RVing in Norway: Stunning Road Trip from the North Cape to Lofoten – Traveling Robert

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  1. Awesome as always Robert,..as a fellow musician,i have to say your music is perfect for your channel and so very "catchy"!…well done!

  2. Hi. I have noticed one special about German RV users. They travel trough out of Europe and find beautiful places, but what they do? They elevate their satellite antennas and start watching TV. Who needs TV when traveling in Norway? It can also be seen on 9:43. By the way, great video once again. Tero

  3. Nice video Robert. Thanks again nothing like a good cup of coffee and a trip from Northcape to Lofoten to start my day.

  4. You drove right through the crown jewel of Norway; Alta. You missed Alta Canyon, Alta River and other wonderful sightings. https://www.visitnorway.com/places-to-go/northern-norway/alta/things-to-do/?lang=usa

  5. Did you guys ate a lot of bacalao over there? My parents love it, I noticed the bacalao we eat in Puerto Rico comes from Norway.

  6. Hi Robert nice long drive. At least u get to see Norway. The way u put that music really blends into it. I call that song the music action road drive. It was gŕeat. Anyway is there going to be another video of part 2.. keep it up ur doing a awesome job.. thanks for this video it's amazing.🤗

  7. I have gotten used to your 3 hours films. This was so short. I want more. Cant wait until next episode. I realy like you style.

  8. Being someone who grew up in this constant overcast rainy cold climate, you reminded me why I got out of there. Yuk!! Enjoy your vacation Robert and I know you'll be so happy when you get back to the sunny world. You're definitely taking one for the team so to speak. No need for solar panels there…and think too, this is their NICE time of year!

  9. Howdy Robert,thanks a lot for sharing yet another magnificent video here on your experiences in Norway.A real 'titbit' to watch and relish,as usual.Cordial greetings from William in Bruges,Belgium,Europe

  10. Thank you very much for another great video with spectacular views, Robert! And could you please name music track that you use in the beginning and later in the video? It's very nice and i would like to find it to listen separately.

  11. Whew, more white knuckle tunnels. Gorgeous seascapes! More and more reindeer! Fabulous drone footage! This video is a winner!

  12. Very nice video. I think you got lucky with the rain, it makes the landscape look even better.
    Btw i was just about a few weeks ago at Sørstraumen (11:30) fishing and camping, we drove there all the way from Rauma, Finland.
    It's cool to see someone else like you just driving by really close to the place, you should've stopped there for some Cod and Saithe.

  13. Great videos from Norway. Question…About how much does it cost to rent one of these rv's? I checked the Savonia website but couldn't find that info in English. Maybe I missed it. Thanks and Happy Travels!

  14. Great job on your videos! It's great that you can do them in 4k, it takes a lot of computing power for editing those. Also appreciate the drone footage you are able to do, too! Excellent!!

  15. You may have already answered this, but I would be interested in knowing the MPG's you got on that diesel rig with a standard transmission.. Shame we can't get something like that in the states…

  16. So…Don't know how it happened but I had CC turned on during this video and got a kick out of the descriptions of the music which were displayed. You figure out which song was which 😉
    Light Upbeat Pop music
    Diving Orchestral music
    Pulsating Electronic music
    Rhythmic Synthesizer music

  17. The views,..the conversation,..great editing, and I've got to say I love this song!!!!!! Is it online where I can buy it?? I have had that song on my mind…Love the angel 'ahhhhhh' part. Lol.

  18. Robert, Norway is a place most of us will never see, and you showed us in your usual awesome way. We also think your music is perfect for your videos.   Hope to see more.  Thank you!

  19. That makes Alaska USA look like a wasteland! How beautiful Norway is! And to think I want to move to Alaska for the mountains. Alaska has nothing compared to this country! It's magical!

  20. Sometimes I just cant believe places like these exist…God is so good. As always Mr. Robert you take such awesome video and I can tell you put a lot of effort into them. Thanks so much for always taking us along on these journeys! I hope to one day visit sites like these and other places.

  21. The "n" in "Rafsbotn" is pronounced.
    You didn't stop to look at the petroglyphs in Alta?

    Hum, I don't think of "Lefse" as flat bread, but ok.
    We do have a tradition for flat breads, but they look different.

    Not harvesting, that is a fish farm.
    Essentially they're breeding fish there to sell instead of fishing it from the sea.

  22. This series makes me rethink that just maybe having a class c or class b is better than having a trailer…🤔 Less space but seemingly more function

  23. Fantastic video congratulations, just a brief question , what time of the year you did it .
    Thank you for keeping us so absorbed in your great explorations , and fabulous descriptions

  24. What road would I need to take from Kristiansand to Trom? I can't really figure it out on google maps. thanks Joe

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