RV Travel Channel – A short trip to see the Yuma Proving Grounds – S3 EP015

in this episode of down the road we go
we head north on Arizona 95 and check out the Yuma Proving Grounds so come
along for the ride as down the road we go leaving may Avenue campground this
morning heading off to Yuma Proving Grounds to look at some big guns there’s
a joke there’s someplace but we won’t go there and then see what happens in then, as down the road we go eby,eby,eby, That’s all folks okay we made it out here to Yuma
proving grounds we’re going to take a look around and see what’s going on and
a lot of tanks and big guns out here so I think this is just the outside museum
I don’t know if we can get into the inside which is on the base or not what
we’re going to try, let’s take a look We have some tanks, big guns, rocket
launchers, big rockets pretty cool so out here in the proving grounds, what
they do is they bring experimental stuff out here and try new innovations on some of
their equipment and and that’s what it’s all about it’s a proving ground so
they’re going to prove that things work and things blow up when they want them
to blow up it’s a huge tank how cool is that
yeah well that really is not a tank, it’s an anti-aircraft to
tank with a an anti-aircraft top on it. boom boom boom boom boom boom apparently they also train troops out
here on desert warfare and stuff makes sense it’s a desert You could spread a little bit of hate and
discontent with something like that what’s in there ray okay we we got our
base passes somehow we got we got through the
background check now we’re going to try to go to the base and go to a museum
that’s on base it’s hopefully it’s an inside museum because it’s cold today
with a wind Are you lost? trying to get to the museum Yep your lost. okay okay Your going to have to make a U turn
okay yes thank you I know it’s fine all right great thank you sir thank you
for your service take care have a good day let me tell you the Yuma Proving Grounds
was well worth the effort it took to get a visitor’s pass you know not only do
you get to get into the museum but you get to see what it’s really like to be
on a military base how clean it is and how nice they keep it it’s a great place
to visit while in the Yuma area and although they do allow you to take
pictures and video the background music that day was just really loud and it was
you know not to music we needed in the background anyway so we went ahead and
just filmed the museum and we hope you just enjoy taking a quick look
definitely go out there if you’re in the area and take a good look around because
it’s a really a great museum manager actually the Turner dairies yeah
yeah oh cool it’s your first monster truck bigger than your dad’s tires I think you said something about they
use this to transfer equipment over off-road and on roads places in proving
grounds apparently would be heavy equipment how cool is that now this thing’s cool if you want to
read that it’s basically a real long up 565 feet in length. This is
the the part that pulled everything but five miles an hour, it could go 350 or 400
miles through the desert in our next episode of down the road we
go we finally leave Yuma and head for Benson Arizona well we’ll stay at the
San Pedro RV resort so come along for the ride as down the road we go thanks for watching down the road we go
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