Sabre Virtual Payments benefits for Travel Management Companies

Your mission is to help corporations and their employees with their business travel needs and provide expertise to help improve their travel program Each year, you process a large volume of transactions on their behalf Turn these payments into an opportunity to create value for your customers offering them greater control enhanced security, and complete data Sabre Virtual Payments enables you to deploy a unique, virtual, integrated and automated card number to pay for a specific travel event. It allows you to Protect all payments from fraud Generate new revenue: Virtual payments benefits have a value for Corporations And capture more of bookings, with reduced supplier direct transactions Get paid for every single booking: eliminate write-offs, amounting on average to $8K per 100K bookings Save time: reconcile 100% of transactions automatically Create customer value by offering secure payments, enforced travel policy, automatic reconciliation and overall a much-improved traveller experience Sabre Virtual Payments seamlessly integrates in your Sabre agency workflow and no training is required With over 35 banking partners to choose from, your customers can use their existing bank or our Preferred Partners with preferential terms negotiated on their behalf To sum up, Sabre Virtual Payments delivers Increased productivity additional revenue opportunities Lower costs and unique value for your clients To find out how you can benefit from Sabre Virtual Payments…

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