Ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train with HLN’s Bob Van Dillen and the Roaming Gnome

Man this is great. Who knew you could explore Napa Valley by
train? Thanks for taking care of me Roaming Gnome. The Napa Valley Wine Train is the perfect
way to lose track of time Bob. And there’s so much to see at each stop. Care to ‘wine’ down with me? You know Roaming Gnome, I’m more of a beer
guy, but ‘wine’ not? Good one Bob. Did you know that some of the best wines in
the world start right out there. Wow, that’s big flavor. I’d say, full bodied and delicious. You know that’s partly due to the climate
here. It’s what we call a Mediterranean climate. Warm arid days and cool nights. No wonder there are so many wineries here. There are more than 400 wineries in Napa Valley,
and almost all of them are family owned. Just like our next stop on the Wine Train. Gentlemen, enjoy your wine. Here at Hall Wines they’re known for their
organic wine, and promoting a healthy ecosystem. Well whatever they’re doing it’s fabulous. Like this cabernet, and it’s aromatic chord
of cinnamon and violets. I’m impressed. You’re a quick study Bob. And a pleasing lift of acidity. You almost had me! Ah, I’m in Heaven. No, you’re in St. Helena. Napa’s local Main Street is a charming town
full of local flavor, splendid shopping and a wonderland of vineyards to explore. But now, we eat. I used to take the train in from Jersey to
see the Knicks but this is a little different. ‘Little’ may be an understatement. Hey, can we ride this train to France? I’m craving an earthy Bordeaux. Some day Bob. Some day.

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