’ve got the prickly pears and then I
guess these other things which may be our choice not sure not a cactus expert
there’s these other kind of bush things that are also cactuses with no leaves
but they’re just kind of built like a bush so the the diversity of the cactus
is very interesting and looking at the the sores themselves if you walk through
a forest of trees you’ll see trees in various shapes and sizes and in various
states of health as well some of them are look to be perfect and other ones
have clear you know problems like limbs falling off obviously disease and you
say the same thing with us arose so that was very interesting yeah I think my
favorite Bluff I always like challenging myself to go a little bit further than
we’ve done or things like that so I think the elevation we don’t have this
kind of elevation in Missouri so that’s been really neat for
me to do today yeah it’s it’s not super high here maybe two to four thousand
feet we’re not sure exactly but it’s in that neighborhood which were we don’t
get that I’m Missouri. That is true. till next time this is Kay and Matt from happy
trails hiking thanks for watching

17 Replies to “Saguaro National Park – West Side Hike – Park Travel Review

  1. Don’t you hate it when you are on the wrong trial 😂 I also hate it when it is badly sign posted or trails are badly marked. Great views Kay. Love those cactus 🌵 trees. Awesome hike. 👍🏽🤗🙏🏽 have a great weekend 😘

  2. I have told you a million times not to exaggerate. Now how many steps was it? 😂😂😂 Worth it for the views however many it was.

  3. We never think to ask ranger advice for trails or sights. Even if I have a plan that is something we need to start doing. Gorgeous footage paired with great info and calming music! Wow that is very up lol the stairs are cool looking! The age of the saguaros was a neat fact that I wouldn’t think of. What was the temp while you guys hiked here? Loved this video. Cheers!!!!

  4. I love the rock stairs and all the saguaro! 2 billion steps, eh? Lol! I love this trail! I miss the desert so much! Solid day hike for sure! The elevation was a big one for us in New Mexico too. Awesome job, guys!

  5. Nice video. It's amazing to see the diversity of the flora there. All different types of cactus and other plants there in the desert. Great views on that trail. Thanks!

  6. I badly want to explore the southwest! But our opportunities to travel that far always come in the summer, and it's just too hot at that time. Saguaro looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

  7. That looks like a great place to hike. Like you I'd be worried about making a wrong turn without blazes. Do they have warnings about flash floods in the wash? We drove across a small corner of Arizona on old Route 66 earlier this month and at nearly ever crossing with a wash, there was a sign warning of flash floods. I don't think I saw a single cloud the day we were in Arizona.

  8. I could see how it would be easy to get lost there! It was a nice view from 2 billion steps up though haha! All those cactii were interesting to look at. It seems like if you didn't pay attention you could get a little too close to them! Fun hike!

  9. Follow the yellow brick ahem I mean follow the sign 😁 Certainly a change of scenery and without blazes one could easily find themselves 'exploring' without knowing it. Those cactus patches were awesome! Yeah!!! Always love your excitement Kay ☺️🍅

  10. Now you’re in our backyard!! Yay! Isn’t this place amazing?! Saguaros galore! Do you guys use the AllTrails app?! It’s helpful. It’s always fun to look back, and know how hard you’ve worked for the view!😳😉Hiking delight, Matt and Kay! 👍👏 When did you do it? So many prickly thangs!

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