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Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, tonight we’re in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and we’re going to eat a
crowd favourite, a food that’s near and dear to the hearts of a lot of
Malaysians the Ramly burger we’re starving, lets eat! Ramly burgers are a huge thing here in
Malaysia or they’re also known as street burgers, now we put these in our Top 10
Malaysian foods video that we did not long ago we’ll link that up there and we
knew these were good and we knew they were popular but we didn’t know how
popular the amount of comments we got about including the Ramly burger blew
us away so we thought we’ve gotta do this properly and do a whole video on
Ramly burgers. So we’ve ordered two actual Ramly burgers but three burgers in
total, I’ll get Sheena to fill you in on exactly what we got, the Ramly burger is
what you’ll see on the package you’ll see it on the branding of all these
street stalls and it’s actually a company name so it’s a brand name it’s
the Ramly corporation and they make frozen meat products in this case the
patties but they make nuggets, fish balls all sorts of things but the special
thing that we want to have is the burger What have we ordered? We’ve got a beef
special with cheese, a chicken special and also an oblong lamb burger I
don’t know if that’s still classified as a Ramly burger per se but that looks pretty
good too, so the Special is the thing to order and the way they make it is a
thing of beauty basically they take the patty and they split it in half then they
cover it in sauce, cover it back up and then they crack an egg and like
spread the egg out so it’s a really thin sheet and then they pop the patty in
the middle and wrap it up in the egg so the sauce doesn’t go everywhere when
you eat it- it is genius I cannot wait to get in. We know there’s Ramly burger stalls all over Malaysia so let us know down below
in the comments where is your favorite Ramly burger stall and how do you like
to get your Ramly burgers because I’ve seen photos where they have tons of
cheese at some stalls, or crazy sauce these ones are more traditional which
just means a lot of ketchup and barbecue sauce but let us know we’d love to hear
in the comments what you think and also while you’re down there don’t forget to
hit subscribe and turn on the little bell notification so you get a little
pop up or a little notification when we post new videos but I’m gonna get in and
give this thing a go I’ve got the beef special so the beef cheese special and
just look at it, it’s not the biggest burger in the world you can see next
to my hand it’s not ginormous but it’s got quite a lot of weight to it I
can see cabbage obviously the egg which is wrapping in the patty and the patties
get sliced in two on the grill and they fill the inside of the patty with sauce-
how cool is that? But before I just keep on talking and
talking about all my excitement I should eat it. Oh yes, it’s so good- the patty tastes like a beef sausage it’s quite thin it has a
bit of a chew to it, you’ve got crunch from the cabbage but then really
everything else is just about all the sauce so I saw barbecue sauce, ketchup
there’s lots of pepper there’s a ton of mayonnaise on there and it’s a really
sweet mayonnaise I’m gonna try another bite it’s all over my face and I don’t
even care it’s so good, you can see where the patty’s been cut in two and
filled with the sauce oh wow the meat is just that perfect
chew like I just talked about, really good flavour, really good, Sheena you’re gonna have to dive in and try this chicken one or this
or something cuz these are incredible I’m gonna try the chicken special if
you’re a major burger snob then you are gonna hate the Ramly burger because this is a classic greasy spoon street burger like look at that greasy bun, that mayo
and that I think it’s sweet chilli sauce oozing out of that burger oh my gosh it
looks like heaven to me oh my gosh that is so satisfying like
Thomas I’ve got it all over my face I don’t even care that is amazing, the egg
is really thin the chicken patty is just quite mild of flavour but for me I’m a
huge sauce fiend and it’s all about the sauce
there’s mayo, there’s sweet chilli sauce there’s that crunch of the cabbage this is just
an epic epic eat. I’m gonna try this oblong lamb burger this one has a much
thicker patty the bun is much more golden and all the oil on the hot plate
is just being absorbed into the bread so just I mean you can’t lose how good do
these burgers look and you won’t believe how good they taste I mean it’s just
unreal I gotta stop talking I gotta just eat it it’s quite heavy again oh yum! really really really lamby it’s quite a
fine patty it sorta breaks apart really easily
it’s got onion, cabbage, sauce galore again like there’s more sauce in here
than you could imagine it’s spewing out the sides, mayo’s spewing out this one’s
got some chilli sauce on it so it’s a bit spicy, this is incredible I
think having tried them, oh I haven’t tried the chicken I won’t give an opinion yet
then but this is incredible I still think I like the beef because it has a
real classic taste to it but this is absolutely a winner.
I love these carts they’re often on little trucks or just little wheely
stands that can be put away in an alleyway during the day it’s quintessential street food and i love that they’ve only been around since the
seventies so it’s not like it’s steeped in tradition it’s quite young and they
often they seem to be run by young people like teenagers, young teenagers
are running these stands and i think that is so cool that people are starting
these businesses, making these epic burgers and oh my god I’ve still got the
chicken to try and we’ve got all these burgers to finish, life doesn’t get much
better And we are done! Unreal so good, a few key
things about this video and about Ramly burger, one we always always always
in the description below put details of where we’re eating so if you want to try
this stall as well make sure you check down below and also we forgot to say
these burgers are halal because the maker of the Ramly burger or the company
that makes them, the guy that started it realized there was no halal western food
in Malaysia so what did he do he created his own brand such a cool idea and
absolutely nailed it, it was sensational like I love a good gourmet burger the
brioche bun, the prime like rib meat but there will always, always be a place for a
really good street burger because sometimes you just don’t feel like
something fancy and sometimes you just want sauce
quite literally dripping off your elbows yeah Sheena”s dress is going straight to
the laundry, I’m covered in it. It is done for and sorry we didn’t film too much
because there was just so much sauce I couldn’t touch the camera I couldn’t
touch anything except the burgers, that’s sort of a lie we just wanted to eat
those burgers quick smart and there’s the fact we just…they just disappeared amazing you
have to have a Ramly burger when you’re in Malaysia incredible to try, if you’re
a traveler and if you’re a local you are so lucky you get to have them whenever
you like…so good… jealous! we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like
a traveler, not a tourist with this video, if you enjoyed it please give it a
huge thumbs up and we’ll see you next time, jumpa lagi

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  1. Oh, it's my house area! I always buy itㅡ their burgers looks like normal plain burgers in other burger stall but it has different feeling and vibe! You can go to Taman Desa at Taman Danau Desa. They only open at night, so come!

  2. Haha!! OMG, I've only ever had a Ramly Burger ONCE in my life (and I'm Malaysian!) but I gonna go get another (fit one in! ok, maybe two! Makes note) during this summer's vacation home!! Thanks for a superb vlog!!! Love it, love you two, and keep up the slurping..

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