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Pros and Cons of Being a Travel Agent hey you guys is Nika coming back at you
once again it’s been a long time since I have made
a video and I had a lot of stuff on my mind
and I basically wants to get it out and it’s basically dealing with the travel
business you know becoming a travel agent some of the experience you might
have and becoming a travel agent is basically not having that support system
that you expect to have when you start your business and I understand
completely because I thought I had the greatest support system you know people
are stair doing you know you have friends you have family that wants to
see you progressed and wants to see you push forward but you also have friends
that don’t want to see you succeed and you have family probably think the same
way other hand it’s okay it’s okay you don’t have to have support from your
friends and family all the time because the people you least expect to
help you will help you people that is not in your circle people that are
strangers to you will actually help you succeed in your business and to be
honest that’s where my success is coming from from people that I don’t know
people that trust me to book true trips for them people that trust me to become
a teammate with me you know to be on my Pros and Cons of Being a Travel Agent team to progress it to become
independent travel agent it’s great it’s great I cannot express how great the
feeling is to be in a big independent travel agent is it hard
yes it’s gonna be hard yes it’s going to be difficult at times but at the same
time you continue to push through and continue to pray about it
and you you can’t do nothing but go up you can’t do nothing but go up success
doesn’t come overnight it does not come overnight
it’s hate’s effort it takes time for you to put
every little bitch you have into into your work and that’s basically where I
am right now you know I love being an independent ragin the reason I became a
travel agents because why I love to travel I learn it’s a book trip for
people I know the book true for myself especially being a travel agent some of
the perks that you get is basically you get great discounts on troops you going
to stay at a Hilton Hotel their hotel pride like 207 dollars a night at a
travel agent rate hello booking at $89 a night how can you be
thick so you know the perks of being a travel agent is great and I want to
change my I want to change it for nothing in order I will not change my
mind from doing it from the beginning Pros and Cons of Being a Travel Agent when I started from the beginning when
Larry start he was like hey you know we’re gonna push through this and that’s
what we have in luan we’ve been pushing through it as a couple and as
individuals you know at the same time you might see him making more videos to
me because I’m not a video person I’m in the back you know don’t do it stuff in
the background but you know he is more than oh you know so he make more videos
than me but hey I had to come on today to actually like you know get some
people their mind wrapped around you know you don’t always need friends and
family to help you you just need yourself you just need God and to push
through you know like I stated before your help don’t always come from them
friends and family your help come from strangers your help come from people
that’s not your blood you know people that you really don’t know like I said
strangers but you know it comes and when it comes it beneficial and it benefits
that person so I just want to come to you guys and actually you
my and put my experience and becoming a travel agent and things that I’ve been
thinking about it I’ve been having on my mind a lot about you know support you
know everybody needs support you have all these celebrities out here there you
go support but you can’t support your friends you can’t support your family
you know why so you know those there was my whole thing that I had going on I was
thinking about but you know I am content in what I’m doing I am happy and it’s
great it’s great and I really hope this video helps you guys make your mind up
and and be clear about you know who you excuse me where’s your support coming
from who you have behind you for that Pros and Cons of Being a Travel Agent support so with that being said because
about to sign off and I hope you guys have a great day
be blessed

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