S1 E1: Travel Hackers are GO! | The Great Travel Hack

Humans are meant to move around.
That’s what we do. But can we do it in a cleaner way? Two teams, 3,000 miles and only one rule. Go with the lowest CO2 emissions possible. Yes, we can move forward
while thinking forward. This is The Great Travel Hack. -All right, all right.
-All right, all right. The teams are travel vloggers
Damon and Jo. -This is Damon.
-And I’m Jo. -Wait, what?
-You’re confusing them already! Versus tech guru Sara
and her boyfriend, pro skateboarder John. My name is Sara Dietschy,
it rhymes with peachy. Helping them out are Mission Control. These super-brainiacs will be monitoring
every move and CO2 emission and providing vital route intel,
travel tech and transport advice. Those are the players.
Now let’s start the game. So, the first leg of your epic journey. I hope you guys feel as pumped as me! By 8pm tomorrow night,
you need to be in the heart of Las Vegas. I have awesome cars
for you to choose from, but because beauty is only skin deep,
I have obviously covered them up. But I’ve provided some super-useful data
to help you choose. You’ll find another little treat,
a black bag with another cool gadget
to help you on your journey. So, how about it, my friends! Before we get started,
can we do our team thing? OK. Hold on. One, two, Team Alpha! Team Alpha had a handshake. -I know!
-We’re going to work on that. Top speed is 88mph. The fuel type is hydrogen. Claimed range is 112 miles. Claimed range is 366 miles. We need a little bit of help. -Mission Control.
-Hello? -My heart told me the hydrogen car.
-And my head told us, as well. -Apparently, this one uses less energy.
-Oh, let’s use that one. All right, let’s see what you got! Oh, my goodness! -Look at this baby!
-A white car? What are you waiting for? Let’s go! -Here we go, baby!
-Let’s do it, baby! You’ve never travelled across the country. I always wanted to go cross-country
road trip and I’m finally doing it. The fact that it’s 3,000 miles… -It’s…
-Should I be nervous? I honestly feel like
we’re kind of in a spaceship. Right. And while driving,
there are no CO2 emissions. The only thing that comes out
is water vapours. Stuff like that
is the future of clean energy. Definitely. I’m, like, feeling good about this,
blazing the trail. This is my first time in an electric car,
so I’m learning stuff. This is the American dream, baby. It’s good to know we’re doing this
on cleaner energy. Hydrogen refuelling station. So HRS. There is 35 right now
in the state of California and upwards of 100 in the next two years. -Which is crazy.
-Which is crazy. Well, it’s time to refuel,
so let’s check one of them out. We’re about to be outside,
so you can fart if you need to. Baby, you think I haven’t already farted? That’s hilarious! So this is the first fuel. OK. So it’s done. That was easy. 20 more minutes. You can do
a lot of things in 20 minutes. What else do you want to do while we wait? Oh, this is nice. We charge it up, we charge ourselves up. Hey. How are the teams getting on? Both teams are making excellent progress. Doesn’t sound very challenging.
Watch and learn, people. We just got a text from Kaley. -Oh!
-All right. I hope you’re having a good time.
But here’s the thing. The states you are driving through
have some epic sights. I want you to see them
from a new perspective. So find a new mode of transport and complete a big chunk of the journey
to Vegas… off the road. What? I feel like
it has to be something motorised. We need help. I’m calling Mission Control. Kaley has asked you to find
alternative transport. You guys have any thoughts?
Remember, think lower carbon emissions. So, maybe something in the air, maybe something on a bike, off-roading. We’ve thought about ATVs. -Zip-lining.
-Zip-lining. Dirt bikes. Good thinking guys. We’ll do some research
to find the lowest CO2 emissions options. Once we’ve secured the vehicle, we’ll send
you a drop-in to the rendezvous point. So we don’t have any more information,
just go to the pin, find the vehicle, bring padded underwear? -Hang on, there should be a lake near you.
-Interesting. -We’re at Lake Mead.
-Oh, a boat! Oh, snap! This is the only thing here.
We’ve got to pull in. I think this is our ride. -No!
-That’s so cute! No! Do you trust me with your life? Do you have any, like, final words
before you get in? Good luck to me. All right, baby, here we come! -Can you hear it run?
-No, not at all. Wow. I’m so used to the motor. Let’s go! Look at the view! Vegas is that way! So we got to get across those dunes. How far does it go on one charge? 40 miles,
depending on the speed you’re travelling. Titanic. Oh my gosh. Well, I think I’m stuck. Hold on. -Jo!
-This does not sound good! Oh, no! Look at what we did! -Look at what we did?
-Help me! One, two, ready. Use your strength!
I thought you went to the gym! I haven’t been to the gym, Jo! Team Omega are making smooth progress. Yeah. Looks like Team Alpha are having…
What is the technical term? …a very bad day. OK, does our phone work, at least? -No service.
-Great. -Well, I bet there’s service up there.
-Let’s go walk up the dune. If the dune buggy doesn’t work,
you dune it yourself. -That was such a good day on the boat.
-It was. Jo… it’s getting dark. And I think we need some help. We should call somebody. Hey. Team Alpha requested a tow truck.
That’s going to cause them some issues. No! Now we’re going to lose! OK, I’ve had my morning coffee.
You have permission to speak. The CO2 emission tracker shows Team Alpha
have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe they can do it with the black bag
challenge. Send them the unlocking code. -I’ll hold this piece. Uh-oh.
-Did you hear it click? Wait, wait, wait. What in the world? That goes up there. I’m ready. Did you ever think that you would be
at the Hoover Dam riding electric bikes? -No. This is absolutely stunning.
-This is insane. They whipping, they working it,
they Team Alpha. My thighs are getting
such a workout right now. Like, we don’t have to put in
any CO2 emissions, but we’re putting in that legwork. OK, you can go over 20mph, apparently. Vegas to the left! Las Vegas, here we come! -We should pull over.
-I’m down. My legs can’t move any more. Like, it’s powered by natural gas, Jo. So, while we were biking,
we saw these buses that said natural gas. Will we be able to use those? So, natural gas
is a good lower-carbon option. -And it’s public transportation.
-I feel most at home… -We’ll let you go. We’re going to take it.
-Thank you! I want to believe
that we’re close to the finish line. I’m not feeling this.
There’s an electric monorail very close. Holy smokes! We’re here! I mean, we’re not waiting for the future, we’re pretty much living in the future
now, you know what I’m saying? This is it. This is it.
They said a balcony. Oh, my gosh! -I’m tired.
-Yeah. Whoever’s most tired
probably is the winner. So we won. Do you see our eyes? -We’re playing it up. We’re exhausted.
-You don’t look exhausted. -Hey, don’t be alarmed, guys. It’s me.
-Kaley? Well, it’s… it’s part of me. My buddies in Mission Control found me
this so I can keep in touch with you. It’s pretty awesome, right? Nice work, Team Omega! That electric boat
saved you a lot on CO2 emissions. And you didn’t even have to paddle! Yes! As for you, Team Alpha,
you were doing great, but the tow truck’s emissions
were the deciding factor, so you lose. -What?
-Congrats, Team Omega! Your prize is a delicious meal here. Team Alpha, you’re staying here, too, but to cancel out
those tow truck emissions, we are turning off the dishwashers
and you will be scrubbing. See you bright and early tomorrow
for the next leg! Bon appétit! Yeah, yeah, thanks, Kaley. Congrats, though. -Congrats.
-Appreciate it. -Cheers!
-Looks like we’re about to hit the slots! -They lost!
-We lost. -This is so gross.
-This is so bad! I wonder what Damon and Jo
are doing right now. All right, Jo, that’s our fourth plate. -Here you go.
-I don’t want more! You think I was hard in this episode? Wait until you see
what I make them do in the next one. Click here to watch it now.

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  1. Team Alpha and Omega are at the start of their epic lower-carbon road trip from LA to New York, who will you be rooting for?

  2. What exactly is the big problem with CO2?
    There is no correlation between CO2 emissions and temperature according to REAL researchers.

  3. Electric is fake making a battery of an electric car is 800.000 km of the car tot actually save co2 but way before that the car has broken down so hydrogen is the best option to save co2

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    Also Shell: Pumping millions of liter of oil out of the ground and not caring about oil leaks in the Niger delta.

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  8. why every male endeavor needs an airhead woman to represent it? what's her contribution to the whole thing besides standing there and look pretty and read some text from the screen? And probably gets paid more than the engineers who actually make this possible. Talk about fairness

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    The Internet has officially decomposed and become TV.
    There isn't enough puke in this world to express my feelings about this and about the people uncritically watching this or even participating in it.

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  16. This is like one of those anti vegan videos sponsored by the dairy and meat industry.
    Your time is OVER guys, just accept it.
    Watching this video made me change my screensaver to a beautiful red Tesla Model S P100D with 22 inch slipstream wheels. Ha !

  17. I really hope these methods of transport instead of using normal means of fuel and electricity because it’s both bad for the environment – if this does work then we all should adopt this in our daily lives and perhaps we preserve our natural resources to provide a better future

  18. Electric cars are still using carbon emissions. Where does the electricity come from. Hydro, coal, and nuclear. All those are bad but hydroelectric dams are considered a clean source because they are not using a non renewable fuel source but they have a huge environmental impact on the environment around them. In Washington State they are removing a lot of hydroelectric dams because they are having a negative impact on the environment. In theory diesel is the best because it is the cheapest to refine and produce, burns at a higher temp making it safer, and do to new technologies puts out no carbon emissions making it more environmental friendly.

  19. Pushing the scam that is climate change to grandstand about being pro enviromentalists. While of course polluting left and right, but as long as the co2 'issue' is handled, right?

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  22. Get tax breaks to convert in new eco production. Invest in the new eco production, shift petro shares into re-tooling auto makers into electric, follow through production line.

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