Questions a Travel Agent Should Ask Their Clients – New Training Video

Questions a Travel Agent Should Ask Their Clients what’s up everybody Larry for the
hearing i’m back once again and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about
questions you should ask your clients so you don’t want to guess at it you need
to know so i’m going to show you what information you need to collect and the
right questions to ask your clients to keep you in a more professional state
and build more rapport with your clients so you do not want to miss this video
we’ll be right back all right everybody welcome back and
welcome back so let’s get right into the meat and potatoes of this video I just
want to share with you some information that can be very helpful so if you’re
new as a travel agent or you thinking about becoming a travel agent and you
always ask these questions okay what questions do I need to ask my clients I
got a new client they want to quote what information do I need to collect things
of that nature and I hope this video will answer most of those questions for
you that you may have all right so let’s jump right into it okay first question
you need to ask your client okay you need to ask them what type of vacation
are you looking for okay it is is it a cruise is it an all-inclusive
that’s only group travel group cruise etc you need to know what type of
vacation that he’s looking to go on because some people like cruises some
people like all-inclusive some people may like villas vacation homes
excursions things of that nature so you want to ask these and first know couple
of questions okay trying to get the ball rolling how many adults are going okay
this is very very important you need to know how many people are going this is
valuable information that you will need when putting putting together a quote
any children if so what are their ages Questions a Travel Agent Should Ask Their Clients okay you need to find out if any
children are going how many if so what are their ages so you it’s very very
important that you have the number of children who’s going and their ages
because children are can get certain discounts because their age so this is
make make your job as an agent giving them a more accurate quote so ask this
question also destination what are you going need to find out where do they
want to go if they’re going on a cruise were they were type of cruise that when
I go on where do they want to go you know or if they looking for
all-inclusive where do you want to go okay
any room preferences okay for example if they’re taking a cruise
do you prefer inside cabin outside cabin suite or if you’re doing all-inclusive
do you want double bed its king bed I’m you know typical questions that you may
want to ask no do you want Wi-Fi your room or do it do we have to have a
refrigerator you do need butler service turndown service
any type of room preferences you want to ask your class this information as well
so make sure you stay with it I’m gonna show you how you collect this
information easily without asking your clients every single time you get new
clan okay vacation budget very very important this is one of the most
important questions you need to know your clients budget what budget do they
want to stay in are they willing to increase their budget beyond their
budget you know you need to know you need to know what you’re working with so
you can put together a accurate quote thanks of travel another very important
question use no wind they want to go okay in order to find a accurate quote
you need two dates of the travel because times affect price thinks of travel
affect the price so it’s very important to know this type of information so
whenever you get new clients you jump right into these questions find out what
they want and qualify your class so you can put together a accurate quote do you
need a truck or rental vehicle okay so if there are cruising you want to find
out okay do you need flight to your port or if they do an all-inclusive you know
vacation will come it comes with flight ok so you need to know this type of
information or if they’re doing a just a getaway do you need to run a car to
drive to your destination I just want to fly to your destination if so you need
to know where will you be departing from so if you need flight what city are you
flying out of what are you what is your departure point
okay where are you departing out out of okay or were you looking to pour out of
for example when doing the cruise are you trying to Port of New Orleans are
you trying to pour out of Miami etc so all this information guys that you need
to collect will make your job so much easier
we’re putting together a quote for your client now let me share my screen I’m
gonna share with you guys what you need two ways you can collect this
information without asking your clients these questions every single time you
get a new client I’m going to show you a quick form you can put together or a
quick form that’s already made for you where you can just go ahead and get your
clients to fill out that form or you can fill it out on their behalf and have
this information handy when you’re putting together your quote because you
don’t want to go back and forth asking clans hey what’s your name hey what’s
your what’s this hey what’s that I I need this what’s the credit card number
you know I’m gonna show you all this information you can collect upfront that
way you can just sit down focus on put them good a good quote and then just
email it out to your clients okay so let me share my screen show you some
resources here that will help you out alright so I’m affiliated with IntelliJ
this is some of the resources that we have available in our back office if you
notice here I’m logged into IntelliJ or so if you go to Quick Links inside your
intelligent back office you can download these customer profile forms you can
also download the credit card authorization form these forms come in
handy so you can have all this information upfront without asking
questions going back and forth with your client make your job so much easier so
the first thing is you can click on here you can get this customer information
profile form okay this is pretty much after all the questions that you’re
going to letter well this pretty much gives you all the information you need
from your client to put together a good vacation quote okay this pretty much has
everything that you need you can either give this to your client for them to
fill out and just download it and email it back to
or you can get your Clara phone if you want to or you can fill it out for them
okay so when you sit down to put together your quote you have all the
information you need you don’t need to talk back to your clan to get more
information you got everything you need before you even research the quote okay
so let me show you another resource because you can even customize this if
you want you can just customize it in a little bit shorter form this is a lot of
information on this form here but it gets all the information okay so if you
would do want to customize it and make a little bit shorter I’m gonna show you
guys a website I use to create forms okay so if you go to wolf ooh that’s
wolf ooh calm you can actually create a mini little form to give you other that
you can curate and get all the important information that you need for your
client okay that way you can just go through it go through here and collect
information and just sit down do clothes and a good thing I like about wolf food
is you can share these links all over the web and get people to fill it out
themselves and you can just wake up to customer information you can just wake
up to quotes so you got two or three two or three Dean’s in your inbox for the
day you can just sit down look at the information that your leads and
prospects or should I say customers filled out and just give back with them
without information okay so you can create a little field so you know they
can enter their name and they can do this while you sleep they can enter
their name the email destination number does so you get creative and create a
little shorter form okay and now if you watch this video there’s a video link
within this video there’s a little icon call a card you can click that watch the
video above here and you can learn how to put together a form I did a video on
how to put together these forms so you can go watch that video once you get
down with this one and then show you exactly how to put one of these forms
together and why that’s a couple options when it comes to collecting others
information and getting every you need up front and making it easy on
yourself okay so let’s go back you want to go to the customer information form
okay this is on the floor until a travel agents if you’re not until a travel
agent or you know a travel agent period like I said you can always create your
own form okay from scratch and just go by the information that I stated in this
video information that you would need and create your form and send it to your
clients I’ll have it online with class because
just put in information you just wake up to quotes okay so another thing I want
to show you guys you need their credit card information when it’s time for the
book did you um gave them the quote and and they ready to purchase give them
this form have them fill out this form or you can fill it out on their behalf
you can just store all these forms away that way you don’t have to keep
contacting your clients over and over getting information okay you got your
clients contact information you got the credit card information you can store
this away in a folder online or offline stored in a secure place that way you
can always have the information you need whenever your clients want to repurchase
another vacation options in the future okay so you can also go to until I
travel to download this form let me show you where to go create a car
authorization form so if you go here and click that it’ll pull up the credit card
authorization form so get the authorization to charge their car they
can just come and fill out the card number the amount that you want to
charge whatever so this is pretty much the authorization form or if you want to
be a little bit technical and create your own form gufu is a very good place
to put together these forms if you want to customize and make them and make them
shorter and we need to have all the information you need at your fingertips
okay so did you find value from this video
okay be sure to comment like and subscribe
forget the questions always feel free to leave a comment okay and if you know
better you know or you yourself looking to become a travel agent
so you click that link in the description to learn how once you click
that link you’ll be able to see a presentation and more information on how
you can get started in the travel industry as a travel agent and work on
our team all right I’m Larry Porter signing off with
majestic travel and we will see you on the next video be blessed and happy

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  1. By the time you finish this travel agent training video, you will have clear expectations on what questions a travel agent should ask their clients.

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