Hollywood has Ping-Pong show. Yeah.
-Ping-Pong show you know? Ping-Pong show. Ping-Pong show. He is talking about Hollywood
Bangkok now. Oh.
-Yeah, we’re being sold a Ping-Pong
show yet again. Yeah. Gram’in the snacks. Got to get it for the Gram.
Maybe black & white No, I think we need really
express the colors. Hashtag Bangkok, hashtag strange snack, let’s see
if that’s a thing, hashtag culture. Culture from what you might
get from eating them? From experiencing local culture and what they choose to eat
and manufacturer. Ah, that’s an introduction
to Instagram, snacks. Now we go to see the sunset. Yeah we are going to the Mariott rooftop bar, we think the four levels of
the Mariott will cater to us. That probably will because
Kristina has got smoky eyes. Couple of rockstars. We are trying to remember the words
of One Night in Bangkok, we got a bit of the chorus. You got it, I don’t know the chorus. One night in Bangkok makes
a hard man humble. And if you’re lucky then
the god’s a she. I can feel the devil walking
next to me. They have always got plenty of cable
hanging loose around here. I know, that’s interesting. They got like wires, like. So what do you think about video
blogging the travel adventures format that I am trying to do? Fun!
-Yeah? Yeah. I mean, I am trying to
document more of myself, when I decided to leave, so many people said that
they are going to live vicariously through me. I thought that socializing my trip and sharing more than
I usually would, could be more interesting and people
could see what was going on. That’s great. I like how all the Ad’s
here about like bettering yourself. Yeah, look at it. I mean it’s cloudy, but we are
trying to chase the sunset from the rooftop bar. Thong Lo. The Mariott. That’s where we are.
-We are going up there. Octave rooftop, there. How could you not. Yeah, would you say this is a sky bar? I would say this is a sky bar. Do you wanna table here? We thought it was a sky bar, but
there is a whole other level here. OK.
-So 50% off any cocktail? Yes. Sunset swizzle, Jack twist. It’s a Signature. And look it’s got the
blue circle around it. It catches the eye. Thai Mojito. Enjoy your drink. What have you got? What was that? It was Shining Sunset. Shining Sunset and
the Thai Mojito. Looks like we got here at the perfect time
it’s starting to fill up now. And we got a table straight away. You’ll have to hold it
down for a while. I will definitely spend
some time here. Yeah, Spicy nuts? Ah, that’s not ours. Somebody else ordered the
exact same thing. The Happy Hour here ends at seven,
which is half priced drinks which is pretty good
for a rooftop bar. We are trying to figure out, we ordered drinks
from two different waiters. And whether they are
both going to come. We got this one round and then see if the
second round comes. It’s a bit curious because
the people over there ordered the exact two drinks as us. So we are wondering whether
they got our drinks. I will fight for our drinks. We shall update the
situation at hand. Yes, we found that waiter
and he corrected the issue, so we have all the
happy hour drinks. We are enjoying the rooftop view at traditional Thai prices. khop khun [Thank you] So now we are going
to location two. Oh, a little temple. So are you going to get in?
Because? I don’t look like that. You don’t have your
big hat and pearls. Are you going to get in?
-I don’t have my zipped leisure suit
and my fedora. It’s a car. I think the sign said
watch out for cars. It’s like a Louis Vuitton foyer. Dip in here. I can really see football. It’s probably better that
I’m sitting over here. And there are the
away seats as well. Yeah, you would be sucked in. Luckily I can look at
this bright large diamond on the table. Cheers. So we haven’t eaten yet, we are looking for
something different. So we are going to cruise
the streets here and see if we can find some street food to get some legitimacy
back in our night after two hotel bars in a row. It would be good to get a whole
bunch of that kind of stuff. It’s a mixed crab and rice with some general street meat. It’s the best of Thai street
food right now. So you got a couple of chicken, you
got some poo meat. Yeah. And some balls. That’s the selection. We had the prawn and rice, and I got some various street meat, which was chicken and various off cuts from pigs. So most of it was edible. Doesn’t it look like, this is a sexual violation of cheese and sausage?


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