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Portland, Oregon, is located in the Northwestern
United States, where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers meet. It is only a short drive away
from the Pacific Ocean, sprawling forests, fertile valleys and the Cascade Range. Portland’s mountainous backdrop, combined
with the city’s many urban parks and eco-friendly ambition, make it a nature lovers’ paradise. Portland was established in the mid eighteen
hundreds. Due to its riverside location it was a major Pacific Northwest port until the
turn of the century. With about six hundred thousand inhabitants, it is Oregon’s most
populous city. Downtown Portland was built with pedestrians
in mind, so you can easily walk the central district to take in the city’s architecture,
parks and fountains at your own pace. The heart of the city is the amphitheater
on Pioneer Courthouse Square. It’s the place everyone keeps coming back to, after browsing
galleries, shopping, and sightseeing. Do bring an umbrella because showers are very common,
although there is plenty of sunshine to enjoy in summer. Some Americans jokingly call Portland ‘Beervana’,
because of its large number of microbreweries. If you prefer a good wine, head to the Willemette
Valley. Join one of the many vineyard tours to sample the local Pinot Noir made from grapes
grown in volcanic soil. The Portland Art Museum in the Cultural District
is the oldest museum in the Northwest and its vast collection reflects the history of
art from ancient times to today. For rowing, meditating, or cycling, head to
the Tom McCall Waterside Park along the Willamette River. This is also a great spot for people-watching
on a lazy afternoon. Several bridges give access to the east bank, where the Oregon
Museum of Science and Industry is located. The huge halls and theaters offer hundreds
of interactive displays. Seize the opportunity to learn about faraway planets or step aboard
a real submarine… On the same side of the river is the Grotto,
where people come to pray – or just to replenish the soul – in a serene natural location close
to town. Warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters make
the Portland region ideal for growing roses. Admire the many award-winning varieties in
the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. The nearby Japanese Garden is said to
be one of the most authentic outside of Japan with its five distinct garden styles and an
original tea house. Washington Park offers more than just lush
gardens and trails. Families can see the entire animal world in just one afternoon at the
Oregon Zoo. Opposite the zoo is the Portland Children’s Museum where the little ones can
find out what they want to be when they grow up… there is so much to choose from! See
how the city’s richer pioneers lived a century ago at the Pittock Mansion. Here in the West
Hills, you can enjoy views of the city skyline. It’s worth the short drive east to see the
Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, where icy water tumbles down from astonishing
heights. Climb the trail to the Benson Bridge for a close up view of the waterfall, which
flows all year round. Take the spectacular drive north to come face
to face with the awesome power of nature. The active volcano Mount Saint Helens lost
its peak when it erupted in 1980. From several viewing points around the National Volcanic
Monument you can still see the impact of that dramatic event today. To see Oregon’s renowned coastline, head
out to Cannon Beach, just a couple of hours west of Portland. Its cliffs, cafes, and boutique
shops appeal to just about everyone. If you are not short on time, follow the Oregon
Coast Highway further south. All along the Pacific you’ll find enough stunning sights
to keep you reaching for your camera. In the middle of all this natural beauty,
sits Portland. More than just a place to ‘stop and smell the roses’, this is the place
to truly experience the laid-back atmosphere and splendor of the Great Northwest.

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  1. Man, Portland is so underrated. The main cities north of Portland that people like to focus on more are Seattle and Vancouver.

  2. I moved from Miami to Portland, and I should have done it many years before I did. What an amazing place Portland is! I love it when East coast friends come to visit and I get to show them around my glittering jewel on the Willamette. Such an amazing place!

  3. "Do bring an umbrella" If you wan't to stick out as a tourist 😛
    A lot of things wern't mentioned, Some tips from a local:
    1: We don't use umbrellas, Ever, It gets in the way and just bulky, Rain coats are what 98% of locals use.
    2: TRAFFIC! Traffic traffic traffic! Recent years because of videos like this, The spike in population flooded the roads and there is traffic 24/7 now.
    3: Don't expect a secluded forest, That bridge you saw at 0:34… Yeah good luck crossing that anymore, You'll end up waiting in a line for 5 minutes before even stepping foot on it, Think i'm kidding?
    4: This video just butchered the word "Willamette"
    5: If you do decide to hike, Just because it's 2 miles does NOT mean you should be able to wear flip flops and not carry a pack, Always be well prepared and know the 10 Essentials, Just because there is a trail and it's 2 miles, Does not mean you can be unprepared.

  4. Breaks my heart that gentrification is making it impossible for native Portlanders to stay there. 😢
    Families who have lived there for generations are being driven out by skyrocketing rents and property taxes, and homelessness on the rise.
    I love the place dearly but I may never move back after college.

  5. You've obviously been told that you are pronouncing Willamette wrong. You should change the video because you may be losing some audience right in the beginning like you did me. Hard to take serious.

  6. most of the White Oregonian Women who were born an bred in Oregon typically sleep an shack up with a Black man
    who knocks her up for kids then runs away mainly do there White Oregonian Dads beating them an molesting them when they were children
    most of these animals are hateful Feminist pieces of shit not all of them mainly the ones who were born an bred in this miserable state

  7. Ugh I hate Portland. So many idiots, even more than average in America. Lots of liberal protesters, and much of it is ghetto and sketchy. Some of Portland is very beautiful though I must admit

  8. Jeeeeeze Expedia. You're based in Seattle and you don't even know how to pronounce Willamette. It's Wil-Lam–Et. NOT Willa-met. You embarrassed yourself. Sad.

  9. Major must-see attractions in Portland:The Chinese Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. They are totally different, both amazingly gorgeous. And don't miss the largest bookstore in the US. Then rent a car and drive west 100 miles to Cannon Beach, where Mother Nature is at her best!

  10. This is all well and good. But quit lying by leaving out the tent cities and crazy homeless people that are everywhere in Portland. If you visit you have been warned ahead of time.

  11. One of the greatest places I’ve ever been. Like be love love it here and would recommend this to any open minded creative and someone who loves the outdoors!

  12. Live in Portland; would never consider living anywhere else!

    We've got coastline, deserts, rainforest, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, arctic tundra, canyons, lava flows, waterfalls, rivers, glaciers, caves, sub-alpine meadows, wetlands, and pine forests, just to name a few. And most of all that is located on public land! We are lucky to have so much public land and wilderness available for us to enjoy.

    And since we are located right at the Washington border, we also have access to some of Washington's best natural scenery, including places like Mt. St. Helens, Mt Rainier, the Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, Gifford Pinchot, North Cascades, and the Olympic coast.

    And our city is incredibly green and environmentally conscious, too, with some of the best public transport systems in the whole U.S.

  13. Nobody mention that we love biking so much that we have bike police and they even go to schools to teach kids about proper locking. We also have lots of peaceful bike trails. I think one of the best parts is that even though theres a lot of construction going on right now, you dont really have to worry about traffic if you just use your phone for maps and take the max or bus, it is so easy, so inexpensive and it goes all over Portland! Even though there are a lot of homeless people, I've never had an incident that's been disruptive, I once talked to a homeless guy and he thanked us for just finding a coin on the ground!😊 If you want to ask me anything about Portland I'd be happy to answer.

  14. Real talk, how bad is the rain in portland? Im from northeast and the weather here is horrendous. Thinking of moving to portland

  15. My favorite city in the world! I have such good and great memories from the time when I was an student at PSU. I miss it so much! Such a liveable city! <3

  16. I live in Seattle, but I used to go to Portland all the time. Haven't been back in about 5 years, but I want to soon, I love it there!

  17. nice video to know about Portland in Oregon. it is good to know about PL. I knew that there is know sales tax in Oregon, is it correct ?

  18. Expedia, will you please film Nashville, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh?

  19. So, for the record, the correct pronunciation of Willamette as it relates to the Oregon wine region is “Will-AM-it” as in “It's Will-AM-it, damit!”

  20. Tourist do not go to Oregon. Governor of the state doesn't protect its own people. Reports of dangerous Antifa protestors are reported of hurting indecent people and the police are told to stand down. Watch the news. Families could find themselves in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Be sure to let family & friends know.

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