Poland Spring Travel | Wim Hof Method

In Out Belly, chest, head! Yeah! Focus on the breathing. Help each other!

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  1. Hof’s ability to withstand long exposure to cold has been researched and is partially explained because he has larger than usual amounts of brown fat on his body. His twin brother André (with similar brown fat amounts) also showed the bigger capability to endure the cold, without being trained in the breathing techniques Hof uses (research bij prof. Van Marken Lichtenbelt, Maastricht University – published in PLOS ONE, 2014

  2. Wim Polacy cie kochaja jestes nasza nadzieje sam widzisz jak proboju zniszczyc nam kraj te wszystkie illuminackie instytucje
    Wim Poles love You to bits you are our hope to open minds about human possibilities You can see for sure how all illuminati groupa tryin destroy us as nation cos they know we are high concious nation.

  3. hey wim my name is kalob im 16 and suffer from EXTREME anxiety and depression. I have been stuck in my mind and i couldnt get rid of these thoughts and contemplated suicide. I have been doing these cold exercises a breathing exercises for a week and the results have been miraculous! I am not even close to better yet but these exercises have given me light and a future to look foward to. Thank you so much man.

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