Poland | Europe’s Most Underrated Travel Destination?

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  1. I waited a long time for this.
    I am only surprised that you visited Masuria.
    I know that you like history, castles and beer so I thought you would visit Lower Silesia.

    Greetings from the Table Mountains in Poland.

  2. I got to visit Krakow this summer and it was absolutely amazing! Very fun and welcoming for a young person and the nightlife is great as well! Would definitely like to go back and explore other regions!

  3. I just came back from a trip to Europe which included four days in Krakow, Poland. I highly recommend visiting Krakow.

  4. I've been to Warsaw, Krakow and Zakopane in last summer. Poland is cheap and beautiful especially Zakopane, what a stunning view. Definitely worth to visit.

  5. I'm from Gdańsk. I love my country a specially mountains, Tatry♥️Our history is beatifilul 🇵🇱♥️POLAND is amazing ♥️

  6. Bdw i recommend the Warsaw uprising muzeum. You will feel nostalgic, you will learn more about our heroses fighting for Poland, about history.. It's exceptional place..✌️

  7. There is a YT channel by an American-Polish couple who are building a tiny house in Masuria.

  8. Poland = The Future of Europe. A nice safe country where women can go out at night after dark without getting harassed

  9. Ahahah I just shared your channel with my mum few days ago talking about your Sri Lankan series and today boom – I see you in my country! Soooo unexpected especially cause of ‘non obvious’ places which you are showing in this clip ( honestly I didn’t know much about them, nice video). Waiting for next ones! Bye guys

  10. Great video thank you!
    How about visiting Belarus? I recommend the city of Polotsk, it has a very big history, and it was founded in 862.

  11. Ostróda my hometown 🙂 so glad that you visited that place ! 🙂 hope you enjoyed your travel through Poland 🙂

  12. It was impressive that the ship and the railroad were connected.
    I also want to go to the snail farm.
    Thank you for the good video.

  13. Alex, you are first American traveler that did superb video about my country. So, big thank you! Nice footage, all your statements about Poland, were correct about. There is lot more fun things to do at Mazury, this region is like tiny amazon. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Their channel was about visiting places on a reasonable budget…i get it…now they have so many subscribers, that went out the window 😊

  15. Great to find relaxation with travel. Helps you not get too tired and sick. The thermal pool looked so relaxing.

  16. It’s great you finally visited my home country! I hope it’s not yours last visit in Poland. Actually its shame to admit I have never been in Mazury myself. Great film as always!

  17. Glad you enjoyed the trip! Great video – showing the beauty of that region. There’s much more to see in Poland which can only be a reason to revisit 😉 I highly recommend city of Krakow and Tatras mountains where I’ve recently been and fell in love with the views all over again.
    Greetings from Poznan! 🙂 🇵🇱

  18. We've been to Krakow and Warsaw and adored them both! Personally I liked Warsaw best because of all the palaces – Wilanov, STUNNING!

  19. Poland, great country in Europa! Warsaw and Krakow, beautiful cities! I want visit again someday! Greetings from Portugal 🇵🇹👍🏻!

  20. I'm grateful that we have so many routes to travel from Scotland to Poland.
    I am still biased because I love Wrocław, the first city I ever visited in Poland.
    Lucky to have visited Katowice, Krakow and Warsaw, I have just returned from a short visit to Bydgoszcz and Poznań both of which I recommend.
    So much more to do, see and explore.

  21. Poland was not in my travel plans. However, you made me reconsider. I will go and film for my channel very soon. Hey, no han pensado ir a Puerto Rico?

  22. There's a super high-pitched noise in the audio for some sections of this video; don't know if you noticed. Beautiful otherwise!

  23. So happy and proud you enjoyed visiting my home country of Poland. Hope you travel there again in the future and see more of the south like Krakow and the Tatras

  24. I have been a big fan of the Vagabunch for a long time! It's about time that Poland got some love. Went there in November of 2018 and absolutely fell in love with Warsaw, Krakow, and the surrounding areas. More Poland videos please!

  25. Omg, I’m from Ostroda! 😀 I live in Stockholm now but it’s so crazy to see my little hometown in your video! :)) <3

  26. I highly recommend you to visit Tatry mountains in the south of Poland! The day there was the best one of our trip.

  27. Poland is not Underrated we have so many turist like a F*** a lot in 2018 we had 31,7 mln turists, which is 8mln less than Poland population, mainly this turist are focus on Kraków (my city ;() and Warszawa, maybe for bigger countries 31mln is nothing but belive me Kraków is less them 1mln citizent and city center is totally overcrowded in summer, if you want to visit Kraków come in October less people, lower tempreture and beautifull golden atumn. Places that you showed in this video are underrated by forgiener turist but Mazury is one of top of polish tourist destinations, we love going there for two weeks vacation relax next to lake side, kayaking and have BBQ like our parent and grandparents before us 🙂 I'm very happy that you guys make video about this part of Poland not about Kraków 🙂

  28. Nice vlog.
    Im from Masuria.
    Next time, visit Eastern Masuria. Goldap, there are many wonderful and unusual places there.

  29. You have almost 1 million followers, with all these followers you should have much much more views, and I think what you're doing wrong is that you are not consistent, you should upload more content, and put much more effort on quantity and less on quality (editing). But that's just my opinio. Btw I say this couse I love you guys and would love to see more of this

  30. This is yet another amazing destination to explore . Europe is full of surprises and Poland is in my bucket list since years . High time to visit after seeing this video 🙌🏻

  31. 7:41 as far as CO2 in atmosphere. The more C02 in air the better plants will grow. Plants LOVE C02. Right now level of C02 is the lowest EVER in history of our planet. Plants actually are suffocating due to lack of C02.

  32. I'm from Poland and also a traveler. I've visited 31 countries, some of them several times, lived in Spain for 7 months and I really love my country… Sometimes when you live somewhere you forget what you have! Especially in Poland, people complain a lot and wonder where would be better. But everytime when I travel I admire other cultures and things but also notice that we do not stand out (in a bad sense) from other countries, sometimes I even feel that I like Poland more 😉

    I recommend Kraków <3 My city. But also Wrocław, Poznań, our mountains, especially Tatry. And our local food! 😉

  33. OMG your fiancé is one of my favorite youtubers. That’s crazy! Glad that you loved Poland, my home country ❤️

  34. Thank you for the video. I have learned about my homeland from you . Have been living outside Poland for most of my life . Next year I would love to do what you were doing in this video .

  35. I really enjoy watching all your videos. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of Poland and all the other countries! I live vicariously through you all and one day I will travel to these countries!

  36. …… luv u guyz’s vids. Planning first vivid to Poland spring 2020. Would have liked to know why the canal boat (in this vid) came out of the water onto rails, and then a ways later, went back into the canal as a boat ???

  37. I was worried that you wouldn't follow your brother's example and be single forever. Suddenly I find you have found a wonderful person to share your life with, that is amazing and really spectacular. Not to mention she is not shy which will make you and her stars. Go for it, and add kids when you can. Only 7 myself, 32 to 12 years old. I will never be old.

  38. I live 10km from Taborski Pine Reserve :p of course there are more interesting places in warmia-masuria like The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork which is biggest brick build castle in the world.

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